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  1. 1. Willy Caballero

    I use to criticize the board a lot, but I have to give them the respect when they do something good, although it doesn't happen often. Great decision to bring this guy for free in the summer, really decent back up goalkeeper.
  2. Chelsea - Norwich

    fu8king pathetic
  3. Chelsea - Norwich

    Bats needs to be subbed off and be loaned somewhere, I don't want to see him near the bridge in the next couple of months. The team is full of bang average players, that is the problem, we don't have quality in our players except Azpi.
  4. Leon Bailey

    Interesting, thank you for that info, didn't know that.
  5. Andy Carroll

    It's not funny anymore... I actually can't believe with what kind of players Chelsea are linked nowadays. And maybe one of the requirements for our board is the player needs to be injured in order to sign him up..
  6. Leon Bailey

    I personally haven't watch him, but people who are watching Bundesliga and Bayer, say that he is actually decent and is one the best Bayer players at the moment. He is fast, young and wants to play for Chelsea, probably won't cost so much also. But it's possible that our board haven't even heard about him...
  7. General Transfer Talk

    I'd love to see Sanchez with Chelsea shirt, but if his reported demands are true, for the weekly wages, it will blow up the whole current structure of the wages in the club, as said above. And I don't believe he actually deserves so much money, if he has such demands, he better focus to China. Of course I will be fuming if he goes to manure, because he is a player who will upgrade any team in the world. Actually I don't think Chelsea are interested in him at all, it is just has to be some other team for the media, after City were reported that they won't chase him anymore.
  8. The Conte Thread

    "Fans" are calling for his head, but they do not realize that won't change much, another one will come, will probably bring some success for a year and then the same will happen, people will want him to be sacked and knowing Roman's patiece, he will be. Unless the board changes and bring some quality players, or at least bring 2 players that the manager really wants through the summer window, the scenario would still be the same. And of course I am talking to have faith in someone who has done something for the club and showed that he really understands what is he doing, before having so much faith in him. Conte did this, he had the balls to do some big decisions, change the style of play, introduce a stable game plan with 3 defenders and won the title in his first season in England when no body expected that and everybody was thinking the PL will be decided between the manchester clubs. Antonio deserves far more faith from the board for what he has done and the club will only lose a really good manager if they sack him. Another thing that really get on my nerves is when the board is spending millions on some players like Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Barkley and are trying to bring in players like Carroll, when they have one of the best youth academies in the world! So many talented players, who are above the level of u19, u21 teams, lost, are losing and are going to lose so much by going in Chelsea's game of loans.. So much talent was wasted through the years and nothing changes, Chelsea may really have one of the best academies in the world, but when it comes for these players to make the step to the professionals, Chelsea are treating them in the worst way. People are saying, we are not showing an ambition anymore with our transfers and we don't spend so much money as before, because we want to reconstruct the stadium, or be in regulations of FFP, or whatever, okay, I get it, but if it this the reason the club doesn't want to spend big money, why they don't bring some youngsters from the academy? The latest examples are: We are interested in someone like Carroll, when Hudson-Odoi is on fire for the development team. Instead of Bakayoko we had Chalobah, who can't do any worse than the ex Monaco player, I am sure that even players like Colkett or Mount who are on loan at Vitesse would at least play with passion and give everything, because they have grown up by wearing the Chelsea shirt and will be pleased to finally reaching the 1st team after years and years of sweating and hard working through the academies of the club. I can get it that bringing young players to the 1st team also depends a lot to the manager and he might be a reason for that not happening and that is leading to the next thing on my mind. It seems like Conte won't be in Chelsea after the summer, too much differences between his ideas and board ones, it seems, then I really hope that the one who they will bring to succeed him, will be someone who likes to work with young players and it's not afraid of playing them often. The post suddenly became so big, that no one will read it At least I posted some of the things I wanted to say. Win or lose(or draw lately) Up the Blues!
  9. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    So, city played on Tuesday for the club and will play on Sunday for a PL game. And Chelsea played on Wednesday for the cup and have a PL game on Saturday. What is the logic?? What pisses me off most is that I expected the game to be on Sunday, so I can watch it, now as it is on Saturday I will have to miss yet another game...
  10. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I always think of this gif when I see him on the ball
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Just saw it on twitte mate, really disappointed...
  12. General Transfer Talk

