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  1. Stoke v Chelsea

    Our first real test.
  2. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal have put on a strong team, with their best defensive line-up, I really don't expect us to blow them out of the water.
  3. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    It almost looks like they've been resting their stars for more than 10 years now anyway.
  4. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Our first real test. ( And I'm not joking this time )
  5. 24. Gary Cahill

    Clearly a step below everyone else. The difference in urgency and agility between him, Rüdiger and Christensen is alarming.
  6. Diego Costa

    So we would be basically replacing a toxic inconsistent ( albeit world class when in form ) striker with one of the brightest young talents and most complete strikers in world football for a couple of quids ?
  7. Chelsea 6-0 Qarabag

    Our first real test.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Not starting against Greece today, it's a crucial game in which Belgium could seal their qualification for the WC and he said himself that the opponents would probably kick him. Perfect for Chelsea, if he comes in by the end of the game should things go south for Greece, might have a solid 90 minutes overall in the legs for Belgium this week, get back, make an appearance off the bench against Leicester and make his full return in our Champions League opener against Qarabag. Still, I think he is 3 weeks or so ahead of his initial recovery Schedule announced in June, has to be delightfully surprised by his healing speed.
  9. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Indeed, reference to the long running joke from our 13 wins streak of last year.
  10. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Our first real test.
  11. Diego Costa

    Looks like a lot of stuff is going on in the background in the last 2 days, we still have no update though.
  12. Diego Costa

    The Champions League squads are also to be announced tonight, that would be a real indicator if he is included. Sent from my SM-A510F using Tapatalk
  13. Kevin de Bruyne

    Which physicality ? He almost systematically loses the ball under pressure. His strength is his vision and passing accuracy/weight, maybe the best in the world at that, when he plays one two touches of the ball he is great, if he needs to retain the ball for his team he's systematically useless. Plus De Bruyne on a double pivot would be suicide.
  14. The Conte Thread

    It depends on the positions. Christensen was normally brought back to replace Luiz, in the centre of the back 3, at the moment Rüdiger seems to get the two remaining spots, which means that if Cahill is replaced I'd think that the German is the first choice. They both have quality, but very different profiles, Christensen is a much better passer of the ball, with great game reading skills and anticipation, Rüdger is decent on the ball, but relies much more on physical impact. Maybe we will see less and less of Azpilicueta in the RCB position as well, those two are more natural in that role. All in all, we have a lot of great profiles in defence, it's good to know that this area has really been adressed, can't criticize the club for that.
  15. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Why are we still talking about Aubameyang ?