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    Thanks for all Ashley #3
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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    My stupid head just created a new topic.. but here is the topic i was searching for! My new home kit: My "new" oldie
  2. Chelsea 1-3 Atletico Madrid

    Very proud to be a Chelsea fan. CL Winners in 2012, EL winners in 2013 and this year almost the final. Sure, the defeat of yesterday is painfull but come'on. Every guy i know here HATES my blue proud.. the only thing i have to say is: writing history and not living off it. I love this club, love the players and the atmosphere. Please, keep faith next year we will be stronger!
  3. Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

    I'm so sure we are gonna win this. All the magic that's needed is there always.. at the bridge.. Our blood is blue and we will leave you never!
  4. Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland

    Really pissed me of the result of yesterday. If you can't beat Palace, West Ham, Villa or sunderland.. You aren't a real champion. I really miss Eden..
  5. Swansea v Chelsea

    I guess so too, after the win on PSG the team has only grow. Please no Torres today.. and please Terry/Cahill keep an eye out for that rock in the front 'wilfried'.
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    Just ordered it with WILLIAN 22. I love that guy <3.
  7. European Competition thread

    Facebook Relationship status: In a relation with Chelsea <3
  8. Chelsea 2-0 PSG

    wow, wat a night. Still can't believe it. The match against Stoke was my first game at the bridge in my life. The love and passion for this football club is only grow at that moment. This club makes me smile every morning. Chelsea i love you! Just ordered another Chelsea shirt with Special 1 on the back. I love José.
  9. European Competition thread

    We can beat them. We've got José and the second leg at the bridge. KTBFFH :blue scalf:
  10. Juan Mata

    Why the guy that's on my shirt this year... what do you guys do with your Mata shirt?
  11. Juan Mata

  12. Nemanja Matic

    Welcome back Nemanja! Last time i've seen you play was against us in the Europa League final.. hihihihi
  13. The English Football Thread

    pff, weak second half of Arsenal. Hopefully they are gonna drop some points.. Benteke.. what the hell happened to that guy?
  14. European Competition thread

    Sarcastic mate, Every CL-game is difficult