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Duppy Conqueror

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  • First Match first game i recall was Chelsea v Newcastle..i was 5.
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  • Interests i think this box is too small to name them all but basically,sports,music,history,sailing,sea life,world affairs,my family,my cat,my dog,my fish,friends,travelling,cup cakes,hiding,authentic military helmets and hats, smokin`plants ,trees,books,games etc..
  1. Mario Pašalić

    I would never put an agreed fee at the end of a loan out.it doesn`t benefit us in any way really.
  2. Oscar

    I liked him and had high hopes but time to move on and it`s the world record fee for a sub.
  3. Niklas Süle

    the other clubs in Germany just seem to part their cheeks and hope Bayern will apply some lube...
  4. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    it`s premature to think he`s done now but he is certainly somebody who needs to be dropped and fight for his place back into the team,he`s clearly woefully out of form. he helped us win the title so he was never a waste of a buy even if he never plays another good game. but sending out a message to the squad by dropping JT is wasted when Bran,Cesc and Eden are left in the team.nobody should be undropable.
  5. Anthony Martial

    I didn't even know Martin Tyler still did commentating..
  6. Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

    I understand Jose initially losing his cool. even tho Eva followed league protocol and did nothing wrong by those rules. he should have been man enough to apologise to her and never have stopped her continuing her role tho. there`s lots to love about Jose as a manager..but there`s also plenty of head scratching things he does and problems that just stupid and counter productive
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    he reminds me of David Speedie so far this season.with a twist of Doug Rougvie. i did think he went slightly too far today but am fine with him getting under defenders skin. fuck it tho..it`s Arsenal..and Arsene..the way they are outraged about it..i`ll let them be the ones having a stroke over it and keep celebrating the win and 3 points.
  8. 15. Victor Moses

    I`ve always liked him and rooted for him,perhaps mostly just for the horrific childhood he had. but really,in my heart and mind he`s an ex-Chelsea player already. i wish him well..more than most of our ex-players.even if it`s at west ham. sure he`s one of many players the last 12 years who hasn`t been given a true chance to grow with us but at all great clubs,good players like him don`t make it even if handled better.
  9. Jose Luis Gaya

    If we were a lesser profile team,not having expectations to win multiple trophies every year from an owner and coach with win now and we'll buy when we need depth.i think the same kind of things would be said of us. But certainly they have an impressive record of buying young unknowns or promoting from youth and turning them into good players. It's odd but if football was only played with left feet and they kept who they have sold the last 5 or so years they would be one of the best teams around. Atleast at 5 aside football..
  10. Jose Luis Gaya

    22 league appearances plus cup games in the last 5 football months.one succesful loan,followed by the request from that club to loan him out again isn't what i would class as can't get in the team.i'm aware he didn't start today.I have no expectations of any youngster bought for less than 20m being given a true chance here,even tho one or two have it's never an expectation but only speak from what i would do and Kalas who can offer what Bran can as a RB/CB only with pace enough to track attackers back close enough to prevent crosses and in a lesser role as back up to Azpi who will play all games when healthy or not needing a rest.then i would prefer either Kalas or Kane players whose transfer fee has already been paid,than to spend again on that role/position.
  11. Walsall v Chelsea

    I`d play Blackmon, we are fucked if Begovic takes a knock that puts him out for a few months.rather not risk that in such a game. and Blackmon needs some gametime to sharpen him up incase he needs to come on with goalkeepers getting sent off so easily now compared to how they almost never did. so.. 1.Blackmon 2.Zouma 3.Rahman 4.Papy. 5.Terry 6.Mikel 7.Ramires 8.Loftus-cheek 9.Remy 10.Traore 11 Kenedy. should be enough to see us through.for me progress in this cup is more important to let fringe players get time than for any cup glory.even tho I like us to win as much as possible including Milk Cups.
  12. Walsall v Chelsea

    well..they were in form in August. the European juggernauts Morecombe and Bury brought them down to earth. Should never take any opponent lightly,other than in team selection to give youngsters and understudys some game time.
  13. Jose Luis Gaya

    don`t think I`ve seen him play so.. pros-it would surely mean no more Bran at RB..with him and Rahman at LB. Azpi can go to RB permanently and Kalas or Kane can be his understudy. cons-he`s a young Spaniard and there`s always the risk of him having "that dream" that young Spanish players often have.aswell as those from South America,Portugal sometimes..
  14. Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    The season we had so far i'm not looking for anything to complain about.we need wins more than anything else. Man City lost..some members can stop crowning them champions 8 months before the season ends now. West Ham are looking great on the road..Arsenal,Liverpool and Man City all beaten in their own stadium by them and they lost at home to Bournemouth..mad times for the hammers.
  15. Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Drogba just did that in the European cup final when we needed all players on the field he chose to bitchslap Vidic.