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  1. 21. Nemanja Matic

      The one who is talking about something that was not mentioned is you, not me. Why did you have to throw Mikel into the debate ? The argument was never a Matic-Mikel comparison but it was strictly focused on Magic and more specifically on one aspect : is he a headless chicken or not. Leave Mikel alone as he has nothing to do with Matic's intrinsic qualities and capabilities. And anyway, do you think that a player that plays 'at a very high level [,,,] and very consistently at that' needs to be compared to a distinctly average player in order to look good ? No, you did not say that Hiddink asked Matic to run around like a headless chicken, nor did I say you did. However, you did say that '[he is] roaming around like a headless chicken because that's his role when sitting next to Mikel'. You are explicitly talking — or writing — about a 'role'. And to illustrate the absurdity of such a notion, I did use an unsophisticated and imaginary example : a situation where a manager tells his player to play the 'headless chicken' role, and what is his counterpart, that is the 'intelligent player' role. Of course it never happens, because such roles do not exist. And if they do not exist, this is because you either are intelligent or not — this is a quality, not a function. The role you probably are talking about is the role of the player that will harass the opponent or something along the lines. On the one hand, you will have players that will perform their role efficiently and properly because they have the ability to read the game or have a good sense of positioning ; on the second hand, you will have players that will perform the role in an efficient way and in a disorderly way because they do not possess such qualities and they ultimately have to run after the ball and/or the opponent. Matic belongs to the second category because he precisely does not possess these qualities. You can talk about numbers and stats all you want, but you are missing the point. I was not talking about his end-product — in short, is he good or not —, or even if he is capable of playing as a DM, but whether he is a headless-chicken or not. As I have suggested in my previous comment, you can have good headless-chickens, too. It was the case with Ramires. The Brazilian was running around like a headless-chicken because he merely did not have a clue of what was going around. Yet he was good at this because he was so fast he could easily catch up his opponent ; and once this opponent was caught up, Ramires like a bull would recklessly ram him and knock him down. As I have also explained in my previous comment, back at the time Matic was a 'good' headless-chicken because the team was defending deeply and conservatively and with all the players committed to an important defensive role (you can also argue that there were four center-backs as Azpilicueta wa more often next to Terry than in offense). As a matter of fact, his lack of vision and of sense of positioning was negated because there was simply little space to run and thus — grosso modo — he only had to extend his leg to win back the ball or to break down the opponent's offensive. Now things are different and our team is less compact, which means he has to run — though as he is slow and cannot read the game, he is a bad headless-chicken. In both situations, Matic remains a headless-chicken. The only difference is that one situation negates his limitations — nay glorifies his qualities, that is his long legs and his standing-tackles — while the other stresses out the very same limitations. And this is exactly what would happen if, as you suggest, Mikel was playing as a box-to-box and Fabregas as a DM. Such positions would highlight these two players' deficiencies while negating their qualities. In conclusion, Matic does not roam around like a headless chicken because of Mikel or anyone else, but because he is kind of forced to do so as he has none awareness of positioning and is not good at reading the game, which is highlighted by the new organisation of the team.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

