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  1. Politics & Stuff

    You are actually very soft in your words Spike because the number of people who are talking about reverting back to a pre-industrial society amounts to next to zero. On the other hand, the vast majority of people that "fight" to "save the planet" are overwhelmingly people that embrace entirely the Society of Consumption. But the problem for them is that we are living in a world dominated by American paradigms and the Political Correctness is one of the most important of them. It means that, for instance, you can drop bombs over seven countries and kill thousands of muslims, yet if you make nice speeches about peace, it will be enough for people and they will considere you as some sort of heroic peace bringer — on the contrary, if you say something non PC about muslims you will be considered as the next Hitler even though you have never killed one of them. It is the same with ecology and the climate change. You can overuse your mac & your ipad & your iphone then listen to music on your fancy stereo, sipping from a drink with ice cubes coming from your huge american fridge while chilling in your house and enjoying the cooled-down air from the air-conditioner. You can also travel the world in a highly polluting plane in order to showcase on social media how hype you are and how you are "culturally elevated" as you visit other cultures. And finally you can wear yourself with clothes made in China and eating meat that comes from New-Zeland while eating fruits from some other places. All of that is perfectly fine — you can burn incredibly huge amounts of energy the day as long as the night you log in on twitter and shove down people's throat how much you are an ecologist, then everything is fine. This is basically what are doing the people that contortion themselves over the fact that Trump is dropping the climate change from US policies. Through which medium all of those twitter activists are venting their outrage ? That's right, from a computer or a smartphone or an ipad — or even better for the most "connected" of them, from the three. Those people are an integral part of the problem, just as much as those with their big Jeep. And if you notice their demands, they are not demanding to people to drop their way of life — the High Consumption is too comfortable to be dropped. And not only they are not asking that, but they are demanding governments to raise the power of consumption of people who don't have the possibility to burn a lot of oil. The most interesting is how those people manage to reconcile their need for huge energetic consumption and their need to have a good public image. The trick is pretty simple : they delegate their responsibility to their governments and to big companies. As I said, those people do not wish to lose their little comfort. They thus demand to their government to magically fix things and to come up with a solution to keep their consummaritary way of life while buring "clean" energy ; and as long politicians did not come out with the magic idea that ends all problems, those very same people will yelp — while sitting in their air-conditioned home — that Exxon are polluters. Bioenergy is a long way to be able to sustain our needs in energy wich are rising exponentially each and passing day — yet people want to consume. So while they are so proud of themselves to protest against big polluters and to """fight""" — only in words — to save the planet, there are people out there that have to come up with solutions to satisfy those people's need in energy (otherwise they will riot). And that solution is inexorably.... OIL — and for Americans specifically, it is SHALE OIL. Those hypocrites can criticize Trump all they want, but their way of life is requiring to use polluting industries and energies. All those hypocrites of twitter activists that enjoy to act as if they were a special breed have to realise that their way of life requires to burn gigantic amounts of oil. Their way of life has a cost — a huge cost. Those White Knights have to choose : either they understand they are an integral part of the problem and that what is polluting is their way of life and not the petrol and thus they finally change how they live ; or they should simply shut the hell up because their moral crusade is very annoying and aside from a few 'likes' on the internet, it is non productive.
  2. The Conte Thread

    Exactly. Also, this is simultaneously what has made our success and what has created our (huge) limitations.
  3. Nathan Aké

    Well Tomo, I would even be tempted to say Zouma does not fit our squad in light of the aspirations we have. Sentimentality put aside, Zouma is a bad ball-player and in regard to tactics he is kind of "raw" — which means he is a "mad dog". Unfortunately, our team is cruelly lacking of technic — lack of or inability to use it (either because of a lack of mobility or of football brain). We are not in a situation where our team is full of technically gifted players which would allow us to adapt a poor ball-player in the team. Because of this set of reasons, on the medium term, Zouma's futur here will not go further than — I am afraid — the bench. Christensen is considerably better equipped to take Cahill's spot in the team next season. That being said it is not a fatality because he has a good profile to be used as tactical substitute — either during the game or for certain types of games — when we need more muscle.
  4. Politics & Stuff

