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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Except from buying absolute world class players, you are always expecting improvement and tweaks from your recruitements. We are even expecting better hold up play and technical dexterity from Lukaku for instance. Best case scenario, we gain a brilliant Wing Back / Winder, worst case scenario, flops big time, loaned out or sold for the same amount if not higher the following year. Low risk high reward, go for it I'd say. Would have also tried Antonio but he's apparently bound to stay in West Ham.
  2. Robert Lewandowski

    Jokes aside, yeah, he has issues with Ancelotti and Bayern, he's apparently mad because the team didn't help him to end up with the Bundesliga Golden Boot in the last day of the season. Whether that leads to a transfert altogether, not sure, however, if Real are indeed not interested, then we are probably the next best available destination.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Looks like the club is choosing to remain on the whole Costa situation, probably cooling off rumours and trying to get the price back up by stating to potential buyers that solutions have been found and that we aren't in the need of solding him anymore. Really wouldn't be surprised if we end up keeping him after all, it still can be resolved at the start of pre-season if it stays this way. Regarding budget I think we could go as far as 70-80M£ net spend this summer, probably reaching some 150M£ in buys, Bertrand, Cuadrado and a couple loanees sold could cover some of our spend I reckon. Then again everybody's still confused about our priorities going into the summer, we have been linked to players in every position besides the main GK spot, as it looks like we amready have Caballero deal sealed for the backup. Still just guessing games but I think we will go for a striker, a midfielder or two, potentially a full/wing-back and get Christensen back if we can't manage to get Manolas, Koulibaly or even De Vrij ( although there hasn't neen many rumors about him of late ). Still repeating that Caballero Bakayoko Christensen Sandro and Morata is a pretty decent window, almost doubling up the main spots in the squad, if we do sell Costa then it is probably Michy staying for the backup. Let's wait until the end of the first week of July beforr starting to panic. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Will he ?? What is it exactly that Matic offers and could significantly improve them ?? Aerial capability ? Fellaini and Pogba already possess that and Matic doesn't win enough aerial duels for his size anyways. Composure on the ball ? He can look like Zidane fur a full game at times, at times meaning twice a year at best, they already have Pogba who is elite technically and Herrera is really good in that departement as well. Mobility to an already very static and slow team ? Yeah right, Matic, mobility. Stability to the midfield in a more holding role ? He isn't even a pure defensive midfielder, his best position is in a double pivot protected by a hard working offensive midfielder ( Oscar ) and he can be marvellous at times in retaining possession and using the ball, but once again, it doesn't happen much anymore does it ? The only was I see it is through United failing to secure their main midfield targets this summer and settling for a PL proved double champion for the time being to replace the soon outgoing Carrick, and we all know the difference in quality between both even at this age. Mourinho loves tall static midfielders, seemingly adding "composure & stability" [emoji1] to his team, if those are the boxes José is still trying to tick then I'm not even afraid of them at all going into the season. Let them have him, 40M£ less of their ( albeit unlimited ) summer budget for a player that will hardly improve them, if that also means they won't be getting additional midfielders then it would actually feel like a signing for ourselves. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Kalidou Koulibaly

    No thanks. Thank god we didn't pay that much for him by the way. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Talk of United coming back for him and willing to pay 40M£. Take the money and run, I'd say it's a silly rumour all day but there is no price Mourinho won't pay for a tall slow defensive minded midfielder. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Verratti, Bakayoko, Morata, Bonucci, back up keeper Matic sold, Zouma loaned. I guess one can dream... Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    Not sure about that, Lukaku's one and only preferred destination is Chelsea and if Everton can't convince of paying the price they demand there won't be much the player can do about it. They will simply explain to him that they are willing to let him leace but the only club he wants to go won't pay the price, thus making it eadier for them to keep him and not necessarily in a rebel mood. Hope we miraculously manage to snatch Morata under United's nose for 20 Million less somehow, that would be some business, I like the man and he has a lot of quality but is just not able to carry the lone striker position for a Champions League aspiring team by himself... Morata might not be either but he has at least shown his quality at the biggest stage once or twice. Cetting both and loaning Batshuayi would instantly put us back as titke favourites though, so many options. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    That's ridiculous. Costa wanted to leave not once but TWICE in the last 12 months, Conte probably took the decision during January to let him leave at the end of the season ( I'd be pretty surprised if Costa didn't hear anything from the manager nor club before this presumed Text message people are crying about ). What Costa is doing is just playing victim in order for him to be easier to choose his next club, Chelsea wanting to sell means we have less negotiating power and if anything, this fucker just went in front of all the Spanish Journalists and sait it out loud. What kind of players goes to the media and says "heck my club wants to sell me I'm on the market" ? Probably only Costa. He can fuck right off.
  10. Champions League thread

    Correct, except that i's the champions of the 7 highest ranked nations + the holders, the 8th nation champion will get to Pot 1 if the winners also won their domestic league ( which is assured to be the case this year ).
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Yes, you actually can eat that day and fast it later since religion takes into account that some people can't fast in such conditions. But in the end of the day it's a personal choice and more often than not muslim guys prefer to fast.
  12. The English Football Thread

    2 more years of Wenger hahahah
  13. Ivan Perisic

    You don't pay Antonio, the club pays him.
  14. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Whether players / people should or shouldn't fast is another debate, everyone is entitled to follow their own personal convictions. It doesn't always fall in the off-season, it's a rotating system as it is based on lunar calendar, moving back 12 days every year. Basically, in 2021-2022 top muslim players will be fasting during February-March-April.
  15. 7. N'Golo Kante

    So you don't buy that not eating nor drinking for 16 hours a day can't impact your performance on a hot sunny day in a Cup final against top opposition ? There isn't much I can add to emphasize it really.