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Everything posted by Laylabelle

  1. Norwich v Chelsea

    Especially with Wolves and Liverpool the following games. Who knows with Chelsea. Were a bit unpredictable last season.. Hopefully less so this time
  2. Norwich v Chelsea

    We should be capable of getting a result but who knows.. They can be capable as well. But it's my birthday and I want it to start well so hopefully.. Don't piss me off chelsea. Be nice to not have shots at the bar again. Crazy moments.. And climb up to 10th ?even if just for a few hours
  3. Chelsea - Leicester

    Oh god imagine... Leicester is forgivable we're hit and miss against them..but the other 2 no offense they're capable but so should we be! Even more so as we play first
  4. Super Frank Thread

    Yeah not expecting much from this season. Top 6 finish and a cup run. Not even sure if we'll stay in the champions league depends on the groups but time will tell. Issues to be felt with and hopefully they can be felt with
  5. Chelsea - Leicester

    Same with last week when we kept hitting the sodding post.
  6. Chelsea - Leicester

    What's annoying is we can't think if things are rubbish come January we have a window we can use.. Cause we can't! Hope the people responsible for this have to watch every shitty moment we have
  7. Chelsea - Leicester

    Meh Leicester haven't really been a easy ride. Our last league home win was October 16 Hopefully Saturday tells a different story
  8. Super Frank Thread

    That's it. No one can expect a amazing season this year. Its shit circumstances and gotta make do with what we can do. Plus Lampard hasn't got that much experience so will be rocky. Stupid to boo now! Stupid to boo at all tbh.
  9. Chelsea - Leicester

    Kinda expecting a season like that anyway. Maybe not as bad..hopefully.
  10. Chelsea - Leicester

    Its my birthday we can't lose that one!
  11. Chelsea - Leicester

    Watch out here we come!!!! We couldve lost so.. Small postives. Just scored and fell apart.
  12. Chelsea - Leicester

    This season... Play like this in the groups and be back to it. Or out out.
  13. Super Frank Thread

    Definitely a lot a lot a lot of work to be done but we knew this! Don't think anyone is so naive to think otherwise. Just hope he's given the time and learns
  14. Chelsea - Leicester

    Still we didn't lose.. Somehow.. And we're 15th hurrah! We knew this season be some horrible journey..
  15. Chelsea - Leicester

    This season is gana be hilarious. Character building if nothing else.. I don't think we'll be in the champions league for long..
  16. Chelsea - Leicester

    Don't like this
  17. Chelsea - Leicester

    And there it is.. Can't say its a shock. Just don't lose!
  18. Chelsea - Leicester

    It's coming.. Just a matter of time. Problem is we're gana have more midweek games coming up. Champions league.. Carling Cup and although won't go on for as long in theory. Still. Come on!
  19. Chelsea - Leicester

    Awwww hello Makele!
  20. Chelsea - Leicester

    That's it.. Get that 2nd before they go level
  21. Chelsea - Leicester

    Let's hope we can come out better in the 2nd half..
  22. Chelsea - Leicester

    Ermmmm can we have the ball back please!
  23. Chelsea - Leicester

    Woo!!!! Keep this up!
  24. Chelsea - Leicester

    Don't hit the post!... Or side netting
  25. Chelsea - Leicester

    Graham Scott.. First choice ref is stuck on the M40 due to a accident on there.. So may or may not be in charge.