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  1. 3 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

    Good to see you back -are you hanging around or just a flying visit ?

    I'll try stick around. I'm avoiding Chelsea related news at the moment, so I'm waiting for some kind of heated debate  to rise up somewhere that's not the usual 'sWaP kAnTe FoR jOrGiNhO' rhetoric flying around :lol: .

    Was Term ever allowed back?

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  2. Two thoughts on Hudson-Odoi;

    1. If he's not signing a new contract then Sarri owes the kid nothing lmao. People keep going on that we have to convince him to sign, the kid is fucking 19, If he doesn't want to be here then why should we pander? Acting like every English kid is going to be the next Jadon Sancho. 

    2. With all that being said, the fact he isn't deemed enough to play over Willian or Pedro even as the first choice sub is beyond comprehension. Sarri took this 'use 14 players' to heart. Hell even Pep used 17 this season alone!

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  3. 2 hours ago, BlueLion. said:

    No, not yet. Of course he isn't. I just want to get this clear, FB - are you saying that for his transfer fee, he should be as good as Cech was for us? It just comes across that way. 

    Get a load of this guy, like he was a goal keeper or something. Sheeeesh!

    1 hour ago, Fulham Broadway said:

    I am saying that because of his fee, he is getting a free pass atm re his shortcomings whereas others are getting slated. 

    Mourinho for all his current faults, with that fantastic 2004-5 team had a mantra that is 100% relevant. Start at the back. Top keeper. with a solid defence in front is paramount. He is a good keeper, and I get the 'he will get better' stuff, but he isn't 19, and the Worlds most expensive keeper I would not expect to be so naïve in some situations. 

    I get what you're saying. There's been some point blanks at him that you're expecting a goal keeper to save, not that he doesn't make his share of Hollywood saves. I was hoping to see more of a reaction keeper upgrade on Courtois and I haven't been too impressed but for all that there are improving signs imo. Time will tell if he lives up to this World Record fee but as @Jason said, there's more pressing concerns right  now. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Special Juan said:

    serious shots fired here IMO

    Hardly though. His exact quotes are:

    "Then I let the board manage Chelsea the best way that they can."

    "If we have something new - manager or players - it is always good to know it because I want players that can [help bring success back to] Chelsea next season. But to be fair the transfer market is not here [in full flow] yet. We will see after."

    He's hardly making the demands Sky and inferring. He's been here long enough to know how this club operates with management.

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  5. Just now, LAM09 said:

    Someone has to break the mold. RLC had chances last year but didn't make the most of them, whilst Chalobah wanted to leave for consistent game time.

    Former seems to be doing well at Palace, only behind Zaha and Cabaye as their best player. With he and Abraham getting the minutes and plaudits, they'll do what Tbo & AC managed to do/doing. That's why I doubt we'll see Ampadu like that, we seem to blood in players already in first-team situations. (Boy it'd be nice to re-sign Bertrand lol!)

  6. 2 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

    Age is only a number at the end of the day.

    Youth and Chelsea is a systematic problem rather than a Conte problem. 

    If you can't trust Chalobah or Loftus-Cheek, I doubt Ampadu will be starting. But it would be nice to be proved wrong. Hudson-Odoi would be a nice cameo too behind Morata & Michy lol

  7. Lmao ridiculous press conference, barely any mention to Bournemouth instead asking stupid questions on Carlo Ancelotti & Steve Holland lmao! If anything this is Juve-Conte lashing out at the fabrications. They were so desperate to talk about Carlo they even speculated on Carlo to Everton :lol:

  8. 2 hours ago, the wes said:

    Tiemoue Bakayoko admits he needs to improve at Chelsea and hits out at Nemanja Matic comparison


    Good quotes from him, sounds like he's aware of his limitations but is learning on how to improve. 

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  9. 7 hours ago, Special Juan said:

    And here comes the customary biennial 'Chelsea collapse' We knew we would be competing for more and playing more games, this isn't something new to us. The squad depth should of been improved massively, instead we just fucking dicked around and now it's all 'Tiredness' and 'fatigue' No sympathy, sorry. Should of gotten our fucking fingers out in the summer and bought massively to over ride this happening.

