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  1. The Hiddink Thread

    So it took Guus 45 minutes to see the ploblem with Fabregas but he failed to see in another 45 minutes that Ivanovich was a no brainer to be taken off - no? You could argue that José detractors were stating the exact same things after a few games this season, this coming off the back of a season where Ivanovich was voted by his peers & pundits alike as best in his position, moving forward they were indeed proved 100% correct, so it doesn't bode well. I think he has replaced one problem with another by employing Mikel, whilst he offers security he also losses possession far too often in key areas, the opposition then recycle the ball and we are under pressure again. I'm not sure yet the change with Fabregas/Mikel was an astute piece of tactical knowledge or an enforced one due to an injury to Cesc as he didn't travel yesterday. However I concur with you regards the change as Matic always looks a far better player when Fabregas is not playing, I just hope he finds a better solution than Mikel. I neither thought José being sacked was right or wrong, he became stubborn in more ways than one and had his favourites and made the mistake of sticking by them game after game, one poor performance after another, some players repaid that loyalty by throwing in the towel and I've mentioned many times this season how the board left him out to dry. I hope Guus makes the necessary changes and quickly however I remain unconvinced, though we all have to remain patient and give the guy some time, in a couple of months or so we can review whether his appointment was a good bit of business or a desperate one by the board.
  2. The Hiddink Thread

    And, and, and by the very same token we've got the Jose out brigade defending Hiddink who absolutely crucified Jose for the exactly the same errors that we witnessed tonight - hilarious! Despite wanting Jose to stay there were a few on here that agreed with José making some catastrophic errors and none more so than Ivanovich being ammuned from being dropped, tonight Martial was ripping him a new arsehole & he got lucky because Van Gaals also cocked up because he moved Martial over to play against Dave? It seems both managers can't see what the average fan can see, I agree Guus needs time to bed in but he should of seen enough of Ivanovich in one half tonight to make an easy decision to take him off.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Thanks for that fella, apologies didn't know the name but knew the face. How longs has Tuchel been managing? Seems to know his stuff tactically, is he introducing players from their youth set up though?
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    I've heard of Bielsa, don't they call him 'the mad one' or something of that description, lol! I'm surprised there's little or no weight being put behind Pochettino, maybe its just me putting to much emphasis on our talented youth.... Not sure no experience in Europe matters, José made the transition very easily at Porto.
  5. Roman Abramovich

