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  1. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in Willian   
    Willian On love story with Chelsea: 
    "I think every person has a purpose here on earth. And my purpose is to be at Chelsea, no matter if I'm on the bench or starting.“ 💙
    "Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training and to keep your head up.“
    "I have been playing more games, I have been scoring, I have been helping Chelsea win. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.“ [Globo]
  2. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Jason in 4. Andreas Christensen   
    Conte may not be the best in managing young players out there but it's reassuring and nice to see he has confidence in Christensen, even after the mistake against Barcelona.
    If Mourinho was still our manager and Christensen made that mistake, we would probably never see him in the team again!
  3. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Jason in 4. Andreas Christensen   
  4. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by zekinjo in 4. Andreas Christensen   
    Andreas will learn from that moment but for his further development he should be playing near top quality CB. A mistake from last night was much easier to make when you don’t have enough confidence in your teammates. 
  5. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Michy Batshuayi   
    He was the main striker in pre season and started the season as the starting striker and was beyond awful.
    He played in the Community shield vs Arsenal and the home League game vs Burnley and fucking wack in both, no one is expecting him to be Messi but we do expect him to resemble a professional footballer. He was losing the ball nearly every single time he got it and wasn't making movements or honest work out of defenders which in turn made our whole attack easier to handle. The following week he scored an own goal and thought it was funny to joke about it (even if he ultimately got away with it, it wasn't funny) then in September more chances, Qarabag again he was terrible, well taken goal at the end but his performance was woeful he was okay va Forest but again had a big chance vs Palace and quickly reverted to failing to even look remotely like a footballer.
    Put him 1 on 1 from since yards and he will tuck it away ill give him that, but beyond that he's rubbish.
  6. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by manpe in 7. N'Golo Kante   
    We are so used to it that nobody bothers to even mention it anymore. The definition of integral.

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  7. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by whats happening in The Conte Thread   
    that is going on for the whole season now, if he plays 3-5-2 why didnt he play 3-4-3 and vice versa...literally for every game this season you can find comments like these.
  8. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Beigl in The Conte Thread   
    And again he brings the best out of a rather ordinary side. You can have your Tuchels and Sarris, but until we don´t change our profil of players we won´t play beautiful football. Conte is the man. 
  9. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Thor in Michy Batshuayi   
    Agreed. Winning a title in your first year with a team that came 10th the year before sealed that deal. 
  10. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by !Hazard! in Michy Batshuayi   
    This loan is turning out to be a masterstroke. He'll be much more confident and ready next season and in case we don't want him his price tag will be sky high if he keeps this up.
  11. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by the wes in Michy Batshuayi   
    Cheers mate 😂😂😂 
  12. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Michy Batshuayi   
    That's a cracking goal. However many goals he scores though, loaning him out was the best thing Chelsea could do. He wasn't trusted by Conte and wasn't getting regular games. Playing and scoring goals for a big club in a competitive league can only do his confidence wonders and help his continual development.
    If he comes back next season full of confidence and a breath of fresh air, our crop of strikers alongside Morata and Giroud could suddenly look the strongest it's been for a long time.
  13. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Magic Lamps in Willian   
     I said it once I will say it again, if Willian's mind was as quick as his feet, he would be one of the best players in the world. He got the skills, the technique, the pace and the shooting skills on level with Hazard's but he just has not that intelligent. Still let's hope for a few sharp moments of his against Barca. Definitely deserves to start.
  14. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Magic Lamps in Ethan Ampadu   
    The boy's got balls of steel. He might look like a palm tree but he plays like a young Beckenbauer.
  15. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Georgy in The Conte Thread   
    Forgive me for excluding the meaningless matches against the likes of Hull CIty matches he doesn't start only because we want to rest the poor fecker for the important ones.
  16. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by mccg in Álvaro Morata   
    Alvaro Morata on IG in relation to the video with his wife - he says it's an old video ?! Funk it ,think if i had his money and wife i'd take afew painkillers and swing her around now and again lol
  17. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in 4. Andreas Christensen   
    It's not just that Christensen is a very good defender and extremely comfortable on the ball, but it's the confidence others around him seem to have when he's alongside them. Azpilicueta is the best case, who does not look comfortable alongside Luiz or Cahill anymore because I don't think he trusts them and is regularly needing to cover for them. It was the best and most solid game I've seen from him in the last few weeks.
    Rudiger on that left side of defence for me is our best option too at the moment, He's quicker and stronger than Cahill and he's far more comfortable with the ball on his left hand side. 
    The standing ovation for Christensen when he came off shows how far along he's come this season and I believe in both the minds of the fans and now Conte that he's undisputed number 1 in that position now for the club.
  18. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by lucio in Gary Cahill   
    christesen is 1000 times better than cahill when it comes to using the ball. Cahill takes about 15 touches before passing it sideways or off the pitch , christensen uses it very efficiently, quick forward passes with accuracy
  19. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Henrique in David Luiz   
    I think Luiz's motivation suffered a huge blow after he realized that despite his great performance last season, Tite wasn't going to call him for this year's World Cup, so his dream of redeeming himself at International level was dead in the water. Its worth noting that Tite announce his last Brazilian squad in October 20. 11 days later Luiz came up with a shocking performance and the team was smashed by Roma. That was Luiz last game as a starting XI.

    Luiz problem used to be that he always wanted to give more than he could. He used to be WAY too proactive for a CB. But this season its different, it seems he just doesn't care. He became WAY too passive. His performance against Watford was the typical performance coming from a player that does not give a fuck at all. Even his body language is different. Conte was a fan of Luiz, and out of nowhere he became the 5th CB in the picking order. I don't think Conte would drop Luiz just because of some discussion about his methods, but lack of commitment is a good reason to drop a player.
  20. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Jason in 28. César Azpilicueta   
    He's turning 29 this year and only has 2 years left on his contract. The club better not think of doing anything stupid!
  21. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by robsblubot in Michy Batshuayi   
    Excellent! Hopefully this run lasts until summer so we can sell him for a decent amount and then buy a better player.
  22. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Magic Lamps in Michy Batshuayi   
    tt's not confidence. It's his game. He is scoring the same poacher's goals he has been scoring for us. A team that creates chances for the striker and does not require him to create his own will get one of the best fox-in-the-box striker in Europe in Batshauyi. Dortmund have struggled with poor finishing with Aubameyang but they always created enough chances. Now they have a superior finisher. I would have expected Bats to flourish here if we for one would play with more than 3 attacking players of which Pedro/Willian can not really be considered full attackers with the amount of defensive work they do + their offensive output is erraic. Look at Dortmund's lineup. They startet with 5 genuine attacker. Kagawa and Reus in a 3 man midfield, Schürrle and Pulisic as wingers. Small wonder Dortmund create more chances than us.
  23. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Leif in The Conte Thread   
  24. King11Didier liked a post in a topic by Polo7 in The Conte Thread   
    People on here talking about wanting a manager like Poch. Yet they’ll be the first to complain if we don’t win anything for more than a year.