    That's why I was so pissed when we missed on Llorente, would've been a decent for Conte, they even have worked before. Right now, the 1st name that comes to my mind is maybe Deeney, I know, some will say it is almost like wanting Caroll, I wouldn't even mind Carroll for a second option here, but he is too injury prone imo. But the team really needs someone who can win 1st ball and get in some physical fight, because more than 50% of the time, we try to play with long balls which Morata struggles to take into control. These two are English and I am sure they qualify to the standards of our deluded board. Another option might be Benteke, but I don't really rate him so highly and lately he is utter sh8t. Also not homegrown. If we look at other leagues, Sebastien Haller is having a great season with Eintracht Frankfurt. 23 years old, 1.90m. I think he came from Netherlands last summer and is a big threat for all defenders in Germany. Another reasonable, maybe, deal could be Bakambu from Villarreal. Not so tall and physical as Haller, but he has some speed in his feet and is scoring regularly for the yellow submarine for some time now. There are definitely some options the team can look at and I hope we find some good striker soon, because I think Morata will need more time before stepping up as a main striker for a big team. P.S: I just saw on twitter Bakambu taking madicals for completing a transfer in China(Not really sure, the original text is in French) Really, really big disappointment, he is definitely a striker which brings attention and can play in a big team from Europe. Also, it is said that this deal will make him the most expensive African footballer.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    We need tall, strong striker, someone who is not falling to the ground after every single physical contact.
  14. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Another dreadful performances form the team. So many wrong passes and decisions in the final 3rd... It seems like we can't beat arsenal even if they play their u19 team. And few years ago we were beating them even before we kick a ball..
  15. The Conte Thread

    Maybe because Cahill and Luiz needs replacement. VVD is a monster and would have been a massive upgrade for our team. I didn't read the article above, but it won't be a surprise if Conte wanted him in the summer, even before getting Rudiger in the team.
  16. Nathan

    Chelsea have bunch of this type of players. Maybe they are not sold because they have high wages and some small clubs where these players actually belongs to, can't pay them enough. I'm pretty sure with this type of loan, Chelsea pays him some percentage of his actual wages.
  17. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Finally some sense from our board. Can't believe actually. Wish him many successful years with the Chelsea shirt.
  18. Kenedy

    Still not enough depth imo. Conte wouldn't let a wing back go, if there isn't someone new coming. I think Kenedy to newcastle was almost done in the summer, but the only thing that stopped the deal to go through is that the club didn't manage to bring a new LWB.
  19. The English Football Thread

    Seems like Mahrez is set for pool for 55m euros.
  20. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    I used to defend this guy, but he isn't showing any progress and is showing poor after poor performances. I wasn't able to watch the game today, but from what I've seen through the season and from the reactions here, I can definitely understand why he is frustrating to watch. I just hope Conte will bench him and give Drinkwater more chance next to Kante.
  21. 8. Ross Barkley

    Yeah, 15m for a injured player who hasn't played since last season is definitely not ridiculous. The only way this sum is not ridiculous is only because football market nowadays is utter sh8t. Latest example, Van Dijk for what, 75m?
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    Looks like our little magician is tired of the bullshit and likes to spend some time with world class players around him. We will definitely miss him and won't be able to replace him easily, if he is gonna be sold.
  23. 8. Ross Barkley

    Not a really big fan of this transfer. What I can say is that he will be wearing Chelsea colours only because he is English and because he was available for almost nothing, although even 15m pounds might be too much for him in my eyes. Definitely not a Conte signing, but the Italian is used to not bringing him his targets, at least our clueless board bring some other players. I hope he will prove me wrong, because I don't really have high expectations from him and also please, stop comparing him to Lampard, he is far behind Frank, doesn't even deserve his number at the club. Hope this tranfer doesn't mean RLC will be gone permanently soon.
  24. The English Football Thread

    A lot of people here were laughing at city and pep, but the bald guy is again proving that if he gets what he needs, he can build an unstoppable team. Of course I can agree they do not face any competition, but it is also true that they just win for fun in the 1st half of the season. The worst part for me is that they will most probably break some records in PL, which some of them are held by Chelsea at the moment.
  25. Huddersfield 1-3 Chelsea

    Huddersfield fans will be happy to see a club like Chelsea playing on their stadium, I hope we don't give them more to celebrate about. Tough game for sure, midweek game, side which will fight for 90+ minutes, determined to prove themselves against big team like Chelsea. I hope our players are in good condition and Conte has recovered from the shameful lost on Saturday. I think 3-4-3 would be good today as I expect the terriers to defend deep, I am not sure if Danny D is available for this game, but If yes, I'd like to see him next to Kante. Hazard, Michy and Pedro up in front and it's time for one of those Pedro's goals. Hazard deserves a rest, but we struggle big time without him on the pitch, that says a lot about our team. He would still be able to get some rest if we manage to have a good lead(hopefully) before the end of the game. Rudiger, AC and captain Azpi would be the best option in deffence for me. Wing backs - we don't have many options, do we? Faith in Kenedy-0(no chance for the poor boy), maybe Zappacosta on left again won't be so bad, Moses on right for sure, I hope he is fresh for this game. Also, first game from a long time that I am able to watch! I hope my boys won't disappoint me, would be too much in a range of few days. Cmon Blues!