      He is only right in the limits of his own vision of what should be the aims of this club. However, it happens that the person who defines our goals is Roman, and not Mourinho. Perhaps it was not in Roman's mind to buy a new set of players any time we would win a trophy. Perhaps it was not in Roman's mind to have a club ressemling a war-zone. And perhaps it was not even in Roman's mind to win the League again, at any cost ? We can think it is quite the contrary. Roman probably does not need Chelsea to win everything and to win by any means. That is how he has acquired his wealth, so we can presume he got himself a football club to relax and to have positive moments — seeing how happy and smiling like a kid he was when RLC scored, it might as well be true. I am pretty sure that an oligarch does not need to be taught the magic formula to win something : to spend a lot of money. He has already did that in the first five years. Now that he has won everything, he probably wants to have a club that plays good football and that has a friendly atmosphere — and winning trophies in such a way would be the next step. At the end of the day, if Roman was so focused on winning, he would most certainly not have waitied the ninth defeat and to be one point ahead the relegation zone to sack him. And you suggest that the club 'utterly failed to secure [the players Mourinho wanted]'. I would reply you 1) : did they fail, or did they not want to ? 2) did the players even wanted to play for him ? Indeed, a player we had but was shuned by Mourinho was bought for £64m — more than Zidane — one year after we sold him... And with Mourinho thinking we have to buy new players after winning a trophy, maybe the board did think twice before purchasing Pogba ? Selling a player bought for £80m after two years is rather silly — buying a player for £80m so he can clean the bench is even more. And let's look the situation through Pogba's point of view. He had teams like Madrid and Barcelona after him — the later having won the Champions League while playing an extremely good football, and with players playing with a big smile on their face. Therefore, the perspective to play as a midfielder-center-back in a team that plays boring and negative football probably did not make him salivate. It is without mentioning that he had the possibility to be the star of la Vecchia Signora — a team that just reached the CL final and won the Seria A, and to which he 'owes' his career.   The bottom line is that there is a world apart between what Mourinho wants and what it seems to be Roman's will. The portuguese wants to win and only to win, even if he has to poke-eyes his way to it. Roman, on the other hand seems to be more interested with enjoyment. The question now is, what on earth went through Roman's and the board's head when they dicided to appoint Mourinho.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho: "If you are in a club that wins, if you want to win again you have to create instability in the winners, make them doubt.“ [GQ]   Yep, he is definitely the right manager to build stability and a dynasty. I don't know why Roman did not see that.
  4. Get Emanalo Sacked

      Do you remember that old dude, who during Ancelotti's Bad Moment©, turned up at Cobham with a banner that read "Abramovich + Ancelotti out" ? He took a lot of sticks at the time. Yet in insight he was a brave man — and a coherent man as well. The team was playing badly and he had the courage to denounce the real culprits — the one that made the players play and the one that was ruling the club — and not some cog — among many others — of the machine. He might have taken it too far, nonetheless he did point the finger in the right directions.
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    It actually makes a lot of sense. After all, he won the Serie A with the Decadent Milano. Managing dead-woods, broken players and average dudes is not a problem for him. I am sure that here, he would be like a fish in the water.
  6. 21. Nemanja Matic

      Since when being a headless chicken is a role ? This is not a role but a (lack of) quality. I mean, why on earth would a manager ask his player(s) to play like a headless chicken ? That would be as if Hiddink were telling Matic : 'This game you shall play the headless chicken, but do not worry next time you will play the intelligent man'. It does not make any sense, doesn't it ? Headless chickens are so unproductive ; they run after the wind and shadows. Headless chicken are not running around for fun ; if they do so this is because they cannot do otherwise. As Le Corbusier said : 'the straight path is the Man's path ; the curved path is the donkey's path'. In our case, this is definitely relevant. When there is the possibility to go in straight line, all things in this world will go in straight line instead of going for the curved path — I guess that is a Natural law. When falling from the tree, the leaf does not fall in zig-zag because it finds it amusing, but because it cannot fall in straight line. Now the question is : why Matic has to choose the curved path ? Because he has absolutely no vision and even less sense of positioning. In other words, he cannot anticipate the opponents' movement and therefore, instead of intercepting the opponent/the ball, he has to chase after he/it. At least Ramires was a 'good' headless chicken because he was so fast that he could catch the wind and the shadows. And if Matic has played 'at a very high level before and very consistently at that' 1 , it is not because Mourinho asked him to play the intelligent and potent player, that is because our organisation was compact, tight and we were sitting back ; which concealed his limitations as he did not have to run. To illustrate it differently, it was so tight and compact that he only needed to extend the long leg of his to get his foot on the ball (or across the player). With Hiddink, our organisation is more open than before and our players are more spread vertically and horizontally over the pitch. As a consequence, he has more space to cover which only highlights his limitations — and the fact he is carrying an overweighted sumo on his back does not make things better. In conclusion, if he is 'roaming around like a headless chicken', this is merely because he is indeed a headless chicken.     1 this notion is highly contestable, but in order to stay focused on the topic, let's pretend that it is true.
  7. Get Emanalo Sacked

