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  1. And that is ultimately what is happening to Chelsea's own fan base. While Liverpool fans see conspiracies everywhere, Chelsea fans — more eccentrically — see them within their Board (Emenalo and co.) and their players (snake Hazard, snake Fabregas, etc.).
  2. 26. John Terry

    My word.. it seems that people can solely thrive within negativity, are not they ? The Board is what it is and you will never be able to change that. However, you can change yourself. So, if giving to Terry a proper farewell is such a crucial thing to your eyes, then why are you not doing this instead of being passive and moaning that someone else does not do that for you ? After all he is your "Captain, Leader, Legend" — the Board has never forced this "legend status" down your throat. I do not know ; for example, instead of acting like spoiled brats that are not given their sugar, and leave the stadium at the 26th, why not act in a positive way ? You could chant his name till the end of the game ; you could do a giant tifosi with his portrait and the number 26 ; hire a little plane which would fly over the Bridge with a banner that reads "Captain, Leader, Legend... goodbye" ; all the fans going to those two games could take their jersey "Terry 26" and brandish it at the 26th minute, or wear it the other way around all the game so he can see it ; etc... The fans that sang for di Matteo at the 16th during games, after he was fired, did not need the Board. The fans that displayed anti-Benitez posters did not need the Board. The fans that sang "Mourinho" again and again, after he was fired, did not need the Board. United fans that hired the plane with the banner "wrong one—Moyes out" did not need their Board. Why should you ? I hope that nobody walks out at the 26th minute, it would be extremely pueril. Terry is already unfortunate to be suspended for the remaining games. There is no need to add more negativity to this moment and to make a grotesque gesture. Yes in the best of the world the Board will offer Terry the best of the testimonials but manifestly we are not in such a world. Terry will leave one and only once. And you have a lot of cheap ways to offer him a positive farewell/goodbye. So do your best to make this a positive moment to which you will look back with proud ; and not a cringeworthy one to which you will look back with regrets.
  3. Sunderland v Chelsea

    Yeah, it is working. And Conte should be grateful toward Hiddink for giving much needed minutes to young players such as Terry, Ivanovic, Mikel and Cahill. Hopefully it will give these young and unexperimented players a good momentum which will enable Conte to build our core-team for the next ten years around them.
  4. Get Emanalo Sacked

    Indeed — as long as Roman Abramovich stays at the club we will have more of this 'shit' and we will never be a successful club.
  5. He was already a world-class player, though since Xavi has stepped down (and Iniesta as well in some sense) he has reached a whole new level. He has always been a key player for Barcelona (and Spain) and always heavely involved in the building of their game, but always as an 'assistant to Xavi and Iniesta. Now he has responsabilities and he handles perfectly ; his new status in Barcelona's game building puts emphazes upon his vision and anticipation — two qualities of his that are out of this world. On top of that, he is the best passer of the ball I have ever seen (at least in term of precision) — he is so good at it that even if he was only doing back-heels he would still be a better passer than 98% of our squad. I love him.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    And he will spend the other half to beat those Chinese clubs to sign Falcao
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    It has nothing to do with fans' perception of what is written in those interviews. Professional footballers are public figures, and as such they are to confront the media. Giving an interview is an integral part of their job and is a real 'discipline', just like taking a free-kick or a penalty. They have to train themselves for it ; and if they do not, or feel that they are not good at it, then they have to restrain themselves to give interviews — just like a player restrains himself to take penalties when he is not good at it. Every word they say is potentially harmful for themselves, their entourage and eventually for their employers and their club. If they are paid millions, it is not merely to kick the ball in the park like kids but to have a professional behaviour — and that professional behaviour includes to give interviews that won't be harmful for their employers. As it has already been said, this is not the first time that Hazard gives an interview that creates bad noises around Chelsea. The first time around, okay you can forgive him because it is true that everyone can be caught off guard by journalists' slyness. However by now he should know better and he should be able to behave himself better in this practice. And if he cannot, then he should stop altogether to give interviews. Or, if he is not clever enough to see the problem, then the club should take the decision for him and forbid him to approach any journalist.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    These Belgians have an awful PR ability. It seems they cannot handle an interview without giving all sort of ammunition to journalists. And that is not the first time it happens ; every time we play these Qatari he does the same mistake. The Board truly needs to forbid him to give interviews in those kind of situations.
  9. 6. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Who knows, Mourinho might have inadvertently see the wrong 'ten minutes'...
  10. The English Football Thread

    Or... did he merely fucked a girl that did spread wide her legs (at him) and who then screamed 'help help' afterward to milk money from a wealthy man..
  11. The Hiddink Thread

    So basically, we are in 2016 and our back four is Ivanovic - Cahill - Terry - Azpilicueta... The end of the tunnel is not in sight.
  12. 21. Nemanja Matic

