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  • First Match Vs Southamton at home, 1995
  • Memory Winning The FA Cup in 1997, the first time we listed a trophy in my lifetime,my dad is (oxfordblues) Di Matteo's goal after 43 seconds, what a day!!
  1. The Boxing Thread

    Who is watching Froch Kessler II next week? I'm really REALLY looking forward to it, I'm going for Froch on points
  2. Branislav Ivanovic

    I'm absolutely made up for him to get the winning goal after sitting out last years final, heroic performance too.
  3. European Competition thread

    What a bitter, long haired, muppet.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Just seen that Steve Clarke has left Liverpool... The question is, would he be welcome back at Chelsea, and is there a job for him? Obviously it depends on who the new manager is. Robbie might have time for him being ex team mates etc.
  5. Didier Drogba

    As much as I'd like Drogba to stay, I'd be happy for him if he decided to leave, what a way to sign off from the club, he's won everything with us, what more does he have to achieve now, he is a legend and is arguably our best striker ever.
  6. Fernando Torres

  7. Ryan Bertrand

    Exactly, LOL, doesnt look good does it. When did Terry make his debut? 98/99? 13/14 years ago!
  8. Fernando Torres

    Strikers are judged on goals.................
  9. Ryan Bertrand

    Its hard to say, from what I've seen of Ryan, he is good enough though and I'd be sad to see him leave. Who was the last CFC youngster to break into the first team and become a regular?
  10. Ryan Bertrand

    Ash has been far from his best this season, he is on the decline now, this is where Ryan needs games, so why isnt AVB giving him a chance now and then?? I really dont want him to leave but if he asked to move, I'd completely understand why, he deserves to be playing.
  11. Fernando Torres

    Its hard to say, only Fernando or AVB can answer that, but its frustrating to see him with the ball in such deep postions, he's not going to score by dropping into midfield, and thats something the coaches and AVB need to address, play to the strengths of the players.... Its not Fernando that needs to watch the YouTube vids, its AVB.
  12. Fernando Torres

    Notice that most of his goals for Liverpool are from him playing between the lines and off the shoulders of the defenders, something AVB doesnt like his strikers to do, unless your gonna play Nando out on the right or left, we need to change our formation and tactics to get the best out of Torres. Am I the only one that thinks we need Torres up top with a playmaker playing off him (Mata)..?
  13. Edinson Cavani

    The lad is fucking amazing on Football Manager 2012.
  14. Fernando Torres

    Is it me or has he lost his pace completely?
  15. Salomon Kalou

    I´ll nip round his house, pack for him, and drive him up there myself!!