    Roman hasn't done halved bad though has he? 15 trophies in 12 seasons - the most successful club in England during that period tells you he must be doing something right! This in an era when ole bacon face was around for a decade, City won't have a manager of that calibre to deal with.... Think you're forgetting the club decided to go down a different route financially a few seasons back with the abject FFP frightening the shit out of the hierachy, hence the reason why we have so many players on loan to eventually sell to make a profit, I also think the success we enjoyed last season whilst making a profit in the transfer market (the first team in 10 seasons to do so) goes very much under the radar, Jose & the club should get more credit for that achievement. However having said all that I concur with most of the message you are trying to get across, before you returned I've quoted a few members outlining where it started to go wrong this season - not kin Evagate but the lack of ambition the board showed in investing in the squad! Jose gave them a list in kin April, yes kin April & they ignored him, he then made it clear that if anybody wanted Cech he would take one of theirs to weaken their squad, he was pointing the finger at Oxlade-Chamberlain I do believe. So in the space of less than couple of months the board undermined him & left him with scraps that incidently some of the gutbucket players threw at him after feasting all summer! City have got one thing over us & that I very much agree with you in that they have knowledgeable experienced people in their set up. My friends & I have been discussing this experienced football link for a while, it was patently obvious the squad needed investment, someone with half of a football brain in a position of TD would be explaining this to Roman & I'm pretty sure Cech would not of gone to a rival either! Yes the club have been very successful in the Roman era but my biggest worry now is that a whole generation of talented young players (arguably the best in Europe) could be lost if we don't appoint someone as manager that puts his faith in those young players, think this is partly why it is imperative that someone with bollocks who can tell Roman how it is who can also be that link & shoulder for the manager & provide a platform for our youth to make that next step.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    JT was the best defender in the league last season, unfortunately he's being found out because he hasn't the protection infront of him as Matic has been largely poor & also covering too much ground trying to cover Fabs arse! I maybe wrong but I don't see JT as a starter next season, would be good to have him around as player coach or involved in some description. I believe our midfield needs major surgery & legs! Yes there are problems at the back but if we kept the ball more often instead of giving it away after 2 passes then we wouldn't be under so much pressure, it nay not of been the right time to play the highline under AVB but I want us to play further up the pitch, we are far too deep! Not heard of Tuchel, Poch already has the experience of the Prem league so he'd be my outstanding choice but obviously I'm open to suggestions.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    The last 2 weeks summed up the players attitude for whole of this season, miserable, terrible against Bournemouth at home, get up for it against Porto (to ensure they've still got something to play for after Jose is sacked) then back to another half arsed can't rebothered performance against Leicester! Yes Jose made mistakes & those have done the rounds in here over & over, unfortunately the club were backed into a corner with us being 1 point off a relegation place & with this spineless bunch it was never going to change, they literally threw him under that bus! Going to be an interesting transfer window in January, hopefully Roman will get rid of some of the gutless arseholes & start to give the growing list of talented young players we have in the ranks a chance & yes I do think Jose should have implemented this (said so a while back) & my biggest beef this season mainly because I think it could of saved him his job. Young players are hungry, they will give you that desire, enthusiasm & show some fight week in week out, José tried everything with the senior players but its been transparent they weren't having any of it. The team lacks leaders & a bond between them, pretty clear there are fractions amongst the squad which doesn't bode well for the interim?! There might be an initial improvement but I can see us continually flaunting around the relegation zone unless there is one almighty shake up. As for a new manager, well I don't see Guardiola coming, not sure why Simeone is being touted on here as members have got the arse about Jose defensive style so why would they want him? Think the interim could be in for a hiding to nothing but for me I would upset Spurs & go all out for Pochettino in the summer, this guy is brilliant in bringing through the youth talent & not frightened to either, we have a golden conveyor belt for him to chose from, these lads have been winning things together over the last 4/5 seasons, their all champing at the bit to impress & what better appointment than Poch who has proved it at Southampton too, yes there might be a trophyless season but in the long-term we could be entering a golden era if all that talent is nurtured in a couple of years.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Too many drama queens on here that have more of an agenda about all Mr negative José! The bottom line is they really want him out and it is clouding their normal balanced judgement, Le Saux is in a position where he has to be squeaky clean, so why the feck does he has to be so foolish to make unnecessary comments about his former club's manager where he has held such an esteemed position as ambassador, I keep reading on here that José shouldn't be saying this or that because he is in a position of responsibility, he's also damaging the club through poor poxy PR and won't defend him even when he is 100% correct in his outspoken views sometimes, yet they're defending Le Saux.....pffft! As for tonight, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was a few crossed words between Jose & Costa, cus for me Costa has his head up his arse at the mo & I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him sold in January cus the way he is playing looks like he's angling for a move and I'm not convinced about Hazard either, I really hope I'm wrong, I'm seeing genuine effort from most of our players recently but Costa & to a lesser extent Hazard don't seem fully committed, most prob won't agree - fair enough but when I see young players like Kenedy and Baba giving their all with vibrant displays, trying to impress with a youthful commitment and then I see talented players that look like they 'can't be arsed' it doesn't sit well with me!
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Yes indeed she'll want to keep her good reputation, more reason & sense to keep it out of the courts unless her lawyers believe her case is nailed on & you are exactly right we don't have the info to hand, though she'll have to have kept a log of times, dates, witness statements etc and proof of what was said, otherwise its one word against another so difficult to prove who's telling the truth. I remember reading a piece by Karen Brady not long after it happened, she said something along the lines of she felt Eva being someone that won't let it go lightly, fair play to Eva for standing her ground! Having seen bully boy employers act in a discriminative way I very much sympathise with her if & say if its true, however I believe there is more to this than discrimination.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Well yes & no, what I know ain't speculation so it would go in favour of the club/Jose, however I agree that it could also be construed differently & more bad press.... My view is that it won't make the courts, as someone that's been involved in employment law in the past its my understanding the club wouldn't sack her (or whatever discipline they decided) unless they had a bullet proof case to do so or they will take a hit, meaning they are happy to get rid & will ride the cost of compensation. Pretty sure it'll get settled out of court as she won't want the media frenzy either so I'm guessing she'll get offered a package that would be less than what she'd expect - everyone's happy but it could still get messy & be dragged through the courts.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    So much "fact' that one manager says 'afraid' and gets clubbed for it & another says 'weak & naive' and no action taken & this is the same manager that can also lightly assault another on the touch line in view of watching millions & err....what happens - sweet fuckall just like the F.A stand for. As the Eva thing, whilst Jose was in the wrong there is more to that than most know about & It'll come out hopefully in the court room, only then will fans have some sympathy for Jose - & no it wasn't Ivanovich! Its all too easy to publish one-sided articles....
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Would you care to expand on what exactly is or is not bullshit?
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    I haven't said we haven't been poor - it would be extremely arrogant of me to say otherwise, however there are some fundamental reasons why it's not all José fault & I've stated those already. As Tomo has rightly pointed out their run wasn't as bad but because their poor run of results wasn't at the start of the season it wasn't seized on by the media & secondly as I already said their manager was given the time to get them playing again - perhaps if their board were hasty at the time & made a change to their managerial position then who knows they might not of remained in the top four?
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    Not sure if they are positives just stating a defence that gets very easy over looked. Cuadrado was bought last season (Pedro a like for like replacement) reports today are suggesting Emanelo is now under pressure cus Cuadrado along with Baba & a few others were his choices & could face the axe over his poor recruitment. When you compare our activities to City who despite having a very strong squad went out & splashed serious money on strengthening it, then its easy to see why Jose has the hump! As for Stones, yes agreed but how late did they leave it before declaring their interest, unlike last season when the board were brilliant in their transfer dealings - done & dusted by July. No idea on Falcao but I concur with you about a full back, trust me, just because I'm playing devils advocate doesn't mean I haven't been critical of Jose this season however having supported the club for 25 years when were shite it will take much more than a current poor spell for me to throw Jose under his bus!
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    Actually fella, IMHO we have been playing better recently, nothing like where we should be but an improvement, lady luck is certainly not on our side, stonewall pens against Porto & Kiev should of left us with a far easier task of qualifying in the CL, pundits were saying we were the better side against West Ham despite having 10 men & Butland was the man of the match for Stoke the other night, it ain't much but there is s glimmer of hope that the players are starting to find their feet. How long do we wait? Well I can't answer that - Roman will! I've already said that I couldn't care less if we have a bad season or not - it was bound to happen at some stage, sometimes you have to go backwards before going forwards so I hope this is the case for us in the future.