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  1. Chelsea 2-1 Bournemouth

    Are there still tickets available? Am in London for the first time, if anyone can help me out, would be greatly appreciated. 2 tickets for me and a friend of mine. Regards, Vincent
  2. Bertrand Traoré

    He has absoltely no drive and plays with an air, kinda cocky in a way, i think he feels like this club isn't big enough for him or something. The drive he had a few years ago at Vitesse is gone if you ask me, and not only hasn't he progressed, he actually got worse.
  3. Next Manager?

    Conte with his fellow Italian Zola
  4. Joke Thread

    A kid had sex with his teacher. So the kid just got of school and he got into the car with his mom. The mom asks, "What did you do at school today?" The kid replies, "I had sex with the teacher." The mom was furious so when they got home, she told him to go to his room and wait for his father to come home. Well the father came home from work a couple hours later and the mother told him what their son said. The dad walks up to his sons room and says, "Son, I'm proud of you. I'm going to buy you a new bike." Later that day they got the bike and the father asks, "Would you like to try it out?" The son replies, "Not now. My butt still hurts."
  5. Joke Thread

    My wife told me to take a spider out instead of killing it.
  6. Joke Thread

    Mom: Son, why dont you talk to Mark anymore? You used to be best friends. Son: Well would you talk to someone who is stupid, uses drugs and is an alchocolic? Mom: Of course not. Son: Well neither would he.
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    I did mention anything about him when he was 18. Because there are no player around that age playing full seasons at top teams, let alone players with his qualites. And Chelsea isn't the club that is known for its sympathy for young players when it comes to getting chances to prove yourself in the first squad. To me he has made a realistic choice and it has been proven the right one.
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    I believe he was 18 when he joined Chelsea, i cannot think of any player at age 18, 19 that has been first striker for one full season at a top team. You could label it as lack of self belief i would rather call it realism.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    I think the choise was quite easy; after scoring 17 goals at West Bromwich Albion clubs will just line up for you. Choosing between the bench at Chelsea or one of those clubs is quite easy to me.
  10. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Hello Rmpr, it's been a long road and still is. Thanks for asking! Your nickname doesn't directly ring a bell, i hope that doesn't offend you. Good to see that there are still people from a while ago and that you are registred donor!
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Not really, first you claim to back up your opinion and now you have already a conclusion ready for me being a fanboy or am overrating the player. Just like your previous post, that i overrate him because of his goals this season, that is not backing op your opinion that is making a conclusion out of nothing. I might be overrating him, just like you might overrate Hazard. I'm fine with that, everyone has his own opinion. But since you clearly like Hazard, you have him mentioned as Fav Player on your Profile and has a photo of him you seem more likely to have the problem. Objectiveness isn't in your favor because of that. You'll have to understand that not everybody thinks exactly like you, and i can live with that fact. I hope you will too.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    I am not joking. Thanks for respecting my opinion. I also don´t see Silva a better player than Aguero, David Silva is great though. But i see him as a better version of Mata, that are great when your ahead but are not gonna win the war for you. I miss the fire that Aguero does have. Funny coming from someone that has Eden Hazard as favorite player, it's probably hard that somebody rates your eyecandy differently than you do. And why you keep just telling the successes he had just for this season while you do rate Eden Hazard on his previous seasons? Since he is absolutely nothing so far, i assume you are referring to the Hazard that we all wish to see. You also seem upset or angry that i don't agree with your view of football, why would you accuse me of overrating him. You are telling where i rate him on, an that's bollocks. I can talk for myself, thanks. Have a nice day.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Well, you said i did forget about Sanchez while i did not. I can only and did give my view on it, and for me Aguero is alone on top and next is a bunch of players including Sanchez and Hazard.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    It's great how you start with 'he isn't' i believe that shows your not really open to other insight and that your view is a fact. Also you mention how Aguero only had two games where he was good, well that means 2/8 where he was good according to you. That means he's been 25% more 'good' than Hazard, since we can agree that Hazard hasn't shown anything this season right? Or are you satisfied with what he has shown so far? I saw him make a few actions, that would be appreiated in a nice compilation. But for me it wasn't really effective, and we can discuss whatever we want but that's a fact. It might have to do with looking at something objective or subjective, which is a hard one. Especially since he is 'our' hope during these times.