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  1. The English Football Thread

    Theyve kept quiet about it so far.
  2. Coronaviral

    The clap is silly. Clap when it's under control. The first time fine the next one it loses meaning. I've read posts from NHS workers who have said dont clap and especially dont let off fireworks which would disturb sleeping workers. Theres no talks of a clap for children! WTF just stop! The lockdown had to happen..it just probably worked better had people listened to advice so been less extreme....or after seeing Italy done sooner. I just don't get where the whole money is coming from with the 80% thing. Or how long it can be done for. And how some companies have just got rid of their staff
  3. The English Football Thread

    I dont see how they cant. Liverpool deserve their title and teams deserve the chance to get into the Champions League. If voided might not happen for them next year. It just needs to be done in the right way and safety. Some of the proposed plans are daft and probably from no one official...youd hope not anyway!
  4. Coronaviral

    Know hard to predict but seeing how Italy went and how everyone was calling for action. For Boris to be tralalala just carry on to suddenly oh shit! Wasted so much time
  5. General Chelsea Stuff

    That final was bonkers...80th minute onwards...to them scoring to Drogba scoring. To him giving away a penalty.. to it being missed..then the shootout..Mata missing then bammmmmmm. To many down and up moments all after the 80th minute onwards
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    That's it. Wouldnt work. Especially with teams having games in hand such as Villa which could move them as well. Different in this situation as it's one game left. We know Liverpool have more or less won the title its the rest that matters. If we were sat 6th on goal difference behind 4th place say we wouldn't be saying it's how it should go. End it now. No easy solution at this stage really.
  7. General Chelsea Stuff

    One kick away..weird when think about it. It wasnt a case of oh he missed it..he also slipped!! No one else slipped! And at the wrong minute! And I never saw it..couldn't watch it. Was only when at the Bridge they seemed to have a montage of bad moments on the screen they played it! Not sure why...

    Do you guys like to travel? I did.. What places did you enjoy? Prague. Very very pretty. Plus the 80s place we found was fun Where did you go recently? Last year Berlin..Dublin and Brussels. This month going to the shops has been like a holiday! Breaking freeeeee Where would you like to go? Anywhere!!!!
  9. The English Football Thread

    If that...then it's a case of lifting things slowly...and hoping it doesnt go crazy.
  10. Stamford Bridge thread

    Chelsea Football Club acknowledges that the planning permission we obtained for a new stadium expires on 31st March 2020. We are grateful to all our fans and stakeholders, especially Hammersmith & Fulham Council, for their patience and understanding in the matter. We will continue to consider our options for a new stadium, should economic conditions improve.
  11. John Terry

    Saw that! Good! Also nice to see how hes helping others in this time!
  12. The English Football Thread

    Yeah I dont think itll be end of April somehow.
  13. Coronaviral

    Able to leave the house to get stuff after 7 days and feels so weird! Everywhere was quiet! Feel so sorry for retail workers. Didnt see any angry customers but the head lady was getting annoyed at them but if no staff what can you do?! Nursery shut so no work till whenever we open so definitely gana sign up for the NHS thing..go mad other wise Just weird to think a month ago this was something happening in China and now its spread so so so quickly!
  14. Coronaviral

    That keyworker list is so broad! Be interesting to see how many children we end up with at nursery..not that I'll know for a week..I think.. beautiful cough! Hopefully it is just that! The whole thing is madness! A month ago it was mehhhh what's happening in China. Now its bam bam its everywhere!
  15. The English Football Thread

    The Football Association has also agreed that the current season can be "extended indefinitely".