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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    the shortened transfer window,shortened further because of the world cup and in our case shortened further because of the fiasco of taking so long getting Sarri and 2 of our 4 world class players wanting to leave.i think it would be heroic of him if he can get us to 3rd in his first season and probably worthy of manager of the year contention if he can get us any of the 3 cups. I want to see us play with a swagger,every time we lose we go down fighting,,none of that distasteful bending over parting our cheeks and praying they use lube that we saw away to Man City last season.
  2. Gianluigi Donnarumma

    I wouldn`t be against signing Donnarumma and one of Kasper or Petr.the latter could be a player/GK coach..the former somebody for competition to start until Donnarumma is ready to start the majority of games,which he may be ready but would be good insurance. it`s worth remembering we signed Cech from Rennes and Courtois from Genk..examples of at times arguably the best keepers in the world signed from 2 small clubs a reminder with good scouting we don`t need to make big time splashes in the transfer market to get big time talent..there is probably some gems out there but alas we are short of time and we don`t have a great set up at the moment to find such talent.
  3. Alisson Becker

    I`d straight swap Courtois for Oblak. they get the slightly better keeper with a bigger profile..we get more value than the price that`s rumoured to be what Real are prepared to pay.
  4. Alisson Becker

    it`s sad that we are selling one of the top 3 Keepers in the world (not our fault,i support selling him now rather than go free and have another year with his toxic attitude) and Wolves and Arsenal signing keepers this window who are better than who we will probably end up with.
  5. Aleksandr Golovin

    even if Golovin starts out as our 4th choice CM he could start around 35 games his first season as he could play either of the 3 roles. the more often Kante,Jorginho and Golovin start tho the more probable teams revert back to long ball football against us because they aint gonna boss between the boxes on that trio.
  6. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I have never known a goalkeeper be such an annoying arrogant attention seeking media chatty cunt..Grobbelar was close but he had some comedic value..Courtois is as bland as a bowl of white rice. he could have become a legend with us but for my favourite Chelsea keepers of all time he`s well behind Cech,Bonetti,Neidzwiecki,Borota,De Goey,Cudicini..in the bracket with Kharine ,Beasant and Grodas.
  7. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    should get more than that for him..but not a complete disaster..having him for another year with his tampon tantrums and then leave for free would be.
  8. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I don`t see Jorginho taking his spot.he`s taken Bakayoko`s spot. have hopefully Golovin and Barkley compete for the other spot..Cesc if he stays..Golovin could get enough games filling in at all 3 CM positions over the course of the season.
  9. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I hope we only start Kante and Jorginho in Premier league and the FA cup games against PL teams. use Europa and Milk cup to develop young and fringe players.challenge as much as possible in the league and FA cup and try to win in other tournaments but at worst give them game time..might still not be enough starts for RLC tho.
  10. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I didn`t know they split up. commitment issues maybe..he`s certainly had them with us..
  11. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    his girlfriend/wife must really love him..a millionaire in west London and she`d rather stay away from him,bringing up their kid/s on her own and shit in a bucket in spain. he can say he wants to move to be closer to her but he should ask her the question why she doesn`t want to join him. is not like they can`t spend plenty of time in Spain..it`s only a few hours away on a plane..
  12. Alisson Becker

    I`m not even gonna judge how good Courtois is if other players are better or not..he wants to leave so it`s a case of transfer fee this year or keep him for one more year and the club loses a hefty transfer fee. the year ahead may very well turn out to be a transition year,keeping him just for the upcoming season may turn out to be a major waste when we could be blooding his successor. Leno was mentioned earlier..for me the best value signing of this window so far. would have been happy with him joining us instead,especially at that price.
  13. 5. Jorginho

    only us and LFC in their golden era seem to use 5 as a Midfielders number in England..us with Essien,them with Ronnie Whelan. I don`t mind it..this shirt number on the other hand..will live in infamy.... a defender wearing 9 ..I just couldn`t stomach it..
  14. Aleksandr Golovin

    I think Golovin would be a rotation guy his first season..he could play all 3 CM positions at a push.have Kante and Jorginho as starting all premiership and FA cup games. and leave that one CM position as an open competition between Barkley,Golovin,RLC with that 3 being our regular UEFA cup and Milk Cup starters. I don`t know about Bakayoko..I just think we gotta find out this year about RLC.i think another loan and his head would be out the exit door so give him a chance,if he`s not upto it then both of us can move on next summer. for me Drinkwater and Cesc should go.not that I think Cesc wouldn`t do a decent job in rotation but for our longterm future in a season where we have some competitions we can give less established young players valuable game time we don`t want Cesc taking it away from them.
  15. Next Manager?

    we generally give the new manager what he wants or atleast give a serious attempt to, it`s usually later on the club steers away from that. I think Sarri will be given this window and maybe January to inject some ready made talent but will be told that he`s wanted to get the best out of the majority of the current squad and our youth and players that have/are being loaned out.
  16. Aleksandr Golovin

    I would be too if we didn`t have Sarri.if we were going with a different coach because Golovin seems the kind who could play good to great in any system. but as we have Sarri and seen how important Jorginho is to his system. I prefer him..would be great to have both.
  17. Next Manager?

    might be part of the attraction for Roman..get a coach who he might not need to give severance pay too..
  18. Next Manager?

    I survived for about 9 years on 30 bongs and 20 Marlboro a day so it`s do-able.
  19. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    I predict 3-1 to France..it being close at 2-1 in the final minutes with France catching them on the counter attack as Croatia push for an equalizer. pace bothers Croatia back line..saw Sterling cause them problems but Mbappe got the end product to go with that pace and of course quite a few other speed merchants. Croatia have plenty of guile to put up a good fight tho.
  20. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    normally I`d want Croatia to beat France at anything but hard to root for anyone against Kante (and to a lesser extent Giroud)
  21. Aleksandr Golovin

    I`d like us to sign him but if it fails I`d be happy enough with no further additions to our central midfield positions after Jorginho. getting Golovin would cause us to need to clear some room for him but I`d be fine with letting Sarri work with just Jorginho being added there. is not like we are short with numbers there,just some who underperformed under Conte. I would like to sign Golovin like I said..just my personal choice for plan B would be that and instead invest at other positions.
  22. Gianfranco Zola

    I`ve been singing that before I saw this pick. be great to have him back at the club. hopefully he`s treated better than Butch was at the end.
  23. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    no psycho-anal-ysis from me..they just scored more goals than us. lasted longer in the tournament that everyone in the world but 2. a source of pride,just need to take the next step with our great crop of young talent coming through over the next few tournaments.
  24. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I like Cesc and think he could still do a job for us but keeping him wouldn`t be the best for the long term good of Chelsea..for next season alone yes.but with those games in the Europa cup,Milk cup etc...I think it would be better to play Barkley/RLC etc.. for me this upcoming season we could do a lot of good for our longterm future by giving our youngsters a chance over players winding down their careers in top flight football.
  25. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    it`s squeaky bum time...come on England!!! Kane has been abit too quiet but can`t bring him off..