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  1. Fernando Torres

    Fernando Torres on the Champions League Final and his season at Chelsea. I caught up with Fernando Torres after the Champions League Final in Munich. I asked him about his thoughts on the game and his frustrating season at Stamford Bridge. I would appreciate that it if anybody uses any of of these quotes, they could please mention the source. Thanks. This interview will also be published in Spanish in Diario AS. Guillem - It´s been an incredible season considering that things haven´t gone exactly according to plan. Fernando Torres - That´s what football is like, in the end what this season has taught me is that football is made from these moments, these special moments - a group of lucky people and sometimes you need a little bit of luck, and that is what the team has had. G - Like for example, Drogba, who has scored 9 goals in 9 finals - to me that seems incredible. FT - In the game against Napoli at home - it finished 3-1, I remember that goal-line clearance from Ashley Cole - if it had finished 4-1 we would have been out of the competition. We won that game, then went to the Nou Camp and it seemed to everyone that we were going to get beat 10-0. But with a bit of luck or hard work or whatever you want to call it....we got through to the final at Bayern Munich´s ground against Bayern Munich, in the 82nd minute we were 1-0 down, then we brought it level and it went to penalties. We went a goal behind at the start of the shoot-out and ended up winning. I think that is what this team has had, especially towards the end of the season, are some championship-winning moments - maybe we´ve been lucky, but maybe a bit of luck was what the team was lacking in Moscow. G - And in the 82nd minute, you were a goal down, what was going through your head? Did you think that it was all over? Were you tired? FT - No, no, we were thinking about winning. I think that what we needed today was to attack, I don´t think we did the right thing settling for 0-0 and they punished us with Muller´s goal. The thing that has made this team so great, that has made us beat Barcelona, Napoli, Benfica, has been the fact that we defended through attacking, and today we didn´t attack. We attacked during the last ten minutes and part of extra time which gave us chances, if not we´d have lost 1-0. G - When you were brought on, you got involved, you ran for every ball. FT - It´s contradictory because I feel like I´m at a peak moment in my career, with more desire and hunger than I´ve felt in a long time, but I´ve had to spend the final on the bench. It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life. I thought I would play in this game and I couldn´t imagine not doing so. But in the end I could participate and offer the team something. I´m really happy. G - What have you learned this season? FT - This season I have felt things that I never had before. I´ve felt like they treated me in a way that I didn´t expect, not in the way that was spoken of when they signed me. We´ve had a lot of talks and we´ll talk about my future at the end of the season because the role I´ve had this season is not for me, nor is it the one I expected to play when I came here. I´m not comfortable. A victory like this one against Munich does compensate, but I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future. Football has been fair on us, on me. Now I do feel like football is worth it but I´ve been through a difficult time. The worst in my career. And I don´t want to go through it again. G - And what does it depend on? FT - I don´t know. There have been a lot of ups and downs, there´s been many times when I´ve felt lost, I wasn´t sure what to do. I felt like I didn´t know where I belonged. I´m eternally grateful to my family who have been by my side and also for the support of the owners who have stuck by me. And especially to the fans, if it hadn´t been for them this season I would have given up. G - So, what would be the ideal situation for you next season? FT - For someone to tell me what is going to happen and what sort of role I will have within the team, what my duties are, what they expect of me and then judge whether it is worth it. G - Will we see you in Schruns, where the Spanish national team is heading this week? FT - First London, where we´ll celebrate this win and then the next day Ibiza. I´ll be hoping to be on the list when it is announced on Monday. As I´ve said, I feel better than ever, hungrier than ever, but that´s what football is like - often, when you feel you´re at your best they don´t consider you. G - In any case, you came to this club to win medals such as this one. FT - Yeah, the European Championship, the World Cup, the Champions League...There´s a very important game for me, on an emotional level, against Atletico de Madrid in the European Supercup and I´m counting the days until then. http://www.guillemba...ason at Chelsea The interview in full. What is the big fuss about? Balague was obviously trying to drum up attention by selecting certain quotes and slapping them on twitter before posting the interview. He could have easily just posted the interview in full, but no, he wanted hits and attention. He certainly got that.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Kenny Dalglish and Roy Hodgson now both have one Premier League victory each at Anfield in 2012. https://twitter.com/#!/JohnBrewinESPN/status/194118474136698881
  3. The English Football Thread

    Lolpool losing 1-0 to West Brom.
  4. Fernando Torres

    Just listening to BBC Radio 1 and during their Sports News section they said that Chelsea have dismissed reports about Torres being sold and that he is very much part of the future.
  5. Fernando Torres

    It would have been silly to bring Torres on for Drogba when Drogba's strength was key during the entire game and was crucial in the final few minutes, not to mention his defensive work at set pieces.
  6. Fernando Torres

    Some of the replies in this thread are total bollocks. Drogba had a fantastic game yesterday, fully deserved from him. It's not fair that this excellent Drogba performance overshadows Torres' excellent performances this season. Someone has to be the scapegoat when things are going wrong. And writing a player off has shown why you shouldn't (Terry, Lampard and Drogba). Both strikers have had poor games this season, and that is not really down to them. I said in a previous post that it was the midfield that was the problem. Our more dynamic midfield of Romeu/Ramires/Meirieles has allowed Mata to get even more involved and with Sturridge, they are providing good options down the flanks allowing Drogba to benefit greatly. I would like to see how Torres fairs with this but It's good to keep with a winning team so Drogba should be starting. Torres has been a sub for the last few games. I don't think it's fair to judge him as a substitute. He has still gotten himself in a decent position to receive a pass from Sturridge and Sturridge becomes greedy. How can you blame Torres for that? He could have had more goals this season if Sturridge, for all his good work, had not been so wasteful when he's gotten himself into excellent positions. Torres would thrive off Mata but his opportunities with him playing have been limited. He deserves some criticism, but most of it is unjust. Everyone was crap in that Carling Cup game, we deserved to lose it. We should be thankful to have two of the world's greatest strikers on our team. The Drogba v Torres argument is ridiculous. Both offer something completely different up front, and both on their day contribute well to the team.
  7. Fernando Torres

    Torres is now on twitter. It's verified. http://twitter.com/#!/Torres
  8. La Liga Thread