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  1. Branislav Ivanovic

    So has Ivanovic , Branislav had an enormously negative effect on our season , starting from the red card against city which cost us the 1st trophy which would have been a great push for the team to win their 1st trophy so early and against city Abysmal performance against Atletico madrid , costing us our second trophy ( but fair enough he wasn't our only bad player but he was one of the worst) His really stupid red card against United which hadn't happened we would have been 7 points clear of united and the winning mentality and spirit would have been up to the sky but instead this game was the start of our downfall. Both shakhtar games where he was destroyed by willian and their RB i think named Rat time and time again Against Juventes where we lost 3-0 , got out of the UCL and most of Juventes success were thanks to him And now against swansea in the carling where he conducts his worst display of all time gifting them the match.Ivanovic&Cahill are both good players who are valuable to our team squad but how they are being praised and their errors are overlooked while Luiz is getting blamed all the time is beyond me.
  2. Branislav Ivanovic

    I am only comparing the reactions to a Luiz and an Ivanovic's fault , i remember Luiz being slaughtered when he lost possession with 3 players behind him because that resulted in a goal but with Ivanovic or Cahill it's "uncharacteristic" so no problem !! I don't want to get into the discussion of who's better , but Luiz is twice the defender Ivanovic or Cahill will ever be in terms of awareness , reading the game , tackling and abilities , his main problem is that in England , if you are a defender , you better be the typical big , tall , strong defender who will just baloon the ball into the stands if it ever comes near his penalty box , and all you have to do when in possession is pass the ball to the nearest midfielder other wise you are being too casual and not stress free to watch!
  3. Branislav Ivanovic

    TYPICAL !!! I can only imagine the meltdown in the english media and our own fans had David Luiz made those mistakes !!! i am not here to attack Ivanovic , i really like the lad but this bias in opinions is exactly the response you'd expect from the british media which as a result affects our fans.
  4. Robert Lewandowski

    Eachtime i watch this lad play , i see everything we are looking for , would be a real shame if captured by another club specially United.
  5. David Luiz

    Tomo-91 is correct , i too think CB is his best position and he is our best CB. However , he is still an upgrade over Mikel in midfield .
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    That's not panicking my friend , since the start of our negotiations with Lukaku it was pretty obvious that the lad's set of skills and footballing abilities are very limited , he is physically unbelievable for a 19 yrs old kid but the football talent is not there , I never wanted us to proceed with this signing and I am really surprised the club didn't notice how limited the guy is ! At his best , he will be a Keweyne Jones or If we are really really lucky he may be as good as Adebayor but he will never be as good as players mentioned above like Drogba , Aguero , Van persie , he is just not gifted with the enough skills.
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    We really had a major fuck-up when we signed this lad for 18m !! that for me was a worse piece of business than 50m for Torres .
  8. Lucas Piazón

    What are you people even discussing !!! with 5 very capable wingers/play-makers (Moses - Oscar - Marin - Hazard - Mata) 3 very decent emergency back-ups (Lampard - Bertrand - Ramires) , some promising players coming back from loans soon (De-bruyne - Kakuta - Hazard 2) , Piazon will never be getting enough minutes in here . YES , we are short in numbers and our squad is very thin but that applies to almost every position except the AM/Winger 3 spots , worst case scenario 4 of the above mentioned players gets injured !! we either change the formation or call back one of our loans. We made a huge mistake not loaning out Kakuta to the right clubs earlier , preventing him vital minutes and experience for his progress , he wasn't getting any minutes in the 1st team and back than we had only the Anelkalouda !! We clearly need to learn something from the last few years with youth and it's choose carefully where are they heading for a loan.
  9. Eden Hazard

    If there is one player in our current squad capable of running for the great ballon d'or one day then it's Eden Hazard , if we fail to turn him into one of the top ten players in the world then he has definitely made the wrong move when chosen us. The lad has too much natural talent and a huge set of skills to develop into an exceptional player , now it's our task as a club to coach/assist him fulfilling this potential.
  10. Fernando Torres

    The worst thing that has happened to Chelsea FC
  11. Branislav Ivanovic

    If i had to choose one player to blame after Torres for our drop in form , it will be Branislav !! His two stupid red cards definitely had huge effect on the shape of our season , Had we won those two games as we should ve had he not been dismissed , our season would have definitely taken a different route. Azplicueta is a better RB for me and Luiz,Terry are 1st choice CBs.
  12. David Luiz

    On another note , Chelsea has kept ZERO!! clean sheets without Luiz as a CB .
  13. David Luiz

