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  1. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    scary with out defence at the moment - the game is far from over at 1 - 3
  2. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    they should have scored that freekick then. we look shit on set peaces still.
  3. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    i knew he would get the hardest 1 out them all!
  4. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    not Odio's day today but still playing well.
  5. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

  6. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    good ball my james! well pld Kurt!
  7. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Batshuayi just wont pass!
  8. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Batshuayi is so poor with his feet, cant dribble the ball at all. all he is good for is getting nicks on the ball in the box - very poor when it comes to his feet
  9. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    half of these players are playing to much for themselfs. i know they want to prove to frank they want to start every game but ffs pass the ball more. Bat, Pedro, barkley all t hink because they are playing with the young players they can just do what they want.
  10. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Willian did have a ok game but when we have Willian and pedro on the wings we do DOG SHIT, they are to old.
  11. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

  12. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Shows how bad our squad is when we are down 1 nil and we bring on Ross Barkley! What a team we have! haha
  13. Borussia Monchengladbach 2-2 Chelsea

    i can see it happening if you just give him a run. i can see 20 goals out of him. if frank wont give him a season at least give him till jan.
  14. Borussia Monchengladbach 2-2 Chelsea

    well if he doesnt get a full season you cant rate him in the premier league
  15. Borussia Monchengladbach 2-2 Chelsea

    if he scores two now you will also change your minds. we could get morata back and get 10 goals all season out of him, rather see tammy up there for a season and see what happens, after one season then judge him.