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  1. Premier League thread

    If we still have a 5+ lead after the Arsenal game I'll start to believe. Because after Arsenal we have a run of 6 very winnable games: Burnley, Swansea, West Ham, Watford, Stoke and Crystal Palace.
  2. Leicester - Chelsea

    What's nonsense is saying Matic had a decent game just to make a point about Hazard.
  3. Leicester - Chelsea

    lol what was that from Michy? haha
  4. Leicester - Chelsea

    That wasn't exactly difficult considering just how bad he was. If he performed any worse than he did in the first half he should have been fined by the club.
  5. Leicester - Chelsea

    Hazard had an assist and could have had an easy goal if Kante made a simply pass. Poor but Matic was infinitely worse in the first half.
  6. Leicester - Chelsea

    That's fine but doesn't change the fact Willian and Matic were very bad in the first half. Make your points in the future without the revisionism.
  7. Leicester - Chelsea

    Stop that. They have been better in the second half but they were both shocking in the first half. And Hazard has every right to complain due to the service or lack thereof.
  8. Leicester - Chelsea

    Get that goal difference up.
  9. Leicester - Chelsea

    Rightly so, vision was -100.
  10. Leicester - Chelsea

    Fucking hell Kante, Hazard was wide open.
  11. Leicester - Chelsea

    Hazard has to score there man.
  12. Leicester - Chelsea

    Conte won't change anything early because he never does when things aren't going well, so he certainly won't when we're winning. Matic and Willian shouldn't start the second but we know they will.
  13. Leicester - Chelsea

    E Alonso (who had plenty of time to control a loose Leicester pass) decided to just hoof it back to their CB. It's just sheer stupidity.
  14. Leicester - Chelsea

    Why the fuck did Matic not pass to Willian there? Their LB was playing everyone onside.
  15. Leicester - Chelsea

    Willian completely killing the counter attack.