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  1. Chelsea 2-0 West Ham

    WHAT A GOAL!!!! Same type of goal he scored vs arsenal!
  2. Chelsea 3-0 Brighton

    we are playing better but still how havent we scored yet? Brighton are playing crap
  3. Chelsea 3-0 Brighton

    Love the line up!
  4. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    bringing RLC which is good BUT WHERE IS CHO!!!
  5. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    Apzi is poor these days playing as a full back. he needs to go back in the middle or be come a sub that comes on when we need or (Cup games) if we want to start from the start our back four isnt great and as we move up the pitch it gets worse!
  6. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    Kovacic is good but not in that position so yeah bring on RLC - lets see RLC make that position his own,.
  7. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    Apzi in the middle and Higuaín on the wing haha
  8. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    cardiff are the club to let more goals in that any other in the first 15 minutes so what do we do. just playing like we are 8 nil up. GO FOR IT from kick off.
  9. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    with our defenders playing out from the back JUST DOESNT WORK! we panic every time we get pressed
  10. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    yep i would be happy next year with a manager that does that and we can see alot of hope in the places. even finishing 5th next year with youth. build on that for the season after to do better. (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AT CHELSEA THO)
  11. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    yeah lets hope so and then even if we keep CHO and play him with a new manage next year he may change his mind and sign a new contract.
  12. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    i dont blame him. i hope he does go for his own career
  13. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    yep i can see that happening to but then he will go on a free the year after. do chelsea want £50 to £60 million for him or let him go on a free and get 1 season out of him
  14. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    CHO will leave chelsea in the summer i think. i cant see him staying if he cant get in a team who are playing like this!
  15. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    am going for a 1 - 1 game. not going to lie that is going to be a good result for us the way we are playing at the moment BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have 85% to 90% position which is what sarri wants so he will be happy