    If you put aside Torres, here are our biggest transfers :     •    Shevchenko for £30m (2006)     •    Hazard for £32m (2012)     •    Willian for £30m (2013)     •    Costa for £32m (2014). In the space of eight years, our record for a transfer fee has basically remained the same. On the other hand, within the same space of time, there are five players that broke Zizou's record (Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Bale and Rodriguez), and if you consider the fee in pound, this number amounts to 13 players (those aforementioned plus de Bruyne, di Maria, Falcao, Cavani, Torres, Kaka, Sterling and Martial). And roughly, since 2006 there have been some 38 transfers that have exceeded a fee of £32m — out of those, only one was made by us. All these aforementioned numbers and stats are worth what they worth yet we can see a pattern. Since 2006, we have stabilized our transfer fees and while the prices have doubled, nay tripled, we stick to 2006's standard prices. Nowadays £40m is not enough to buy you a 20 years-old center-back that is far away of setting the world alight, we have only spent more than £40m once... There is basically two/three ways to get good players : you either splash the cash (Madrid) or you are in a situation where you can bet on a lot of unknown players (Porto). Unfortunately, for a lot of reason, we cannot afford to take the Porto's stance and for some reason we seem reluctant to spend more than £30m. As a consequence, it reduces considerably the range of our choices and buying mediocre players is often the outcome of such a situation. This situation has nothing to do with Emenalo. Even if it is him that chooses and scouts from A to Z players, that is not him that decides of the budget allocated to buy this or that player — that is probably Roman that has the final say in every decision involving big money. And if one considers these financial limitations (not in quantity but in quality) then you purchases have not been that bad since when Emenalo was appointed in 2011 : Courtois (claimed as the second best GK) ; Mata (a fan's favorite) ; Schurrle ; Azpilicueta (a fan's favorite) ; de Bruyne and Lukaku (each time they have a good game, people enrage that we have sold them) ; Zouma (another fan's favorite) ; Kennedy ; etc... It is not a stack of Messis, however they are overall a bunch of good players and that for less than £30m each. Ultimately, a major part of the responsibility for our hot-and-cold transfers is down to Roman. The scouting team has indeed not always searched for the right profile of player yet at the end of the day they have to work with what they have, that is a relatively low budget — and they have not done so badly.
  8. Politics & Stuff

        In short, Sanders is saying : 'vote for me and everything will be great'. Spike, I know that deep down inside you, you know what such a thing means.
  9. Get Emanalo Sacked

      But I guess that since nobody knows his name nor his face — and that nobody has bothered to search the information — Emenalo will remain the perfect Piñata.  
  10. 26. John Terry

      FB, did you read my post or did you read what you wanted to read ? In my previous comment, there is no anti-Chelsea, no anti-Board, no anti-Terry, no anti-nothing, really. No, actually there is a 'anti-something' ! And this is directed against 90% of the members of this forum who, while having absolutely no clue of what might going on in the board, have skipped the step 'think before you talk' to let the free reign to their emotions and who rue themselves to be the most outraged of the outraged virgins. Did British media outlets have published articles about Terry's dad and his cocaine deal ? Yes, fact. Did British media outlets have published articles about Terry's mother and mother-in-law stealing clothes ? Yes, fact. Did British media outlets have published articles about Terry cheating his wife with his ex-teammate's ex-wife ? Yes, fact. Did British media outlets have published articles about Terry's saying racist stuff ? Did Terry was stripped of his England captaincy because of that, and did he was banned and fined by the FA ? Did Terry had to go to a civil court because of that ? Yes, fact. I am so, sooooo so sorry if the things I aforementioned are not of your liking, but I did not write those articles no did I banned him and bring him before a court. In my previous post, while listing all those facts, I delivered absolutely no  judgment of value neither about the club nor about Terry... And the most important of all, did I say that what he allegedly done was true or not true ? No, no and no. And anyway, who gives a damn if it is true or not, at the exception of you lot ? Media and other teams' supporters do not give a damn about the veracity of those allegations — it paints Terry as a bad guy and eventually Chelsea as a disgusting club, that is enough for them. Did all these scandals brought bad publicity to the club, did they pictured Chelsea as classless ? Were all these moments easy for the Club to handle ? It must be very difficult for a club to handle situations where its 'Captain, Leader, Legend' is being painted as a racist and an infidel husband whose mum steals clothes and whose dad sells cocaine.. don't you think ? And as you live in Europe, you should know that publicly accusing a public figure of racism is the perfect way to ruin his career — once you are labelled as racist, you are finished. To conclude, what did I say in my previous comment ? This is pretty trivial. If the club wanted to disrespectfully get rid of John Terry like an old rag, they would have done it way before as they had several occasion to do so. And the best occasion would have been during the Ferdinand-gate. Why ? Because : 1) Benitez had already benched Terry and to sell a bench player is easier than to sell the captain of the starting eleven 2) Consequently, Benitez would have taken the most part of the blames and insults from the fans 3) Cech, Lampard and Cole were still around ; selling a legend while there are three remainings is easier to get rid of your last legend 4) they would have had the 'anti-racism' shield and would likely have been applauded by the football world to have taken action against racism. But they did not got rid of him. Terry had been at several occasions at the center of various scandals and he mechanically dragged the Club into all this mess. Yet they backed him up during all these difficult times ; no armband stripped, no status degraded, no fine given and not even bench-time given ! Do you think this is disrespectful from the Club to have acted as such ? Chelsea FC have backed one of their employees during difficult times, they have supported him — is this not a class act ? All I wanted to do was to point out that, even though all these knights of the Holy Virginity might bawl and shout all they want about how classless and disrespectful Chelsea is, if one thinks a few seconds (I won't dare to ask a few minutes) and analyze the relationship between Terry and the Club over the years, then one would notice that there is a lot of professionality, maturity and class between Terry and the Club and vice-versa — and thus those accusations of 'disrespect' would appear to be out of place. But maybe that it is me who is out of place after all. Since Mourinho has fallen, this forum does not take kindly to common sense and well argumented debates. And I probably should leave the lot of you in your world of fantasies where Emenalo and the Board's members are irrevocably bad persons that do all those disrespectful stuff only to be mean toward innocent Chelsea fans and are the sole reason for which we are such in a dire situation and the sole reason for which our almighty best manager has been sacked. That being said, it still baffles me that I have to go in length to explain a post that was apparently well enough written for a few people to understand — or maybe they actually read my post — while the vast majority of the members of this forum are having a field day for two months now, and all they do is to insult a Chelsea's employee and to label the Club and its board as classless and disrespectful and all — and everything is good for them... But oh well..
  11. Deadline Day!

