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  • First Match Chelsea 4-0 Atlético (2009)
  • Memory probably reaching the CL final 2008.
  1. Gaël Kakuta

    Yeah till Summer 2011.
  2. CL draw could've been better..

    1. BomTrett


      Could have been worse also, we'll be fine with Zillina and Spartak. Not saying they'll be easy, but we'll progress. I look forward to the Marseille game, Drogba returning to his old club, would love to see him score

    2. Aria


      yeah you're right, don't fancy those away games in eastern europe but we will progress

    3. BomTrett


      Yeah, Spartak will be a tough atmosphere, but i'm sure Chelsea's russian connections might at least get them a good hotel to stay in haha :)

  3. best ever premier league start

    1. Peace.


      You're God damn right !!

    2. BomTrett
  4. Slobodan Rajkovic

    If this happens, Roman has definitely bought Vitesse.
  5. happy about Neymar not signing

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BomTrett


      Exactly. Never saw the point in him, over-rated brazillian not settling in the premier league for ridiculous amount of money has happened before... and we were nearly raked into that one lol

    3. Rubber bullets

      Rubber bullets

      In a couple of years time he will probably be snapped up by Madrid for about £40 million.

    4. Aria


      ... and be a huge flop lol that's what Real do, we have learned from recent history I hope

  6. Hip Hop discussion

    Ok well CREAM is a legendary track
  7. Hip Hop discussion

    Lol is this real? Never really followed Wu Tang.
  8. Hip Hop discussion

  9. Hip Hop discussion

    Isn't Snoop Dogg also a member of Nation of Islam?
  10. Hip Hop discussion

    Oh ok I see, never heard of it, thanks.
  11. Hip Hop discussion

    Lol wtf? Gotta listen to Lucifer backwards... this can't be true.
  12. TermX, The Black Album is legendary - too bad he came back with worse albums than this. Also a great Just Blaze beat.
  13. Slobodan Rajkovic

    Get rid of them. We loan out idiots nowhere near Chelsea-level like Ben Sahar and Sinclair, at the same time highly talented players like Stoch. Wtf is wrong with our board, just get rid of the bad players and make way for the talented ones.