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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    It's over, consider him gone.
  2. Next Manager?

    Don't think we can do without Azpi's work ethic and solidity in defense, be it on a 3 man defence, right back or left back, he must play, no matter what. Managers accomodate their formations to the players they have and not the other way around, I think Sarri will do so because currently, this team has too many Center backs and cannot cope without Azpi, we need him. Reckon that Hazard might be the new vice captain though, Cahill could be taking on the Christensen-Rudiger-Sarri challenge this year but I think that he will be gone by January or end of next year.
  3. Jorginho

  4. Jorginho

    Are we actually outspending City for a player ?
  5. Next Manager?

    What's the source for Neymar ?
  6. Next Manager?

    So "Napoli" have reached the agreement with both clubs, but it's still up to "De Laurentiis"
  7. Next Manager?

    And who is she ?
  8. Next Manager?

    Is it ? Don't remember having this kit last year tbh
  9. Next Manager?

  10. Next Manager?

  11. Next Manager?

    Tottenham linked with Cristiano Ronaldo
  12. Next Manager?

    I am genuinely starting to believe the absurd theory that this is all either a smokescreen or stupid rumours from the media and that Conte will stay.
  13. Next Manager?

    Player power all over again, we're basically terminating Conte's contract and getting Sarri so that Hazard can stay. While he is crucial to us, what will happen when Sarri demands exhausting pressing from him and Willian ? Will they start whining again ? Will our team block be broken again because of our lack of offensive press ? Will we sack Sarri again ? The grass is always greener, while I don't agree with Conte's attitude this season ( which could easily be adressed internally by telling him to shut the fuck up ) we still have a brilliant manager that we want to sack because of a couple of spoilt kids who "don't want to play Conte's football", the same football that got them from 10th to champions last year.
  14. Next Manager?

    Jokes aside, plans for our friendlies in Sweden and Poland were suspended a month or so ago ( one is due to Sevilla's involvement in EL Play-offs ) and we still have no news on that front as well right ?
  15. 22. Willian

    He can fuck off.