      Because Rémy is not a bad player at all and he would be a valuable player for a lot of mid-table/small teams — that is, it is 'easy' to find potential buyers and thus, he is 'easy' to sell. On the second hand, you have a post-injury has-been on a high salary that has shown to the whole world, while 'playing' for United, that he was no longer fit to play in a serious league — and because of that, nobody outside Jorge Mendes' buddies wants to have him near their team. Although it is easy to understand, I guess it is even esier to blame the board...
  12. 26. John Terry

    I see a lot of people suggesting this is disgraceful of the Board to not renew Terry's contract and yadi yada... But I also see that these very same people have a very short — conveniently ? — memories.   Terry Senior was caught dealing cocaine ; Mrs Terry Senior was caught stealing clothes ; Terry Junior was allegedly caught facilitating tours of Cobham in a shady way ; Terry Junior was caught cheating his wife with the ex-wife of his ex-teammate ; Terry Junior was caught saying nasty racist things on the pitch ; etc, etc... Some might be false and some others might be blown out of proportions. Nonetheless, all these scandals — and more particularly the Bridge-gate and the Ferdinand-gate  — have been heavily used to indirectly attack our club and to try to derail many of our seasons. What did the club do ? They have backed him, all these years. I can assure you that anybody of you would be fired of your job on the spot if you were to be accused of racism — to be accused of racism today is like to be accused of paganism and witchcraft in Spain during the Inquisition or to be accused of being a Shia in Daesh's caliphate. Yet the club have backed him while it would have been so easy — especially because Benitez relegated him to the bench — to sack him like an old rag — and the whole football world would have congratulated Chelsea for doing so. And on top of that, that is the player that fucked up the penalty that would have won us our first Champions League ; and he let us down in the semi-final of the Champions League in 2012 — and consequently the final — by getting a stupid red card. It is highly likely that most of the club — at the exception of Liverpool, if you know what I mean — would have got rid of this problem of a player... Yet, during all those scandals, all those affairs, all those problematic moments... Chelsea has always backed their Captain while it would have been easier at several occasions to sell him than to back him up.   And now, despite all of that, some people have the sheer arrogance to accuse the board of being disrespectful ?? All of you, instead of playing your outraged virgins, you should be grateful toward this 'classless' and 'disrespectful' Board — because had not it been for this 'scum' of a Board, you lot would not have been able to watch your 'Captain, Leader, Legend' — he would not have stayed long enough to be called so anyway — for this past five years or so. Just keep that in mind... Ah, this whole 'who's the more outraged of us' contest is truly cringeworthy and pathetic, and is really becoming unbearable...
  13. The Hiddink Thread

