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  1. The English Football Thread

    SEEEEEEEAAGUUUUUULLS..SEEEEEEEEAAGUUUUUULLS. 2-0 brighton against Man u..aint only us and Arsenal with dodgy defending..Man U let in 2 to Murray and Duffy in the space of 40 seconds.
  2. 5. Jorginho

    Stewart Robson was talented for his age group as a teenager but injuries meant he never fulfilled what he might have been but he lost his DM place at Arsenal to Steve Williams who was quality, on merit. Jorginho surpassed Robson at his best about 3 years ago..is like Micky Droy knocking JT.
  3. Alex Telles

    Sarri will certainly have had enough time by then. don`t see the team that starts the first game being the same regular team starting 5 months later for many teams with a new manager.and Sarri had one of the most handicapped pre-seasons. late hiring,late to get going in the transfer window,late returning players..can`t get much harder than that for a new coach other than say Koeman taking over at Southampton a few years back (where he did a good job somehow) for me I think the window should be extended to where it was in the past when there is either a World cup or European championships played in that summer. could have been worse tho..they might have scrapped the January window.
  4. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    maybe he`ll go to Scotland. can`t imagine him playing abroad. he`s not a terrible player just not good enough for us.
  5. Deadline Day!

    10 deal sheets submitted..maybe,just maybe ..;) we may have sold some or brought one in,find out by 7pm ish anyway.
  6. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    he was always going to go abroad if anywhere..the window is still open there.
  7. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    other teams would have to want him. can`t just dump him on someone.
  8. Danny Rose

    so both their left backs will be loanees...looks like Baba will have less game time if this happens.
  9. Kurt Zouma

    Zouma & Willian for Martial might be something Jose would take. we then sign Fekir and become contenders again.
  10. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Sarri doesn`t really know the senior squad he inherited yet,the youth talent..he`ll need a lot longer than he`s had in this short summer. by next summer he will know it better and can make decision if we need Kovacic then. unless we win the league and Kovacic is player of the year he`s likely to remain an after thought by Real. him say having a good Europa league campaign is not gonna make them really think he`s better than what they got. Kovacic is pissed off with Real and there`s burnt bridges there that might not be fixed. most good to great players enjoy their time at Chelsea.i`d say he`s gonna be one of them and won`t want to go back to the bench there because the "you can take over from Modric" carrot can just as easily be taken away when a shiney new toy of a player burst onto the scene. either way tho there are plenty of options out there for his position.when we have plenty of time to work out a deal. this short before the window closes he`s our best one. potentially we could have used the we will swap our good player who wants to leave for your good player who wants to leave. both Cuntois and Kovacic are worth about the same but we left it too late. we found ourselves in a bad place and we got out of it pretty well all things considered. next summer we should have a better time of it..Sarri knowing who exactly he wants to keep who to sell,who he needs to buy etc..
  11. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    him and CHO our best under 23`s at present. worthy of a squad place and plenty of starts during the season ahead with us playing many games in less desirable tournaments.
  12. Nabil Fekir

    if we sign him will be interesting to see what we do with who is already here. if we had longer left in the window I`d love us to work on a swap deal involving Willian for Martial but think we left it too late for that. would love us to get Fekir tho..just curious to see how it would impact the rest of the squad.
  13. Mateo Kovacic

    one league goal yes. although feeding Ronaldo would have been his main job..Ronaldo would even knock his own players out of the way to get a shot in. I`d expect him to score a few more with us although he only scored 1 goal in 46 caps for Croatia too. he has scored I believe 23 goals in all during his pro career. we`ll boss the midfield with him Kante and Jorginho. we`ll just have to see where the goals come from when Sarri has the squad up to speed.
  14. Jack Butland

    he`s basically not going to play for a top English side now..Chelsea,Man city,Man U,Liverpool,Tottenham,Arsenal. and the pack below that,the likes of Leicester,Everton all have longterm solutions in place..is a shame for one who promised so much in his younger days that by chosing to stay at a smaller club during his formative years to get more games and develop quicker it`s not gonna be rewarded. his best hope now is that a team outside of the top pack emerges or he tries his luck abroad.still should make England squads tho.
  15. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    hope he lasts longer than the last player we signed from Bilbao,although I`d take his premier league title winning percentage..(100%)
  16. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    enjoy life.we`ll soon enough all be worm food.
  17. Kurt Zouma

    seen some rumblings he`s off to Everton on loan. good player but not a good fit for us..he isn`t gonna play much if he stayed with us if atall..Ampadu is ahead of him now.
  18. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    the position we found ourselves in. if we can get a keeper of his calibre that would be an epic escape from it..i have visions of Cuntois watching our games and laughing at us if we had a dodgy keeper but if we land Kepa and he turns out great that would wipe the smug look off his face and leave atleast a few in Madrid wishing they had him instead. especially when they realize how many times Cuntois gets beaten at his near post.
  19. Nabil Fekir

    Muhammed is the most popular baby boys name in Britain at the moment. wife is pregnant so found myself looking at an article about baby names. at first I was shocked..but then thought well..non-muslims spread the names out more between about 60 different names. did wonder if any non-muslims are naming their babies that after Salah tho..like in Liverpool..Muhammed Mclekkymetertamperor.
  20. Jack Butland

    I`d take a happy to be here-fully committed Butland over Courtois ,his antics and sunday league near post capabilities. give him a year..we paid 30m for Drinkwater..Butland offers better value than that.
  21. Thibaut Courtois

    lessons to be learnt from this... 1) when loaning players out just loan them somewhere for 1 year.don`t let them develop roots there if we think they have a genuine shot at making our first team..preferably also nowhere that a millionaire footballer might like to live. 2) be weary of signing young players from countries that don`t have a history of success.they will be hyped up and not have the infrastructure of football legend gurus to bring them down to earth. 3) don`t let any player worth keeping or atleast due a high transfer fee for go within a year of becoming a free agent. 4)work better towards having in-house replacements for as many positions as possible.through youth to 1st team integration.
  22. Anthony Martial

    I see it as being between A) them having confidence in Jose and letting him do what he wants or B. they see his past history and realize he`s on track to implode and so they refuse to let young talent go because they think he`s gonna leave soon no matter. I see Jose wanting to do it..just a case of if their club will allow it and prefer to try to keep Jose over Martial. I think both players would welcome the move.
  23. Wilfried Zaha

    player/s plus cash deal I could see happening but not the straight 75m. maybe Drinkwater plus cash..