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  1. Life

    would be better if people start

    worshiping God and stop

    worshiping celebrities.

  2. Faithful on your wall,

    but cheating in their inbox.

    1 minute ago

  3. Don't dress like a ho

    and expect a guy to approach you

    like a princess...

  4. If a lot of us took

    time to go down the list of things

    we have that others may not have.

    Most of us would be so thankful.

  5. I'm far from perfect,

    God knows I have my flaws. One

    minute I'm spiritually minded and

    the next carnal thoughts consume

    my mental.

  6. When you find someone

    who makes you happy, can pick you

    up when your sad, and respects your

    wishes... you've found someone to


  7. Whatever is true,

    whatever is noble, right, pure,

    lovely, admirable, excellent or

    praiseworthy - think of such things. -

    Phil 4:8

  8. What if your pillow could

    collect your dreams and when you

    wake up, You could plug it into your

    computer and watch them over


  9. Never ignore a person

    who loves and cares for you. One

    day you may realize you've lost the

    moon while counting the stars.

  10. People may hate you for being different and not living by society's standards, but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same.

  11. There's a story

    behind every person. There's a

    reason why they're the way they

    are. Think about that before you

    judge someone.

  12. Sometimes The Best Revenge

    Is To Smile, Walk Away And Just

    Move On.

  13. You want to text him,

    to talk with him, but you are afraid

    of annoying him? What if he just

    thought the same about you?

  14. Being nice to

    someone you dislike doesn't mean

    you're a fake. It means you are

    mature enough to tolerate your

    dislike towards them

  15. When you practice

    mindful connections with others

    your life feels meaningful & so it is.