    I believe that many people will be disappointed at the end of the season... Hiddink will not be the one to bench Ivanovic and the latter will play nearly all games till the end of the season. I am pretty sure that for Guus, Ivanovic is still the guy that scored two goals against Liverpool in the CL. I doubt he saw a lot of games from him. In addition to that, when he came back he found out that Ivanovic was vice-captain... When you are hired mid-season, it is a difficult decision to bench a vice-captain that was already in place before your appointment — this is even more true when you are not aware that the said player is one of the worst players — if not the worst... I saw that people suggested that he should do his homeworks, that there are videos and analysis/analysts... Yeah fine. But what would he saw if he looks at these analysis/analysts ? That Ivanovic has been elected in the 2015 'team of the year'. He will also find out that Gary Neville described Ivanovic, in february 2015, as the best right-back in England. And if I am not mistaken, I believe that toward september, Neville also diminished Ivanovic's responsibility by pointing out that his mistakes were the result of collective mistakes (Matic would not protect the back-four correctly). As for the videos ? Well, the vast majority of Chelsea fans realized only this year that Ivanovic had past his sell-by-date and they were very surprised it happened. If people that watch him week-in and week-out take a lot of time to realize the misery he is in, then what about a grandpa that just came out of retirement ? No, Ivanovic his keeping his place untill the end of the season. Nonetheless, I hope Guus proves me wrong.
  14. 21. Nemanja Matic

    He is avoiding criticism for many reasons : as Oscar, he put a 'brilliant' performance in one of his very first game here and thus he is still living of that game against City ;'he' (it is rather the fans) built his myth during his first four months here where the fact he could not play every games was hiding his limitations and his lack of consistency ;(If my counts are correct) Out of 14 games he played in the league during these four months, he was paired six times with Ramires, thrice with Ramires and once with Mikel. All that within an ultra-defensive team, it is not hard to look like a 'defensive beast' ;He has very long legs so yeah when he puts a challenge that is impressive (i.e. the 'spider') ;Chelsea fans love their 'beast players' — Essien and Costa being good examples. His 'beast' performance against Manchester did allow Chelsea fans to believe, in a time where there were no longer 'beasts' (Luiz could have, though he was already frustrating everybody), that there was finally someone to pursue the 'beast' legacy of Essien, Ballack, etc..In a nutshell, Chelsea fans needed to have their 'beast' ; Matic did a 'beast' performance ; Matic has a 'beast' nick-name, i.e the spider... It was a match made in heaven, and that is how Matic became our very own 'Beast'. And because he is our very own 'Beast', he cannot do wrong.
  15. The Hiddink Thread

    Ahah, so true, I can picture it : Summer 2016 : Hazard out (the cunt, keeps too much the ball) ; Mosunda is put in Hazard's bags so he can fuck off with his technic and small stature ; Terry and Ivanovic sign a four years extension, just like Ramires and Cahill have just done during the season ; Ivanovic promoted from vice-captain to co-captain ; Oscar getting the n°10 shirt ; David Villa is signed for one year in order to pursue the Eto'o-Drogba-Falcao Fallen Dynasty. Summer 2017 : all attacking and technical practices are forbidden because they are too morally dangerous (they can lead one to be corrupted and to do mistakes !) ; Ibrahimovic is signed in order to pursue the Eto'o-Drogba-Falcao-Villa Fallen Dynasty ; Kheidira is the star signing and replace Willian.. The Brazilian tracks back however he keeps the ball too much and that can lead to more mistakes. Summer 2018 : since the players are not hurt but are divers, the medical team and the medical structure are finaly dismantled ; the dream is finaly reality and Wayne Rooney is signed to pursue the Eto'o-Drogba-Falcao-Villa-Ibrahimovic Fallen Dynasty ; the first team is set in stone : Ivanovic - Cahill - Terry - Azpilicueta / Matic - Kheidira / Ramires - Oscar - Fabregas / Rooooney