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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    I want to get Ivanovic on the back but with madrid interested in him... risky
  2. The PES Thread

    Yeah the penalty system for PES2011 is very mysterious. No instructions mentioned anywhere, just a trial and error exercise. Mind you, now i've mastered it, I smash anyone that takes me to penalties!
  3. Neymar

    Just tactics to get more money for him. He definitely wants to come to Europe
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    They always have to make a 'radical' looking kit to appeal to the kids
  5. The PES Thread

  6. The PES Thread

    Thanks for this. Looks incredible!
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Good point. It's guaranteed he'd be amazing in the premier league. He's actually gotten better/maturer in the last two years !
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Haha, that's a controversial point! Why? Ive never met anyone who can give a good reasoning for preferring cronaldo?
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo

    I've a feeling Madrid would rather rid of Mourinho than their much-beloved asset in Ronaldo. He's a fan-favourite, get's them 50+ goals a season and his shirt sales must be astronomical! Mourinho on the other hand has apparently 'ruined their image' (according to some).. As for us getting him... I agree with getting Neymar instead! Both are probably just fantasies
  10. Neymar

    I couldn't stand C.ronaldo but i'd bloody take him in an instant! I feel Neymar is quite similar...
  11. Stamford Bridge thread

    Sorry Steve, I just don't feel a guy on Facebook is a reliable enough source for this kind of information. I'm not gonna believe it until it's official. I love Stamford Bridge