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  • First Match Chels Watford,4-0 and Sheva scored!! :D
  • Memory Going out to Barcalona in the 1-1 game...being next to the Barcalona fans was alwful!
    FA Cup wins :D
    Champions League 2012!
    Winning the league in 2009 and being at the Bridge that day
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  1. The English Football Thread

    Tiers reviewed every 2 weeks..could make things intresting or harder if places move up and down.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Considering they were kinda written off...theyve done well!
  3. Rennes - Chelsea

    Oh Sevilla have scored
  4. Rennes - Chelsea

  5. Rennes - Chelsea

    Wouldn't surprise me..we've switched off since the first half. Not unexpected.
  6. Rennes - Chelsea

    Expected and deserved..lets hope we can win this rather then lose it
  7. Rennes - Chelsea

    And there it is
  8. Rennes - Chelsea

    Its definitely coming and if doesn't.. go Mendy!
  9. Rennes - Chelsea

    Fab save!
  10. Rennes - Chelsea

    Its coming...
  11. Rennes - Chelsea

    Bit close...
  12. Rennes - Chelsea

    Nice goal. Shame won't count
  13. Rennes - Chelsea

    You can see it coming. Some good saves though!
  14. Rennes - Chelsea

    Maybe cause there's no crowd noise but so flat! And they've woken up