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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Agreed with the second part of the statement, but I beg to differ on the first one. All of the guys that you mentioned were young when those teams took a chance with them. Sarri is almost 60! The problem isn't that he won nothing, but that he had won nothing in 13 years of coaching. However, I would welcome him and wish him the best at Chelsea, but I am very skeptical about this. I'd like to point out that other clubs are doing business in the meantime, already buying players or negotiating for them. That's a wise thing to do, considering that a lot of prices will explode post-World Cup. All while Chelsea's board isn't able to announce the sacking of the manager already.
  2. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Why did Napoli sack Sarri, though?
  3. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Well, the man didn't say that we will challenge with Conte on the bench. He said that it makes more sense to keep him than to bring Sarri. To be honest, I kind of agree and here are my arguments: 1. Conte already knows the league, the club. We've been through a crisis with him. If the board gives him another go, it means that he has their support. It would be a great sign of sanity from the club. 2. For good and for worse, Conte won stuff and kept us hoping for UCL football until the very last game. The atmosphere was so toxic that this spring's accomplishments are not actually that bad. Remember that this is Chelsea we're talking about. Bigger names have fallen way worse than Conte this season, under better circumstances. 3. Most of the issues in this relationship between Conte and Chelsea are due to his relationship with the board. Not the players, not the fans. If they can sort it out, maybe things will be way better next season. 4. We played great football at times (vs. Atletico in Madrid, vs. Barca away, vs. Spurs away, even vs. United in the FA Cup). He showed adaptability, but also a few flaws. He's still young, still learning. But see point 1. Continuity might be key here. 5. He always said that he's not happy with the transfers and with the squad. Our best players seems to agree with him. Hazard said that we need better players, nothing about better tactics or better manager. I tend to think that he knows better than we do what's behind the scenes. Back to the point, if Conte stays it means that things will improve on this aspect. 6. Like it or not, Conte is a bigger face and name than Sarri, who won nothing. Look at his European record. I'm not saying that Conte is way better, but I think he's more attractive to good players than Sarri. That would be it from me. I'm not 100% sure that sticking with Conte would be the right way, but I can see where Tautvix is coming from. The whole Sarri hype is unjustified.
  4. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    So one thing's for sure: Sarri is leaving Napoli. I'm not too excited about the possibility of him joining Chelsea, but I'd rather him than Enrique for sure.
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Luis Enrique would be such a turn off.
  6. 22. Willian

    Classless child.
  7. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Time to hit that RedCafe forum, fellas.
  8. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I am sorry too, but are you serious? Even if my point was not "let's go for Benitez", I'm going to argue that Rafael Benitez won the UCL trophy with a Liverpool team which no one gave a chance. Maybe you are too young and do not remember. He also got them the European Supercup. He won two La Liga trophies with Valencia. He also won us the Europa League, maybe you remember that. He managed to promote Newcastle back to the Premier League and even if he had to stick with the same players, didn't get relegated and actually finished on a decent position. So he turned a Championship bunch of players into 10th place Premier League players. What about that for improvement? You think that's little? I think it's more than what Sarri did and will ever do. I respect the man, but he's 59 years old and his biggest achievement so far is that he managed to create a spectacular Napoli team. Spectacular, I agree, but bottom line is he won them nothing. I can name at least 10 managers who turned average players into good ones, but that's not really what Chelsea does is it? Sarri doesn't rotate, he complains just as much as Conte, he has a filthy mouth and no experience whatsover outside of Italy. Why should I want him as our manager? Yes, I stick to my point there's not much that his team has only been beaten by only Juve in the standings. So was Spaletti's Roma one season before and now he's done a great job at Inter as well, assuming he takes them to the Champions League. Why shouldn't we sign him up too? Or Simeone Inzaghi. Look at how he improved plenty of Lazio's players. Look at Immobile or Milinkovic-Savic. I think Napoli's fans' enthusiasm created an unrealistic hype behind that team and behind Sarri. What he did was ok, but not nearly as impressive as a lot of people are making it look like. I cannot see any reason why he'd be a good option for Chelsea at this point. I'd take Jardim over him in a heartbeat. The man won Monaco the League over PSG (!) and took them to the Champions League semifinals. During the same season. He did that with Bakayoko (what about him for an average player?), Falcao and Germain. He is the one who gave Mbappe the chance to play when he was only 16 years old. Now that's what I call impressive and I think that's what Chelsea needs.
  9. The Conte Thread

    Well, his actual attitude someone speaks volumes. He looks lazy and like he doesn't give a crap. Also, his statements lately don't do him any justice either on that aspect.
  10. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Yup, me too. He did a fantastic job at Monaco. Still young also.
  11. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I don't know why I just don't feel the Sarri hype. I'd rather have Rafa than him. Like for real, at least Benitez knows the league and won some stuff. I mean the guy (Sarri) is 60 years old and won nothing so far. I accept that winning trophies is not an essential criteria, but only in the case of guys like Nagelsmann or Pochettino, who are still young and showed a lot of potential. When you are 60 years old, only coached in Italy and won jack shit, I'm sorry but I cannot get excited about the possibility of having you as the new manager. He sacrificed Europa League this season, he didn't rotate the squad properly. Not to mention his not so wise comments in the media. I understand that he likes to complain a lot and has kind of a filthy mouth. Exactly what we need, isn't it? I agree that Napoli had to deal with a huge Juve team during the Sarri era, but except for Juve there was no one really powerful there. They had plenty of cash, stability and support from the board. They didn't sell players easily like Roma had to. Sarri had a lot of things going his way. I do not agree with the fact that he's done wonders. He did a good job but that's about it. Bottom line is that he won nothing with them and I can't really say that they have too much of a future. A lot of guys reached their limits and will probably go. And if the spectacular football is his arguement, then why not go for Simeone Inzaghi, who actually manages this season's most spectacular Serie A team?
  12. Fernando Torres

    What a career! Won an European trophy with his boyhood club on his last European appearance for them.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    I agree with what he said, but I am not sure if it's right to be said by him.