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  1. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    This thread is turning into an episode of loose women..
  2. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    much needed win. when Cahill came on,the comfort level dropped for me even at 3-0 up against the worst team in the division. ha
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    what a shitty penalty kick haha.. as a side note..i remember as a kid,cheering for Tottenham when they won the U.E.F.A cup in 1984 at an age when i cheered on all English teams in Europe..i also remember the beating my dad gave me to knock that shit out of me.. Forest should have played Tottenham that year but the Anderlecht owner bribed the ref in their semi..
  4. 24. Gary Cahill

    he used to get unfairly treated by some on here but he has sunk to that level now..time to move on from him..shame the window is closed now..wouldn`t mind if we just released him tho. let him recover elsehere..can`t have a captain who drags the team down.
  5. The Hiddink Thread

    love Guus but think he would be better being in charge of transfer targets (of course i`d rather the actual head coach to do that but seems too wishful thinking) than whoever the fook in Romans army of back room yes men is pulling names out of a hat. Roman obviously respects Guus and i`d rather someone with that amount of football experience instead of anyone else behind the scenes.
  6. The Conte Thread

    would not be surprised if that was based on fact that there is not currently an official opening...most managers/coaches would not want to be the guy that took another coaches job when he currently is still in employment.
  7. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    i wouldn`t write off Bakayoko yet though..still young,still worth having in the squad..just needs to be starting less until he`s good enough if he can manage it..give him atleast another year.maybe loan him out to another premiership team.for a season.
  8. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    as i said at the time..i didn`t like that we let Matic go and put all our eggs in the `yoko basket..in a year where we had a lot more games that we had played in the previous season. he wasn`t healthy and needed time to transition..we banked our season on him both getting healthy and hitting the ground running. Roman needs to fook off with letting likes of Cech and Matic go..although Cech earned the goodwill gesture..Matic needed to be told to suck it up,we still needed him to compete.
  9. Philipp Max

    just as we signed a new LB/LWB to made it two (plus others out on loan etc) we get linked to another. no direction at the club..just a grape shot approach at finding players and hoping they can somehow put together a team without backing the head coaches and turning them over so much we have no idea if any coach will want/be able to use him.
  10. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    we won the league title (aswell as lower tier titles) and had a few runs at more.won several European trophies before Roman was here..but never is still never.
  11. The Conte Thread

    we need to break away from sacking coaches nearly every time we have a bad spell. it adds extra tension and puts us under more pressure than other teams have to face.also we don`t have any leaders in our team other than possibly Azpi and he`s more of a lead by example rather than a JT,Wise,Gullit,Desailly,Cech,Drogba,Ballack kind of leader.. having those types in the past made regular managerial changes not as bad as they could have been. but really..it`s like we building up to a divorce between Roman/the board of yes men v Conte..the team are the messed up kids trying to deal with the fact that mummy doesn`t love daddy any more. it seems inevitable now that there is going to be a break up soon..only positive is there are a few more capable coaches as free agents than there usually are..i believe Conte with the right support is a better coach than all of those but without he`s not and a lesser head coach with the right amount of support would probably be better than this situation we have. really we should be beating the likes of Watford,Burnley,Bournemouth without needing any input from our head coach,we should have enough in leadership,talent and drive to smack those teams about but we don`t.
  12. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    you said we never had a player as bad as him but now switched it to in the Roman era..haha..you missed out 98 years of our history.
  13. The Conte Thread

    we need an influx of 3 or 4 good signings..that only seems to happen now in the summer when a new head coach arrives. it`s sad..but it is what it is. crazy how we have won the PL 5 times since Wenger last won it aswell as European trophies that he has never and he`s outlasted all of them combined. we sack way too early,they sack way too late..the club make it impossible for our head coaches to succeed once the novelty of one season has worn off. they make it impossible to grow from within because they want instant success and sack whenever a non-championship season occurs. they add too much tension for coaches and players to perform under.Fergies reign would have never happened for us or Cloughies with Forest..we won the league twice since any of the Manchester clubs have and yet less than a year from winning the league we have fallen behind them and it`s looking like it will be a few years until we get ahead of them again if we do atall. there`s a limit to how many great Head Coaches are out there and some may just not want to up root their lives for 18 months to 2 years with us.
  14. Olivier Giroud

    it would be fine if we didn`t spend big in the future on lots of players, if we were more proactive in getting our world class youth players integrated into the first team squad more. then just splash on a few top draw players from elsewhere. the old Barcelona way of winning.
  15. Olivier Giroud

    makes some sense as he appears to be ok with being a sub most of the time but can`t help but think would the other big clubs in Europe be worrying about having their 2nd striker being ok about being used as mostly a sub or would they go for 2 great strikers and make them fight it out for who gets the most playing time..our strike force is essentially made up with two subs from elsewhere now if we sign Giroud. i like Morata..just going through a rough patch but would like us to have somebody who will challenge him to play at his peak..Giroud isn`t bad but he`s not that. i expect us to be looking for a top striker in the summer..i think the club don`t want to spend big now because they may think Conte isn`t gonna be here in the summer..they seem only willing to really splash the cash during a new managers first summer in recent years.