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  1. Chelsea v Watford

    Once again, CL match on Wednesday and PL game on Saturday, with all the injuries and our lack of squad depth, we are just f8cked. Watford are playing good and are even on higher place in the table. I really hope we can win, but I don't really believe this will happen. The team has injuries, a lot of players were tired even against Roma on Wednesday, I don't believe they will recover completely for Saturday. Our manager hasn't got players to choose from, so the 11 is almost clear, maybe our worst player Willian will start again, I hope Pedro will start instead of him as he was sub against Roma. I'd love to see Ampadu in mid, it's the perfect time to bring some youngsters into the team. But I doubt that, Conte is not a manager who likes to experiment with young players, unfortunatelly. Even Kenedy on the LWB sounds good for me, I want to see fresh legs on the pitch, otherwise I can't see us winning this game.
  2. Chelsea - Roma

    41 - Thibaut Courtois attempted 41 passes against Roma, more than any other Chelsea player. Bizarre. @OptaChels
  3. The Conte Thread

    If feels like something bad is happening behind the scenes. Look at Conte after Luiz goal, he is always jumping and expressing his happiness so wild, this time he just turned back and did a fist. After the final whistle, he is always going through the players, to the referees, to the fans at the stadium, now he just shaked hands with the opposition and went directly in the tunel. Something fishy and bad is happening, and that's horrible, I don't want again manager dramas, f8ck.... I believe Conte is the right man, but it feels like he is fed up with the board and he wants to leave. Really want to see him happy and see the whole team performing well once again.
  4. 15. Victor Moses

    Another one bites the dust... Last season we were lucky on that side, but this season starts pretty bad. I hope Zappa is ready for this.
  5. The Conte Thread

    In 2016 window we were upgrading a team which was going to face only 1 competition the whole season, this season is different as the team plays in CL too and a rotation between the players is a must. Can't really understand the rest of your post, but I'm not a big fan of Musonda, but when players perform like Willian, I think someone else deserve a chance also. And I'm really against keeping Abraham in the team right now, eventhough I'd prefer him over Bats at the moment, the boy needs to play week in and week out and this can't happen at Chelsea.
  6. The Conte Thread

    After a disappointing transfer window, you can see how the club is struggling when 2 players are injured. Last season we were so lucky for not having long term injuries and also playing only in PL and FA, but this season is all different and the board didn't do anything to help Conte. But what I see as his big mistake is that we have Christensen and Rudiger, playing really solid when they are on the pitch, but mostly staying on the bench for the likes of Luiz and Cahill who are making disappointing performances. Also, I can't figure how is possible Willian to start a game, even the young boy with the angry instagram story will do better than him. It's really hard for him with this injuries and missing players, but I hope he at least makes the right decisions more often and plays the right players on the pitch.
  7. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    After performances like this, our high payed players should be fined with at least 2 weeks wages and give the money to traveling fans and/or charities. Palace couldn't even score before this game, 2 against the champions and a win... And when you see who is sitting on their bench as a coach, the situation for Chelsea is even more embarrassing.
  8. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    People were qustioning me when I said we need 3rd stiker and said that Morata and Bars are more than enough for the season. Yeah, sure, I can see now... I just hope Morata can come back 100% fit as soon as possible.
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    I'd be so pleased if the club manage to bring this guy to SB. It would be a hude statement that Chelsea also want to be in top 4 in Europe. Also, players like Hazard and not only, will benefit a lot if such a world class player come to the club. We already have some ex Barca players and also some Spain players, I'm sure he will feel good around them. The team looks good in defence, we need only a new LWB, it is time to improve our attack also and Sanchez is the right option in my opinion.
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I don't believe anything reported. I'd prefer to wait for Conte press conference or statement before geting into conclusions for how long a player will be sidelined.
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I really hope it's not serious, otherwise it will be really hard for the team.
  12. The Ancelotti Thread

    It seems like Mr Ancelotti can't cope with the dressing room after 1-2 seasons. Players are losing faith in him and are turning up against him, one of the worst things that could happen in a dressing room. And we, Chelsea fans, know that very well. Carlo is an amazing coach and have achieved a lot, I'm gonna be always thankful for his job in Chelsea, in his 1st season the players were producing some exciting football with lots of goals and eventually managed to get a double. And in the next season in felt like he lost the plot in the dressing room... I think the best for him would be to get back to Italy. I'm sure in Milan he will be treated with a lot of respect and he can manage them for more than 2 seasons.
  13. 22. Willian

    What is wrong with this guy? It's like 3rd or 4th game in arow where he is completely useless, he makes so many mistakes and can't even pass in 2 meters to save his life...
  14. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    I think the mindset before the start of the game was wrong for us. It looked like Conte wanted to do one of Mou's type of matches and get a 0-0 draw. We were afraid to attack and to create something, really, really cautious whole game and still we made a lot of mistakes. I hate when we sit back and try to take a draw, especially when it is on Stamford Bridge, it looks so illogical. I think Conte f8cked up this match completely after bringing Willian for Morata, that was probably the decision that ended the game completely. I hope Conte learned his lesson after that match and won't ever again go into game with the same mindset, it's just wrong. 8 lost points in home games so far, nothing to be proud of, the boys should improve a lot if they want to fight for the top 3 this season.
  15. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Without target man it will really hard till the end, can't really understand why Conte bring Willian in for ST, especially when Willian is so poor. We need some miracle, I can't really see how we can score. Hazard is always against 2-3 city players and no one around him to help. We need more players in m city half, Pedro might actually make a difference with his fresh legs in the second half. Hope for he best KTBFFH!