    Okay thanks for the answer. Now could you tell me why do you believe that this "broken electoral college" is the "issue" ? Why do you seemingly believe that this system which was, in your own words, a positive action is now an issue ? P.S. I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, it is just that I am genuinely intrigued as to why so many people are led to believe that the current US electoral college is a "bad" thing.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    Fair and square, I get that you are outraged that a redneck can have more weight onto the national political scene than a distinguished and cultural elevated person from Hollywood. Yet I have a question for you — have you ever asked yourself why would low populated inland States/Counties, such as North Dakota, have been granted more 'political power' per inhabtitant than highly populated coastal States/Counties such as Los Angeles or New-York ? I am very curious to read what you have to say on the matter.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    That is the thing : Dahnald was not involved in this because because Super President Barack Obama set a "trap" (might not be the best word) to him. I am not sure whether this resolution will have a lot of consequences for Israel ; they have already disregarded something like 37 resolutions that were voted against them in regards to Palestine, why would it change now ? However, it could place Dahnald's administration within a lot of trouble even before he has set a foot in the White House — as president, that is. No matter which way you look at it and no matter what he does, he will be regarded as a villain. Indeed, there are two options unfolding in front of him : either he backs-up Israel or he does nothing. If he opts for the former solution, then he would publicly go against the UN. It is not like it was a problem in itself for the US — they did not take gloves to bypass the UN in order to destroy Iraq. The problem lies in the fact the "political correctness" is the cornerstone of the US ideology. You can destroy a country as long as you call it "bringing democracy" ; you can enslave someone as long as you call it "giving him a flexible job" ; you can send armament, ammunition and food supplies to terrorists as long as you call them "rebels", "freedom fighters" or "opposition to the regime" ; etc..., you do get my point. But in this situation, if Dahnald chooses to back-up Israel against the UN, he will not have the luxury to resort to political correctness. And even if he had the possibility, he would not do it as he is too blunt and not enough malicious and sly for that. He will thus be viewed as the "bad" president that supports the "bad" State of Israel against the the "good" UN and the "poor" and "innocent" Palestinians. As a consequence, his position — in terms of diplomacy and of legitimacy — will be weakened both worldwide and within his country. Yet if he chooses to do nothing, he will compromise the good relations between the US and Israel — which is the most capital US ally. And thus, once again, his position will be inevitably weakened. It is a lose-lose situation for him and he cannot come out of this unscratched. That being said, I view this more as a storm in a glass of water than anything else. When Dahnald will take his sit in the office, this story will probably be long foregone. On a beside note, you can only be left "admirative" towards the slyness displayed by Super President Barack Obama — his rotten personality knows no bounds. He did that solely because this little man is obsessed with his own legacy and because, as his Democrate fellows, he is a sore loser. To the general public and especially to the twitter activist, Supa Obama will appear as the Champion of the Good doing his last good deed as US president... But in reality, this "good" deed will change nothing for the Palestinian and will only put the US — his country — in a perilous situation. Not that it bothers me as I cannot say I have a lot of compassion towards this country — this is a huge euphemism —, yet I find people like him despicable to the highest point.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    I cannot believe that he has the audacity to say such a thing — him from all people... Seriously, him who made us park the bus against a team playing with ten men for 70 minutes while we were at home ; him who made us play one of the most defensive, conservative and uninspiring — in a word, the shitiest — football that I have ever seen. At times, I wish genuinely that his name were to be erased from our history, even if that means losing our titles, I cannot stand being "grateful" to such a little man and I cannot stand the fact our club is associated with him. He is really a pathetic sad man — he is of the worst kind.
  8. Politics & Stuff

    Of course the polls were rigged. Actually saying a poll is rigged is a totaulogy, plain and simple. While most people believe that polls are tools that allow one to get an idea of the tendencies of opinions regarding a subject, polls are actually a device designed to manufacturate opinions.
  9. Politics & Stuff