    When i say Luiz is our best defender it's not based on my , your or Alan Hansen's opinion ....it's based on the fact that any manager of the 4 we had since Luiz has came in opted him as 1st choice CB in-front of Terry,Alex,Ivanovic,Cahill , but i do agree with them.
  14. David Luiz

    Our best CB currently and will keep his place in the starting 11 whether you like it or not , i am glad he is our 1st choice CB.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Out of nowhere i felt like i really miss Didier Drogba so i youtubed him, remember him , what we had was a true legend , a lion , a King of the jungle , stroked fear into opponents , brushed them aside for fun , it was like he takes the confidence away from opponents and pass it on to his mates. Look at us , what we have is just a docile house cat now. Miss you Drogbaaaaa !!!
  16. Fernando Torres

    Out of nowhere i felt like i really miss Didier Drogba so i youtubed him, remember him , what we had was a true legend , a lion , a King of the jungle , stroked fear into opponents , brushed them aside for fun , it was like he takes the confidence away from opponents and pass it on to his mates. Look at us , what we have is just a docile house cat now. Miss you Drogbaaaaa !!!
  17. Eden Hazard

    Exactly , if you have noticed it started since the trio of maestros have started together , because now he has to get back and help defensively much more , he doesn't have the same energy as before when he was used just behind torres in the start of the season , also now i think he is instructed to pass more , dribble less based on the last 2 months.
  18. Fernando Torres

    Always found excuses for him , hope that we will have that Torres that embarrassed our defenders in their best days !! But i just realized every game i go in waiting for Oscar or Mata or Hazard to pop up with a goal or an assist , not once this season have i watched a game expecting Torres to have a say in it. We as fans expect nothing from our only striker and that just highlights how much of a liability he has become.
  19. Petr Cech

    His best and most crucial save was actually Giroud's miss .
  20. Mikel John Obi

    So basiclly you admitted that all of those are better midfielders than Mikel and you added another better player yourself to the list , you classified only 2 players (Song - Vidal) out of 14 as B2B players , and now i don't know the difference between a B2B and a holding midfielder !!! BTW Vidal , Toure and Song can all be great B2B players but they are still way better holding midfielders than Mikel . You can name them whatever you need to , at the end of the day the best double pivot is a combination of two players : A tireless , agressive , mobile and energetic ball chaser and winner (Like most of those mentioned above) A creative , technical , smart deep-lying playmaker. Case in point : (Alonso - Khediera/Diarra), (Parker/Sandro - Modric) , (Mascherano - Alonso) , (Gustavo - Shweinstiger),(Khediera - Shweinstiger) ,etc... The biggest problem in Mikel's game is that he's none of those and tries to be both , Is he a great ball winner ? no he is an average one , can he be used next to a ball winner as a deep lying playmaker ? No , he lacks the technical aspects and creativity for it.
  21. Mikel John Obi

    When teams like Porto - Benfica - Bilbao - Roma Etc ... have better DMs than our starting DM then we need to strengthen in that position .
  22. Mikel John Obi

    <p> Yaya Toure - Tiote - De Rossi - Busquets - M'ville - Song - Mascherano - Vidal - Javi Martinez - Cambiasso - Javi Garcia(Benfica) - Parker - Romeu - Fellaini .
  23. Mikel John Obi

    The team doesn't lack mobility in the back , only JT is not mobile enough and he can be covered by Luiz , Iva and Cole who are all very mobile for defenders , the problem is in deeper positions in midfield as you said. The combination of a double pivot is always a (ball winner,defense protector) and a (ball distributor,deep play-maker) , that's Mikel and Lamps but unfortunately Mikel doesn't win any balls and doesn't add any help to the defense , that's not lampard's fault .... Mikel can't make the simplest of passes under-pressure , and can't retain possession when pressed by opponents , i don't think that's Lampard's fault ...... Lampard is not a very good deep lying playmaker but he is average , Mikel on the other hand is average he is well below that !!!
  24. Mikel John Obi

    He has exclusively owned those rights to be our worst man , as soon as he is out we are a lot better.
  25. Mikel John Obi

    Kalou , Bosingwa and Malouda were usually bashed and criticized by fans , they simply deserved it .. Mikel now is our most bashed and criticized player , and rightly so , replace mikel with someone like a prime essien or tiote and 50% of our problems are gone , he regularly gives position away , incapable of making the simplest of forward passes , no pace , no drive , no mobility and his positioning is really questionable at times. Ivanovic is certainly at fault , but IMO it's mikel who has cost us the game and will continue to do so , Romeu over him everyday of the week .