    Antonio Conte looks a broken man, and that display on Wednesday was horrific, even at 2-0.


    Ridiculous how we're in a literal 2 year cycle now. Seems now that we've won 2 PLs they want Champions League glory again. And with the most successful CL manager of all time hovering around....

  10. 15 minutes ago, MrExcalibur100 said:

    He wasn't even in the same galaxy as Messi last season who is still easily the top dog there.

    fair enough, won't pretend I watched Barcelona near enough to know. I've understood Suarez has been poor in 2017, so at least we wasn't in such discussion :lol:

  11. 26 minutes ago, MrExcalibur100 said:

    Neymar doesn't even deserve to be on the last 3 podium based on his 2017 and not winning jack with Barcelona

    Don't know man, on an individual performance he was better than that whole MSN combination. His role in the comeback versus PSG can't be understated either. Top scorer in Brazil's successful WC qualifying campaign too iirc. It's not like he doesn't deserve to be in that top percentile bracket imo. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Ledgi said:

    Asking him about the rumors players are unhappy with his training regime and if Mourinho annoys him. The guy next to him, who's with every manager at PCs (don't know his name), even he got annoyed by this question.

    Not surprised at all. Sky are really going for this Conte v Mourinho narrative with more ammunition this year, last year it was The Return for Mourinho which we ruined with that 4-0 win, so now they're going to make it Conte v Mourinho rather than Mourinho v Chelsea. 

    Funny thing is the game is in 2 weeks and we've still got Watford, Everton, Bournemouth & Roma to go before then :lol:  

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  13. 58 minutes ago, Fernando said:

    They need to know what is their vision and get a manager that can work with that. 

    Let this notion go lol. Our vision isn't coach-dependent. Our success is based on head coaches doing what they can with the squad they're given by the board. This is not changing anytime soon and it's difficult to argue it when we've been as successful as we have. 

    Right now it works because players seem to respond to new coaches, new manager syndrome so to speak. That's why we won't have a manager that will last >3 years, ideas get stale and players become comfortable and complacent. Hell any given top club now won't last with a manager longer than 3-4 years now. Fergie and Wenger were the last. 

    I even see Zidane leaving/sacked from Real within 2 years.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Tautvix said:

    We played park the bus tactics a few times last season... Just when you win games like against Man City last season away you try to hide that... But if we didn't win that game we would all be having a go at Conte for parking the bus. Also Man City at home this season... We did park the bus. Conte is not more attacking coach compared to Jose.

    Yeah I don't disagree we've gone more defensive when the situation calls for it. But the original point was Conte has no plan B in games, to which I direct at what manager actually ever does have a plan B in a game? Seldom do you see a team change tactically in any given game.

  15. Very. very happy for him. Making the absolute most of his loan opportunity and clearly working with Paul Clement has been good for his own development. 

    Has to be rewarded for his efforts next season, our very own Rashford.

  16. 1 hour ago, Henrique said:

    He just doesn't have a plan B.

    Tbh, what manager right now does? Pochettino seldom shows tactical flexibility, if anything Conte showed he's more agile there when we played Spurs and he went with diamond formation. Granted his hand was forced by needing to draft Luiz in a DM. But he still managed to out-whit MP. 

    Mourinho we know has no plan B. He has only one plan game-to-game as he showed vs Liverpool (Lmao the irony United fans are now defending 'park the bus'). So unless you're going to name me a manager outside the PL, I struggle to see anyone who every implements a plan B or C. 

  17. 3 hours ago, 11Drogba said:

    What's is going on in London? People say it looks like this today.

    Combination of things have given effect to a 'red sun phenomenon' today. Leftover effects from hurricane Ophelia has carried dust and debris from the Sahara as well as effects from wild fires in Europe has culminated into this strange apocalyptic-looking skyline. More info here 

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