    I am still wondering how did Obama managed to build his political career, and espcially is presidential career, around the notion that he "represents" the Black American community. Come on, the dude has nothing to do with the Black community in the US, truly nothing !! I mean, first of all, the Black community is the product of US' slaveship history and they are Americans — either 'officialy' or de facto — for many generations. On the other hand, Obama 'is' black from his father who is an African — so Obma does not share the Black Americans' history. And quite cynically and solely to emphase the difference in their history, one could even say that there are chances that is black ancestries where the black slavers that sold black slaves to the Europeans or the Arabs (since he is from Kenya that is probably to the Arabs).* Then, the majority of the black community lives in poverty or lives within urban areas which sufer from poverty — and most of them are also victim (either physically or in their way of life) of the huge violence within their community. As for Obama, he was born in Hawai then spent four years in Indonesia and then came back to Hawai. He then wen to study in good universities on the main land. Oh and by the way, he was raised by his white family... So, aside from is pale black skin, in which way does he share something in common with the Black American community ? He has not the same history, he did not experience their life nor was he raised by the black community... How could he represent them ?!?! He has wayyyy more in common with the white people than the black people (the Americans I mean...). This is all there is to say. He is a HUGE fraud that has built himself upon lies. Had he not managed to make people believe that he was "another black man from the criminally ridden Chicago' — and if he was not a joker — then he would not have been able to even contemplate to run for the presidential election. The dude is probably one of the worst American president ever, yet, since he tells jokes and he has the 'nice story' of being a minority, people will remember him as a formidable president... This is a sad statement of the what politic represents to the people... Gossip, jokes and nice stories... Actually, "poilitic" is a concept that did not make it to the 21th century and was dead somewhere after the Second World war... And by the way (again..), Spike, the importance of the abortion debate into politic come from the very fact that we are not doing politic anymore. The abortion debate is a societal problem and not a political problem. In other words, the Western governments (especially the US) have become nannies that have to handle big children... *I am not saying his family had practiced slave trading. I do not know and actually it is not that important. What is important though is to understand that his "black history" could be very well at the extreme opposite of the Black Americans... And to be honest, it would not surprise me if they were slave traders. Obama's father seemed to have a high education and a high professional situation. And as the country was controlled by the British back then, it certainly means that he was from an elite tribe (as British were using the elite groups to control their colonies). And if his tribe is an elite one, it means that the tribe was the predator and not the prey — that is, it was the slaver and not the enslaved.
  10. The Conte Thread

    I am not even sure that half of our first team would be selected for Barça's, Madrid's, Bayern's B team... That is how horrendous our players are.
  11. 22. Willian

