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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Taking on Zola
  2. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Doesn't seem to be taken seriously at all at the moment though, maybe it's some kind of smokescreen on Rodrigo. Envoyé de mon SM-A520F en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Chiringuito ( first to announce ronaldo to Juve, big reliable Real Madrid source ) have just announced that Morata has an agreement with Real, wouldn't cost more than 80M. They don't clearly state that we are willing to sell or that Morata is Real's first target but they do say that it is a very real option for both player and club, and that latest birth of his twins is making him think of a return to Madrid. Probably a plan B for Real if everything falls apart with Rodrigo. Envoyé de mon SM-A520F en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. 22. Willian

    It was a joke. Look at the interview, he said afterwards that no the relationship was really complicated.
  5. Mateo Kovacic

    http://www.marca.com/futbol/real-madrid/2018/08/07/5b695fd5e5fdeaf15c8b4589.html Marca exclusive info : Loaned to Chelsea for one year. They could report shit news from time to time but when they say exclusive Real Madrid info it's pretty much official.
  6. 22. Willian

    Looks pretty realistic to me Envoyé de mon SM-A520F en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    So guess he's staying then ?
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    It's over, consider him gone.
  9. Next Manager?

    Don't think we can do without Azpi's work ethic and solidity in defense, be it on a 3 man defence, right back or left back, he must play, no matter what. Managers accomodate their formations to the players they have and not the other way around, I think Sarri will do so because currently, this team has too many Center backs and cannot cope without Azpi, we need him. Reckon that Hazard might be the new vice captain though, Cahill could be taking on the Christensen-Rudiger-Sarri challenge this year but I think that he will be gone by January or end of next year.
  10. Jorginho

  11. Jorginho

    Are we actually outspending City for a player ?
  12. Next Manager?

    What's the source for Neymar ?
  13. Next Manager?

    So "Napoli" have reached the agreement with both clubs, but it's still up to "De Laurentiis"
  14. Next Manager?

    And who is she ?
  15. Next Manager?

    Is it ? Don't remember having this kit last year tbh