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  1. Virgil Van Dijk

    I do think they want to sell him, it is just they know that there are not other quality CBs available in the market. By holding onto him as long as possible, his price will rise as clubs grow more nervous and reluctant to play hard ball over the fee. I agree with what you said though, to me is seems we are one of rare clubs who don't turn into complete assholes when a players wants to leave, I respect club for that even though it fires back on us also.
  2. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    It's really down to Ox, if he comes and states his desire to leave, not a lot they can do because they risk having him for an average season and then leaving for free. 35m is quite a bit more then 0m.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    At least they didn't sack him two times after winning them titles It's just mind games mate, nothing personal
  4. Poster Above You

    Sadly I can't quite remember the user
  5. Rate The Sig Or Ava Above From A Scale From 1-10

    7/10, great idea for signature, but could be better if background was all white. Still, it blends pretty alright with the white background on the forum.
  6. So, what do you do for living?

    Hello friends. On this forum we have so many different people with various backgrounds, I thought it would be interesting to find out what every one of us is doing for living at this moment? This is something I absolutely have no idea when it comes to TC members, it's not a topic often discussed so I find it worth being opened. It would also be interesting to share with us some funny stories from your job and some not so funny ones also. I can start to break the ice. I'm a computer programmer, though I could also be called a computer scientist as I have recently started working as a researches in the field of artificial inteligence and machine learning. My favorite languages are C++, Java and Python, though I had some funny relationships with PHP, JavaScript, Haskell, C and C#. My studies were very difficult so I wasn't around in the last couple of years on the forum that much, but damn I missed this place. It's funny to remember now that 7 years ago when I joined, I could barely write a program to sum 2 numbers while today I have experienced so much from the field of computer science that I find it rather shocking now. It is very nice to grow together with TalkChelsea during these years. In my past, I've also worked in KFC in the kitchen, I also sold souvenirs to tourist and I must admit that these 2 jobs thought me much different yet extremely useful skills. They thought me how to get my hands really dirty and how to haggle to the extreme. Currently I work as a Android programmer and faculty teaching assistant at Faculty of Mathematics in my country. Your turn now, please tell us about yourselves!
  7. My new leg tattoo

    Awful mate, go erase it as soon as possible! Joking, love it!
  8. John Terry

    We miss him off the pitch for sure. I am sad that players like him, Lamps, Gerrard and others have become so so rare in today's football. For me, they are what football truly was, not this moneymediatattoofancyhaircut bullshit we have today.
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    We are very lightweight on the wings positions, he could get a chance to stay in England and he is one of the rare players who would bring a new dimension into our squad. Certainly makes sense to try singning him, who knows...But I think the problem would be his wages, I remember being reported that he asked some crazy numbers.
  10. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    Man 7 years on this place, now I look at the numbers, posts and members. We've come quite far, so happy to see it! TALKCHELSEA
  11. Jeremie Boga

    I was more impressed with Musonda during the pre season, but I hope this lad gets a good run this season. If he turns out well, we can avoid spending shitload of money for a similar player and can actually use some of our young players.
  12. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    That is great news, I was worried he was going to take longer when it comes to trainning sessions. Hopefully he stays injury free this season, we could have a gem on our hands. If he forms a proper partnership with Kante, we could have the best pivot duo in England that could play for quite a few years to come.
  13. The Conte Thread

    Haha I do think that me forgetting that exactly explains my point. So many that you forget them all, and that one is one of the worst ones
  14. The Conte Thread

    I think we are at least equally to be blamed. Sacking managers, exploting youth system, Terry incident with Bridge, Terry incident with Ferdinand, Mourinho 2 times with you are all against me mentallity, Costa stomping on Can, Costa pushing and provoking opposition players, Costa situation now, selling Cech and Matic to rivals, Kennedy China incident. I even remember some racial incidents in the couple of previous years off the pitch. Of course, there is quite a bit of positives also, but I we are also to blame for negativity against the club. Still, journalist don't help, I do think they like us the least of all bigger clubs in England.