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  1. Fantasy team is a treat so far.

  2. Forgot about Lampard, as bad as that sounds.

  3. Never thought Kalou and Benayoun would be so missed #chelsea

  4. Can't get over PVA's pace to set up the second goal.

  5. just started twitter again

    1. BomTrett


      Haha follow some of the boys, i've got Bruma, Van Aanholt, Kakuta and Malouda who i'm following ;)

    2. GaryRobertson


      yeah, got them...Anelka too. pretty weird tbh lol

  6. Hip Hop discussion

    Been listening to a lot of AZ and Nas lately
  7. Kakuta nearing contract extension..niice.

  8. Scotland need some work

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    2. GaryRobertson


      Hutton had a decent game too

    3. - 25 -

      - 25 -

      Yep, our best player imo. Hope spuds give him games this season.

    4. GaryRobertson
  9. Defensive crisis much? Best chance for a young defender to prove his worth.

    1. Miguelito


      yea but our best young defender is injured too

    2. GaryRobertson


      maybe drop in essien at rb or lb?

  10. So who's replacing Lamps while he's getting his op?

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    2. Alee.


      Why not Ramires instead of Mikel?

    3. GaryRobertson


      Mikel has stepped up from last season and he is trying to push a lot to keep his place in the team. But yeah, Ramires would be good to see haha.

    4. termninja


      Maybe Carlo only switches Lamp's place with Benyoun, but I'd love to see Kakuta or Ramires play.

  11. Hoping for a decent group draw