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  1. Next Manager?

    In fairness they said Monday.. Never what date it'd be so could be any Monday from now lol... If anything is actually happening
  2. Next Manager?

    We'll sort this out transfer deadline day way it's going on.... Forgetting it isn't as long this timme. Just round in circles. Media must be loving it lol.. News... Oh woops no news surprise!!!
  3. Next Manager?

    They're getting better.. See what occurrs. Would bloody love it if true. Though if they keep guessing people eventually one will be right Love when are in situations like this waiting for news when then the club annouce there's a announcement to come then it's something daft! They must know people would get excited.
  4. Premier League thread

    Sums it up.
  5. Premier League thread

    Wooooo!!!! Though don't get how we always seem to play Liverpool either in April or May! Seems to be a given. Know they say it ain't that random but mix it up a little.
  6. Premier League thread

    Hopefully we'll have a less dramatic first game then last year!
  7. Premier League thread

    April's a bit horrible.. December not to bad for once. No top teams in a row at least so spread out with games in between..
  8. Next Manager?

    The funny thing is similar things were said before the start of Jose last season. No much happening.. People told to calm and someone joked we'd end up going down or near the bottom.... Then lo and behold we did up in near the bottom for a bit. Since then do think hmmm maybe the panic is for a reason... And other times not. More to do with we're slow in the window and this time we ain't got as much time to mess things up. Hopefully.. This time all smooth Once this is sorted that is
  9. Next Manager?

    Transfer wise this seems to happen every season.. Slow to act or get turned down by a player after spending most summer trying to get and then think shit.. Only his time there is less time so hopefully they'll move quicker.. Once we have a manager that is.
  10. Next Manager?

    We knew or thought he was going weeks ago! Yet still here we are. Again!
  11. Next Manager?

    The day after tommrow.. Then the day after tommrow... Transfer window is gana be a laugh!
  12. The Conte Thread

    This is the problem we have every 2nd summer or so... Manager sacked so we're pissing about trying to find one why others are making signings. Then again seeing how we had a a manager last year and still did crap.. Maybe less of a shock
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I don't think unless we get things sorted that it'll effect us anyway. Especially if we don't strengthen the way we need to. They'll be fighting for the title.. We won't be.
  14. Stamford Bridge

    Yeah you also need a certain amount of exits for certain amount of capacity so that's partly why extending is out.. Learnt that years ago on tour lol.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Course it's about the money always is. Though for them not to have sacked him yet is odd usually they're quick. Unless they're holding on incase it does all goes complete pear shaped.. Maybe they should've sacked him then started looked.. Usually the way it's done.. So either they're also hoping he'll walk and save them some dosh as well.
  16. Next Manager?

    Round and round and round this goes
  17. Next Manager?

    It's hardly fair on him either... You're probably going but if can't find anyone then your not!
  18. Next Manager?

    What has been the point in all this?! Conte must be glad to be rid! N thing is hes still in charge! So why are we treating him like shit. Seems a case of oh we'll keep you if can't find a replacement. Hope he does wonders wherever he goes. And no doubt we'll give a 2/3 year contract then have to pay out when he gets fired
  19. Next Manager?

    This would put me off as a manager.. Along with knowing you'll get the sack anyway. Then you have the whole mess around in the transfer window. Except less time to mess around this time.
  20. Next Manager?

    You'd thought so.... Happens everytime! Other teams signing players and we're faffing round trying to get a manager. We'll be back here in 1 or 2 season time as well. Same situation same old mess!
  21. Next Manager?

    There is no logic in their decions...
  22. Next Manager?

    This is to funny. A few weeks ago it was this person this person and possibly take us to next level or at least stop us sliding. Now it's any old poor soul! On a slight decline
  23. Next Manager?

    What else is new.. Do it plenty of times with players not shocked doing it with a manager as well. There is no point hiring someone who won't last..so they'd most likely end up paying out money anyway so might as well do it now. Mean not like we have a stadium to pay for yet or anytime soon so can't use that excise
  24. Next Manager?

    It has all gone a bit crazy so quick. 2 weeks ago win FA Cup.. Conte prob gone but not a problem as manager lined up.. Now who knows!!! Roman visa issues... Stadium not happening though less of a biggie atm and who knows what the manager situation is... Then transfer window.. Prob sod all done in that... Next season is gana be looooong at this rate
  25. Next Manager?

    Don't think he'd leave Derby before he's started there. Hope Conte tells them to shove it if does get asked to stay. Especially as the only reasons he'd be staying is cause we couldn't replace him! Complete disrespect but you knew there'd be a drama with us.. Every time though tends to be over crap signings Who be next Chelsea manager.. Fuck knows!