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  1. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    tears of joy when young Reece scored the equalizer,even though I didn`t make it to the game this time nor see the goal on TV,it was at the exact moment my daughter was born. sounds like I would have loved the comeback even if going 4-1 down at home would have straightened out my usual pre-game float.
  2. Other two are grass roots and we have attempted to mow the lawn with a combine harvester. Is a shame really I haven't taken to women's football seeing as baby number 6 is on the way and they have all been girls so it's the only chance I got to see a kid of mine play for Chelsea. Youth I always had an interest in but waned in recent times due us not using them, that should change a bit now tho.
  3. Álvaro Morata

    I had high hopes for him when he signed but hard to tell how mentally strong a player is until he`s at your club and under the microscope.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    All good managers lie atleast twice a day. He says he'll see how they do but they obviously don't all start in pole position. Drinkwater is clearly at the back of the grid but there's no need for Frank to stray from his message by singling one out. Wait until Frank has revealed his hand, to see what he really has, but bear in mind no manager is going to have the exact squad he wants in his first year even without the transfer ban.
  5. Timo Werner

    Wish we would be actively pursuing him, even if the ban sticks like as to date it has, we can still buy him. Bayern just waiting for him to become a free agent. We will still need him when the ban is either expired or overturned. Wonder how it would work though if we signed him while having to wait a year before registering him at which time his contract with Leipzig would have ended. P. S. We should be all over de ligt too with Juve trying to get him on the cheap and dare I say Havertz. All 3 we could use in near future if unable to now.
  6. Super Frank Thread

    Welcome home Frankie & Jodie. The latter needs to be a good number 2 with our current situation but I don't see the same as others when they say this is a big risky hire. To me a foreign coach with no idea of what we have on our books besides our end of career players or more importantly as was reported about Sarri, an unwillingness to discover. Coupled with an experienced coach that forces his system on players that don't get the best out of them is more of a risk. All come with a risk but I see this as the less risky option for us in our current situation.
  7. Next Manager?

  8. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    it was basically sign him or sign no-one. I`d probably have not signed anyone and gave the time to the likes of Palasic instead but not in a wtf did we do that frame of mind for about it. he was vanilla last year but system was only really geared for Jorginho to shine in (even tho that didn`t really work out) really think Frank will be a sensible HC and not try to force players into positions and roles they are not suitable for so see how it goes.
  9. Next Manager?

    Carefree wherever we may be...
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    not being able to smoke a fag in the stadium messed with his head. after the Kepa incident I`m surprised he didn`t spark up there and then. result wise he did an o.k job...the thing that bugged me most was his statement he wouldn`t change his tactics till we perfected it..like why change if it`s perfected? adapt till you find a solution not keep trying something that isn`t working holding out hope someday it will..no plan B is pretty poor.
  11. 24. Reece James

    Reece should be in the match day squad every time he`s fit.have been saying it for years that with 7 subs named we really should have atleast 2 youngsters on the bench every game..5 veterans is more than enough.the times we have been 3-0 up against the likes of West Brom and see the likes of Pedro or Willian coming on for the last 20 minutes would be far better giving some youngsters that time. and of course Reece can play atleast 2 different positions well.it would be very much on merit I`m sure. I don`t really care about what Lampard did as a player in regard to him becoming our next coach,i believe he will do the sensible things these stubborn and rigid puppet master coaches were too afraid to do.and that`s what I want for us.
  12. Next Manager?

    i said Roman respects footballers more meaning who has played for us during his time as owner..Roman didn`t know Chelsea when RDM was in his pomp.
  13. Next Manager?

    for me Roman has always respected footballers above coaches. he probably respects Lampard above any coach he`s hired for us before. we don`t need a puppet master coach ,those are for teams with weaker talent (i know we aren`t the most talented of squads any more,but coupling the fact that we now require to use a fair few of those we have loaned out,our squad would be stronger) look at all Lampard has played with he`s had pretty much every kind of personality of player in the dressing room. e.g Drogba,Ballack,Crespo,JT, Ashley and Joe Cole,Gerrard,Scholes,Rio etc... i don`t expect us to go deep into the European Cup campaign,i`m not entirely expecting us to even finish 3rd in the Premier League but am expecting us to look in a much better position to challenge in year two than i would have expected with a more rigid puppet master coach like Jose,Conte or Sarri.