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  1. Salomon Kalou

    Kez has it. At the moment, Kalou is a useful option even though he is not a top player. He's a frustrating player because sometimes he does seem really good things and other times he gets it all wrong. Reminds me of Jesper Grønkjær in that respect. Keep him, but make sure we give Sturridge and Borini more playing time.
  2. Salomon Kalou

    I'm not convinced Kalou is ever going to be anything except quite good. But if he's happy to be a bit part player then I see no harm in signing him up on another contract really.
  3. Ryan Bertrand

    Haha, they lost to Kettering. Be the cherry on top if they then beat us!
  4. Mineiro

    I can't actually find any official word on Mineiro. He just appears to have been swept under the carpet.
  5. Daniel Sturridge

    Has his number of 18 been confirmed or are we just assuming from the pictures of him (and Turnbull) training?
  6. Roberto Di Matteo

    Why would he be doing that? He's manager of West Brom now ain't he?
  7. Name Changes thread

    .Citraningsih? Please tell me what this means!
  8. Name Changes thread

    What the hell's that about?
  9. Gaël Kakuta

    Bollocks. Bad news. Gonna knock his development back a long time, such a shame.
  10. Think it's pretty clear that we won't be winning this this year
  11. Last Film You Watched

    Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Bit overrated I think, alright but not that great.
  12. Mugshots

    Hahaha But I agree.
  13. Mugshots

    lol, Curtains weren't my choice, they were like that when we moved in. And I'm moving into a different room soon with my own choices
  14. Juliano Belletti

    He's our new Geremi. Model professional willing to fill in anywhere, and doing so with accomplishment. And scores the odd screamer.