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  • Birthday 08/24/1989

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  • Website URL http://www.myspace.com/PlantPie

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  • Location Dunstable Uk...yipee
  • Memory Winning the prem :D then going on to beat Man U tehehe fun times
  • Interests Going to watch Chelsea and singing very loudly and eating a chicken pie!<br />Going places that are fun and lalala<br />Watching scum 1,2 and 3 loose :D
  1. love chelsea and stay blessed

  2. Last Film You Watched

    Sweeny Todd.Awwwww so lalalal bit of a harsh 18 though but Johnny!!
  3. The English Football Thread

    And then Fergie moaned about the ref didnt book someone for diving blah blah. My god that moment!Was like so basically we play until they score arg!! Amazed though Spurs got a point.Didnt see that coming,thought they'd loose,still couldnt hold onto a lead but still
  4. Last Film You Watched

    Bad girls from Valley high...so wtf lol twisted like Heathers and slightly random
  5. Last Film You Watched

    That film was just sooo slow!And another one involving a dodgy petrol station. Only good thing about it was it werent a 'everyone dies' story Still back packing...maybe not lol
  6. Last Film You Watched

    The Eye.Not a bad film,weird in places esp when they started speaking english.As it'd be in chinese it was so weird lol. The ending though was random but so sad!Then kinda awww but some bits lol you just thought wtf.
  7. The English Football Thread

    They're blaming their poor results on the unrest.But our unrest started in January last year and we won the double so just excuses as usual Even if scum get a load of cash chucked at them,they'll still have the same manager
  8. The English Football Thread

    Defo,apprantly there was mena be a protest before the game which never happened just banners blah blah.Just love the fact they were all 'our owners respect Rafa etc and wont interfere like Roman has' blah blah months ago and yet they've been worse lol. Long as Jose doesnt go there dont care about Rafa leaving,if he does then ahhhh!Doubt it but still
  9. The English Football Thread

    Meh everyone else is lol In Rafa we trust...maybe not
  10. The English Football Thread

    Annoying thing is,even if they finish 5th they'll either win the sodding Champs league or UEFA will bend the rules being all 'they have 9 letters,and start and end with the same they're in' Still its hillarious after the whole this is our year etc.Worse off postion then last season lol.
  11. The English Football Thread

    Still got the game in hand though that would only leave them 11 points behind.Woops lol meh who cares only scum.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Not amused esp in the 88th minute Damn damn you Villa!!! Still scum scored for Villa so still amusing but still! Their still 5th but still 7th would've been better. Still on the funny side 4th draw in a row tehehe loss would've been better mainly cause that game in hand mean sod all really but still.Watching them go furtuur behind a giggle.14 points behind hah!
  13. The English Football Thread

    ARG bloody Crouch!!!!!!!!!!! Now they'll score again and win just to annoy everyone Damn Villa!!!