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  1. Chelsea - Man United

  2. Chelsea v Man United

    What the hell is Ivanovic doing?
  3. Chelsea v Man United

    He had a very specific function in a well-oiled machine. You don't buy players like that for a team low on actual ability and worst of all, one that has no system.
  4. Chelsea v Man United

    Genuinely hate this group of players that has been assembled. Not the players themselves but the group. Such a rubbish squad.
  5. Chelsea v Man United

    Costa has bricks for feet.
  6. Chelsea v Man United

    Zouma's knee is finished.
  7. Chelsea v Man United

    There are far more than just those two.
  8. Chelsea v Man United

    Just a continuation of the Watford game.
  9. Chelsea v Man United

    No need for Fabregas in a game like this. Completely irrelevant.
  10. Chelsea v Man United

    Don't even have the ability to counter-attack even remotely well. Just a complete disaster of a team in every sense.
  11. Chelsea v Man United

    Matic vs Fellaini belongs in the Championship.
  12. Chelsea v Man United

    The investment put towards transfers/salaries yet this is the football produced.It's just hard to fathom. How does this happen every year?
  13. Chelsea v Man United

    Not lack of effort, lack of ability and proper coaching.
  14. Chelsea v Man United

    Just break this whole team up in the summer. Start again from 0.
  15. Chelsea v Man United

    5 corners in 12 minutes.