    The one who is talking about something that was not mentioned is you, not me. Why did you have to throw Mikel into the debate ? The argument was never a Matic-Mikel comparison but it was strictly focused on Magic and more specifically on one aspect : is he a headless chicken or not. Leave Mikel alone as he has nothing to do with Matic's intrinsic qualities and capabilities. And anyway, do you think that a player that plays 'at a very high level [,,,] and very consistently at that' needs to be compared to a distinctly average player in order to look good ? No, you did not say that Hiddink asked Matic to run around like a headless chicken, nor did I say you did. However, you did say that '[he is] roaming around like a headless chicken because that's his role when sitting next to Mikel'. You are explicitly talking — or writing — about a 'role'. And to illustrate the absurdity of such a notion, I did use an unsophisticated and imaginary example : a situation where a manager tells his player to play the 'headless chicken' role, and what is his counterpart, that is the 'intelligent player' role. Of course it never happens, because such roles do not exist. And if they do not exist, this is because you either are intelligent or not — this is a quality, not a function. The role you probably are talking about is the role of the player that will harass the opponent or something along the lines. On the one hand, you will have players that will perform their role efficiently and properly because they have the ability to read the game or have a good sense of positioning ; on the second hand, you will have players that will perform the role in an efficient way and in a disorderly way because they do not possess such qualities and they ultimately have to run after the ball and/or the opponent. Matic belongs to the second category because he precisely does not possess these qualities. You can talk about numbers and stats all you want, but you are missing the point. I was not talking about his end-product — in short, is he good or not —, or even if he is capable of playing as a DM, but whether he is a headless-chicken or not. As I have suggested in my previous comment, you can have good headless-chickens, too. It was the case with Ramires. The Brazilian was running around like a headless-chicken because he merely did not have a clue of what was going around. Yet he was good at this because he was so fast he could easily catch up his opponent ; and once this opponent was caught up, Ramires like a bull would recklessly ram him and knock him down. As I have also explained in my previous comment, back at the time Matic was a 'good' headless-chicken because the team was defending deeply and conservatively and with all the players committed to an important defensive role (you can also argue that there were four center-backs as Azpilicueta wa more often next to Terry than in offense). As a matter of fact, his lack of vision and of sense of positioning was negated because there was simply little space to run and thus — grosso modo — he only had to extend his leg to win back the ball or to break down the opponent's offensive. Now things are different and our team is less compact, which means he has to run — though as he is slow and cannot read the game, he is a bad headless-chicken. In both situations, Matic remains a headless-chicken. The only difference is that one situation negates his limitations — nay glorifies his qualities, that is his long legs and his standing-tackles — while the other stresses out the very same limitations. And this is exactly what would happen if, as you suggest, Mikel was playing as a box-to-box and Fabregas as a DM. Such positions would highlight these two players' deficiencies while negating their qualities. In conclusion, Matic does not roam around like a headless chicken because of Mikel or anyone else, but because he is kind of forced to do so as he has none awareness of positioning and is not good at reading the game, which is highlighted by the new organisation of the team.
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    He is only right in the limits of his own vision of what should be the aims of this club. However, it happens that the person who defines our goals is Roman, and not Mourinho. Perhaps it was not in Roman's mind to buy a new set of players any time we would win a trophy. Perhaps it was not in Roman's mind to have a club ressemling a war-zone. And perhaps it was not even in Roman's mind to win the League again, at any cost ? We can think it is quite the contrary. Roman probably does not need Chelsea to win everything and to win by any means. That is how he has acquired his wealth, so we can presume he got himself a football club to relax and to have positive moments — seeing how happy and smiling like a kid he was when RLC scored, it might as well be true. I am pretty sure that an oligarch does not need to be taught the magic formula to win something : to spend a lot of money. He has already did that in the first five years. Now that he has won everything, he probably wants to have a club that plays good football and that has a friendly atmosphere — and winning trophies in such a way would be the next step. At the end of the day, if Roman was so focused on winning, he would most certainly not have waitied the ninth defeat and to be one point ahead the relegation zone to sack him. And you suggest that the club 'utterly failed to secure [the players Mourinho wanted]'. I would reply you 1) : did they fail, or did they not want to ? 2) did the players even wanted to play for him ? Indeed, a player we had but was shuned by Mourinho was bought for £64m — more than Zidane — one year after we sold him... And with Mourinho thinking we have to buy new players after winning a trophy, maybe the board did think twice before purchasing Pogba ? Selling a player bought for £80m after two years is rather silly — buying a player for £80m so he can clean the bench is even more. And let's look the situation through Pogba's point of view. He had teams like Madrid and Barcelona after him — the later having won the Champions League while playing an extremely good football, and with players playing with a big smile on their face. Therefore, the perspective to play as a midfielder-center-back in a team that plays boring and negative football probably did not make him salivate. It is without mentioning that he had the possibility to be the star of la Vecchia Signora — a team that just reached the CL final and won the Seria A, and to which he 'owes' his career. The bottom line is that there is a world apart between what Mourinho wants and what it seems to be Roman's will. The portuguese wants to win and only to win, even if he has to poke-eyes his way to it. Roman, on the other hand seems to be more interested with enjoyment. The question now is, what on earth went through Roman's and the board's head when they dicided to appoint Mourinho.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho: "If you are in a club that wins, if you want to win again you have to create instability in the winners, make them doubt.“ [GQ] Yep, he is definitely the right manager to build stability and a dynasty. I don't know why Roman did not see that.
  15. Get Emanalo Sacked

    Do you remember that old dude, who during Ancelotti's Bad Moment©, turned up at Cobham with a banner that read "Abramovich + Ancelotti out" ? He took a lot of sticks at the time. Yet in insight he was a brave man — and a coherent man as well. The team was playing badly and he had the courage to denounce the real culprits — the one that made the players play and the one that was ruling the club — and not some cog — among many others — of the machine. He might have taken it too far, nonetheless he did point the finger in the right directions.