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  1. John Swift

    A few rumours going round up here that John Swift will be joining us on loan for the rest of the season in the next couple of days. What kind of player is he Not sure if this is in the correct forum.
  2. Independent Scotland

    The yes campaign sparked this over the last few weeks with there threats and actions. The no voters or some of them said if we won the vote between 6 and 6.30 on Friday there would be a gathering in Glasgow now if you were a yes voter I am convinced the last please you would have been was Glasgow on Friday night. Also a think it was a flare being lite rather than a saltire set on fire as when I seen it advertised it said bring your saltire flags as well as union flags. The last line of jambo's post is spot on just the media up here are used to laying into Rangers fans sorry but it's true. Every crowd has its idiots just like Manchester a few years 200,000 fans most drinking all day there is going to be trouble. The person that needs to take most of the responsibility for this is Alex Salmond it's his shite that started it and could split this country up for a little while yet.
  3. Independent Scotland

    Yes voter been stabbed don't talk shite lol Police describe it as 'handbags' which it is there is idiots on both sides. Are you saying the no sides actions have been acceptable over the last few weeks ? Alex Sammonds actions have started all this. What about the CSC and some GB turning up tonight. Big bad Rangers fans lol
  4. Independent Scotland

    Delighted is a understatement
  5. Independent Scotland

    Good start as Clack was the fav to be a yes vote out everywhere.
  6. Independent Scotland

    https://m.oddschecker.com/t/politics/british-politics/scottish-independence/referendum-outcome Surely the bookies don't get this wrong ?
  7. Independent Scotland

  8. Independent Scotland

    Voting closed now shitting it to be honest will be a long night.
  9. Independent Scotland

    Punching blind pensioners now. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2760039/Salmond-s-bullies-hit-blind-man-face-just-supporting-No-campaign.html
  10. Independent Scotland

    He is just saying that when the money situation won't affect him as he will be rich enough to live anywhere and he shouldn't have a vote today. Going to turn into a Republic of Scotland if it's a Yes vote.
  11. Independent Scotland

    @Craig_Holding: YES campaigners down to a T, blocking entrance to polling station, blocking roads, burning the union flag, "vote yes or else"...says it all! This was on my timeline on twitter, disgusting.
  12. Independent Scotland

    This time last week I was worried but more confident now than then.
  13. Independent Scotland

    No- Yes 53-47 I think it was but don't really take them serious myself. Feeling nervous over the outcome the now.
  14. Independent Scotland

    There was also one on the Hydro in Glasgow tonight.
  15. Independent Scotland

    Yes campaigners are just so loud in your face people just better walking past them. So deluded its unreal. I just hope people wanting a No vote get out and vote tomorrow and don't assume it will be a No Vote.