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  1. The Conte Thread

    Hahaha. Chelsea TV changed the tagline from Manager's Press Conference to Antonio Conte's First Press Conference. Someone's gonna lose his job today
  2. Josh McEachran

    Any updates?
  3. Eden Hazard

    5 year deal? Guess it is. And Sky reporting that the salary is 170kpw?!
  4. John Terry

    I still think we need to get one of Bruma/Kalas back. JT facing the ban and his fitness might be an issue.
  5. Daniel Sturridge

  6. Roman Abramovich

  7. Juan Mata

    A great signing. I feel that they found some true blues in Rami, Luiz and Mata in the recent years. Awesome display of attitude and passion by the three, all through the season. I still think we depend a tad too much on Mata. I want us to sign another CAM as that is the only position we dont seem to have options!
  8. Juan Mata

    On a different note, I am getting apprehensive that Mata might return to the next season burnt out! He had a tiresome season at Chelsea..now hes up for Euro Cup and the Olympics!
  9. The England Thread

    Exactly! And it will surely come back to bite Hodgson. In the 'nads. Being an idiot seems to be the basic qualification to be part of the FA!
  10. Daniel Sturridge

    This. I am pissed off about his performances more because of this than his shoot-at-sight attitude. I do not see a team player in him. AT ALL! He seems too worried about himself rather than breaking a run of an opponent player into dangerous territory. Actually, I see him tackle only when he thinks hes got a chance to run at their defense and shoot! He's gotta stop flying and being so over-confident. I think a sound thrashing from JT might do the trick. At least act like a catalyst. He also shows enough disregard to the manager, considering the situation with managers at CFC etc. Hes already become the arrogant Englishman in the dressing room. The difference between him and the rest of the "power-players" is that they have developed as footballers first and then got into the tussle. This is just my perception of his behavior and attitude on the pitch and an expression of the utter disappointment.
  11. The England Thread

    http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1071182/england's-roy-hodgson-won't-take-both-rio-ferdinand-and-john-terry?cc=4716 Not very reliable considering it is from Harry Harris. Once again the FA and the England coach are acting like cunts, if true!
  12. Frank Lampard

    Touche! Exactly what I felt!
  13. Gaël Kakuta

    I find it difficult to see much future for Kakuta and Lalko (who is an impressive winger) if we are looking to sign players for the same role like KDB, Hazard etc. I do want him to shrug off the crappy few years he had and prove himself over the course of this season and in 12/13 and create a spot for himself in the squad. Even with Milan, I would like to see him in the first team in some role in the next season or at least get loaned to a PL club.
  14. Daniel Sturridge

    I really think we should tie him down (offer him a long-term contract) this season. We should not wait for the next, it being his last year in contract. His head can be turned, considering hes still a youngster and a great prospect for all the top clubs of Europe. I would hate a Nasri-esque situation at Chelsea.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    Is it just me or does Emenalo sound too sensible to be a part of the Chelsea administration?