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  1. Chelsea - Aston Villa

    And it will 2 minutes behind..
  2. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Ok... I take that back. Ffs
  3. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Because Mitchy has a much better chance of scoring
  4. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Just some better decision making and we could be winning by a couple of goals.
  5. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    I think we are playing as well as them.. just small margins and we could have scored..
  6. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Wanker !!
  7. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Or Barkley
  8. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Please don't let Willy take it..
  9. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Needless free kick.
  10. Wolves 2-5 Chelsea

    Willy is so useless.. please prove me wrong.
  11. Diego Costa

    Why can't we see the texted messages especially the messages from both sides.. that daily mail reporter went all the way to Brazil and never asked to see the messages.?
  12. Eden Hazard

    One day you will be right. The " strong" rumours have been there for last 3 seasons.. (mostly from the Sun and Mirror)
  13. The English Football Thread

    That was a pen for city... 100%
  14. The English Football Thread

    Steee G funny https://m.facebook.com/sportmetro/photos/a.1412929785614149.1073741828.1401380813435713/1837626279811162/?type=3&source=54
  15. The English Football Thread

    I'm not watching the end of Liverpool game... don't want to jinx it..