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  1. Fabinho

    Signing this guy would be brilliant, he can play in mid and also as RWB, as is seems, we won't have big squad, so it would make sense to buy players who are capable of playing in number of different positions, Fabinho can do that very well. Unfortunately can't see it happen with our "competent" board.
  2. The Conte Thread

    With what is left from the team, Conte is one of the few coaches who is able to survive at least untill November. But it might end up Conte leaving by himself, if he is fed up with the board that let him down.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    I actually think a partnership between them might work, Morata is a good header of the ball and wins ariel duels, that's Costa's biggest weakness, they complete each other Won't see them playing together in Chelsea anyway. Chelsea are in their rights to fine him, he should've been at Cobham long time ago, he is still under contract and that stupid interview made another episode of Holywood FC...That could've been prevented if he was brought back at Cobham on time. Look how Matic was training alone when it was obvious he will leave.
  4. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Passion indeed, exactly why I rate him so much, because he shows always how much he cares for the club and you can't see that in many players in blue shirt anymore, maybe in Azpi and Luiz only. But here it wasn't necessary, as Cahill was already sent off and everyone realized that the ref is sh8t. It was anger and I've also done stupid things like this, but he is professional and shouldn't let down his team like this. And again, he knew he has yellow and make a silly tackle in the middle of the pitch and now the team has only one midfielder... Not ideal.
  5. Spurs v Chelsea

    Where is Mikel John Obi exactly when you need him? ;( Luiz in mid, sounds good, but it might be too risky playing Azpi, Christensen and Rudi against spuds, but then again who to play next to Kante? Kyle Scott maybe? Seeing how the team conceded two goals against burnley, I can't help but remember how Alli scored twice against us on 4th of January this year... And I'm pretty sure we will concede at least one goal like this again. Our defence, and not only, the whole team needs to step up and show who the f8ck is champion of England and beat the spuds at Wembley against all the odds, that's exactly when our team performs best. KTBFFH!!!
  6. Davinson Sanchez

    Every story might be a plant, but it worries me that there are rumours for CBs when the squad have only 3 midfielders and 5 CBs.
  7. 7. N'Golo Kante

    The problem is that it expected from him to do all the work in mid. He is impressive player indeed, but puting someone like Cesc next to him in that formation is basically letting all the work to Kante. I just don't want to imagine the team without him, can't wait to see Bakayoko next to him. If Chelsea had actually a board who are using their heads, there would have been already someone next to him and Kante and the whole team would be playing better.
  8. Davinson Sanchez

    Exactly! We have only 1 fit CM , but the club is after 6th CB, not counting Tomori and Clarke-Salter.... I agree the squad needs CB also, but it desperately needs new CM,LWB and RWB also. And if we sign new CB, it better be someone like VVD, who will improve the team, I'd trust Tomori far more than this Sanzhez guy.
  9. Chelsea - Burnley

    I wasn't able to watch the full game, only till 20th minute, I saw the red card wich imo it never was one, but looks like the refereeing will be like this against the champions this year. Unfortunately there isn't anything positive in this result for me. Losing from a side like Burnley, at home, in the first game of the year. Conceding 3 goals also. Also, the board did "perfect" job this window and you can see how good the squad is in numbers and in quality, something our manager begged for to be done, unfortunately he was let down by the pathetic people working in the club. Next 3 games are against 3 strong teams and we will be missing Hazard, Cahill, Cesc, Bakayoko and Pedro probably. We have only 1 midfielder for the match against spurs... 😀 Thank you board. Of course it could be worse, but the start of the season is horrible. Next 3 games will show a lot in what direction our team is going, I really hope the players will respond good after the first game, it will be fun to read the team sheet for the next game. The only positive thing for me was Morata's goal, hope it will boost his confidence and start scoring a lot, because we will need that.
  10. Chelsea - Burnley

    It's even more sad when you think there is CL this season and have to compete with this "depth" of the squad.
  11. Chelsea - Burnley

    Look at the bench of the champions of England...
  12. Chelsea - Burnley

    Can't believe the club will start the league with only 2 fit mids. And when you know they are Cesc and Kante, who don't play so good next to each other, the situation is even more f8cked up... Hope at least Boga or Musonda starts, prefer to see them than playing Morata out of position. The bench also gonna be fun.
  13. João Cancelo

    I admit I haven't seen a lot of this player, but I believe Aurier is far more decent player. Also, Valencia had really poor last season. He is probably target number 260 in Conte's shortlist.
  14. The Conte Thread

    I really want to meet the person who thought selling Matic to a direct rival and bringing, probably, Drinkwater is a good idea. Can't believe there are people who actually get paid for coming up with ideas like this.
  15. Serge Aurier

    The thing is both manchester clubs made a really good summer transfers and strengthen their teams even more, while Chelsea, one can say, that they even make their squad weaker after this summer. Also there is CL competition this year and rotations have to be made, the problem is that there aren't players for rotations...