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  1. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Am i the only one that thinks this fixture congestion is manageable?? We should NEVER have to abandon any competitions because of a fixture pile up, we're all guilty of saying for years that we have the quality in our youth side, well now's the big chance to give these kids a chance to make a name for themselves... with the right mix of youth and experience who knows whats possible?? we all seem to forget where we've come from pre-Roman all too often... 10-15 years ago we'd have given an arm to be in a position like we are now.
  2. 28. César Azpilicueta

    For me the only thing i can see is that Azpi is only going to get better, it was always going to take him a period of time to adjust from playing French League football to adapting to the speed and more physical aspects of the English game. He's doing a good job, we're all far to quick to criticize and unwilling to dish out praise when its warranted. He's still bedding in, judge him at the end of next season, regardless of our love of seeing Brana at RB or Wallace coming in.
  3. Mugshots

    good girl :thumbsup:
  4. Mugshots

    shouldn't the hair be blue ?
  5. Mugshots

    Me on the left.. ready for the Derby Uni Mayball
  6. Last Film You Watched

    we watched wolf creek last night at uni, quite a good film, sort of thing you can only watch once though