    This, this and this. To be honest, I am baffled that none of our managers has ever tried it. Ever since Willian is here, we have had managers that played a CB in the midfield (Luiz) ; a RB at LB (Azpi) ; a CB at RB (Ivanovic) ; a B2B on the right-wing (Ramires) ; a B2B as n°10 (Oscar) ; a winger at LB (Kennedy). Yet none have tried Willian in midfield, which is, quite frankly, a much more obvious choice than all of those aforementioned !!! Willian is a midfielder that happened to play as a forward solely because he runs fast. He is not a winger nor a forward ; he is useless when playing high on the pitch. His velocity and passing game (which is quite goodish when he has space) are "perfect" for the position of the B2B. Of course we have no concret proof that it would work... But why nobody tried it ? This choice looks way more logical than, for instance, playing Azpilicueta as a left-back ! It is worth a try... And to be frank, I doubt very much he could be any worse than Oscar and Matic. At least, he would add a lot of athleticism and energy (and somehow "passing ability") into this midfield — it would be a nice change from this slow-and-clueless-as-fuck duo !!!
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Well said. The "worker" team and the "utility" players have be avoided like the black plague. The worker team, aside from the few odd years or games, does not win you anything. Of course there is Italy this summer, Chelsea in 2014-15, chelsea in 2012, Greece in 2004, Leceister last year, etc... but they are in the minority. And if you look more closely at those teams, you can notice that, although they are full of utility players, they still have a major strength upon which they can work. For instance, Conte had the best defense in the world during the last Euro and Chelsea had a magnificant Drogba in 2012. We do not have this possibility as our utility players are too numerous and also because our good players have too much flaws (clear example : Hazard goalscoring ability). Furthermore, look where ended up worker teams after they won (or made a good performance) !? Greece came back to nothingness after the Euro 2004 ; Chelsea was the first (?) CL winner to be eliminated in the group stage in 2013 ; last year Chelsea was the worst (?) defending champion in the Premier League ; this year Leceister seems to take the same route as us last year ; etc.. In other words, worker team do not win regularly and most importantly are "disastrous" for the medium to long term. And for Christ's sake, I thought that we were a football team — that is, a team of players that are supposed to play with a ball with their feet. Yet the overwhelming majority of them cannot do the basic with a ball at their feet. And the most pathetic thing out here is that they are paid at least 80k a week... I mean come on, this is grossly what a general practitioner win a year for fixing people's health problems while those so called "footballer" cannot even kick properly in a fucking ball. I do not even want to enter the debate of players' salary — my point is that, before you remunerate someone with millions pounds per year, at least make sure that he can do the basics for what he is paid for !!! I cannot believe that Abramovich is okay with the shitty mentality and football "philosophy" (or lack of) that we have had for years ; I cannot believe he is okay with all those players that cannot even do the basics... I just cannot. As you said, it is not the way forward and as long there is not a shift of philosophy within the administration, we are doomed to the mediocrity both on the pitch and in the table rank.
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    All this forum is plagued with tropes that are discriminatory toward the Board Members. It is our duty to educate the world in regards to this kind of sexist, racist and genderphobic behaviours which are the products of the football patriarchy. Board Members too are humans beings with feelings and we need to understand that. For the time being, we ought to create a safe-space for the Board Members so they can reunite while not being victim of any prejudice. We also ought to change the reality of games such as Fifa or PES where you can play as a player or as a coach but not as a Board Member — this state of affairs validates the hate held against Board Members. Anyone that sexually identifies himself as a Board Member should be able to play as a Board Member ; and for those who are gender fluid should been granted the ability to experience the game while being able to play every jobs at a football club — from the gardner to the owner. This forum really needs Board Members acceptance ! #IamMichael #IamMartina
  14. Andreas Christensen

    Pff, you are a bitter hater. Don't you know that Terry can "do a Giggs" ?
  15. The Conte Thread

    Tomo, in normal times I would be agreed with you — yet we are not in normal times. In our back four, out of four players, three have to be benched and one needs to be changed of position. Then we have Zouma but we do not even know what will happen when he comes back ; he suffered a serious injury. We are well placed to understand the implication of the injury he suffered : Essien had the same and it has ruined him. Moreover Zouma's playing style is based upon athleticism and he is not very good technically... Thus his future is a big question mark. Outside of these five players (for four positions !!!), we have an army of youngsters that will probably see little playing time. The problem with our current back-four is that it is anti-modern and cannot cope with current football. All of them are not good with the ball at their feet, and the trio Terry-Cahill-Ivanovic are slow, unagile and immobile and they cannot defend on one on one situation nor exercise a pressing game. For these reasons they hinder both our defence and our attack. And for me, the most alarming observation is that Terry-Cahill-Ivanovic are not average — they are bad. Not only they are bad and are anti-modern, but their dynamism is very bad as they are on the decline (and the three of them have had a very, very bad season last year). We are in a situation where even an average defender — as long as he is mobile, can pass the ball and defend on one on one — would be more valuable for our team as he would improve, even marginally, our defence and our attack. If were in 2012 and we were thinking of renewing our defence, okay we could be nitpicking as we still would have a "few years" in front of us. But we are not in a situation where we can allow ourselves to be demanding like a Sissi. We have three position to renew for Christ's sake ; so while we are trying to get a great defender, we should buy one who is average/good and that can be expandable when we will get better defenders. You gave us example where we waited till the end of the transfer window to get good players — but do you remember Modric ? There too we were nitpicking and we eventually ended buying in panic, on the deadline day, Meireles... Thus, should we eventually buy an average player, at least we should buy him in the right time so he can be introduced in the team before the season starts, and more importantly, before the possibilities are narrowed down to panic purchases.