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  1. Eden Hazard

    First of all great singing..! but what do we do with KDB, KAKUTA, LUKAKU, PIAZON, JOSH etc? but cannot wait to see the start of a new era @ Chelsea GET HULK & VDW for gods sake
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    heard that Chelsea will not be granted their wish as The American Embassy which is planned to be built a mile away from Battersea thinks it is UNSAFE for the embassy to have 50000 fans walking past it every week f***ing yanks go to your own country...! oh shit I just forgot that that you ugly fat gypsies do not have a country for urselves
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    I even managed to imagine the commentary of European nights when the players walk out of the tunnel, the commentator goes, welcome to ------------ the home of Chelsea FC, the most unique stadium in the world where the atmosphere is electric, OMG.... I'm insane..!
  4. Stamford Bridge thread

    keeep the four chimneys, it will be a hell of ICONIC...!
  5. Stamford Bridge thread

    Battersea Arena or Battersea Park
  6. Stamford Bridge thread

    Am I the only one who has started imagining the camera views from the top of the four chimneys? OMG its gonna be awesome stadium, if we manage to do it, & that's a BIG IF..! Cm'n Roman, sell one of your yachts an get the deal done
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    Hahaha f***ing grt imagination space for Roman's yacht tooooooo
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    I am very disappointed that many Chelsea fans do not understand this complex situation, even people from London....! I may look young for you people, but feel confident & matured since halfway on my way to become pro marketer and I understand some of these corporate bullshit...! IMO key reason why the Club is trying to get rid of CPO is that the business wud be more valuable without CPO which wud enable Roman to sell it to a higher price if he intends to make money by selling the club. i.e. 1. The club could move to a bigger place regardless of the 3 mile radius - with proven high revenue opportunity the value of the business becomes higher or 2. Current board get rid of the CPO making the new owner/board with less efforts to move away - making the business more valuable without making any significant investment as in option 1
  9. Stamford Bridge thread

    My 1st response to the stadium move was a strong YES as I am not from UK (I am sick of us still playing in such a small stadium, & I envy the support the fans provide teams like madrid, Barca, Bayern & United) However after reading more about the Say NO campaign, i have changed my mind & I am glad the result was in favour of the fans. And I f***king hate Gourlay & Buck - the buggers don't know to behave, better learn from a kindergarten child...! I really appreciate the efforts taken by the CPO fans to voice their displeasure, which shows how much we love the club - magnificent.!!! I strongly support the idea of transferring the current CPO agreement to the new stadium freehold so that we have a home for ourselves even after the Roman days..! @tom pls ask some CPO guy to open a facebook page to get global support in their quest to convince or force the club to agree to (may I say) our terms.....!