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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    how the years have damaged me my friend!
  2. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    It is nice to have a player that even rival fans enjoy seeing play and interact on social media lol, good for the club's image. They must be delighted, but I hope he on the other hand doesn't have any negative interactions that can get him inadvertently in trouble.
  3. Gary Cahill

    Thing is Chou, the logic then was if we do let Terry walk away then surely we had to sign a world class centre back to replace him. At the time you couldn't really fault that logic. If we could have secured an establish one then it would've been wonderful for the development of this team. The fact we didn't is why JT is key now, because simply put we have no-one better currently. Can you honestly say you're comfortable with that?
  4. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Nah, they're showing Manc derby and Liverpool-Spurs. Left Chelsea alone this round lmao.
  5. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Guys, guys, you're getting far too carried away imo. Nothing against Tammy, good on him for taking his opportunities. But we know this song all too well, he'll have a great season with Bristol. Maybe he'll even be voted Player of the Year by the club or even league. He'll come back and we'll send him elsewhere. Where we send him will backfire and he might not even be able to get into the team. We'll then try to revive his career by sending him to another club, eventually sending him to the depths of a foreign league where he'll never be heard from again. Shame that, isn't it?
  6. David Luiz

    Wonderful post. Let's not forget, when speaking of media agenda, how Rooney is the prodigal son who can do no wrong. Yet Costa, who's an absolute goal machine this season, is the terror to football and Conte's campaign
  7. The Conte Thread

    Thing about Terry is and I think he said this post-Rafa or even during Rafa's reign. He's okay with being out the team, provided that the people replacing him are justified in their selection* and that season you could argue strongly he had a point when watching a young Luiz and Cahill ahead of him looking shaky as ever. Fast-forward a season and you argue he was right in his 'annoyance' lets say.. Whether he's more accepting if, say, Zouma and Luiz eventually became our CB pairing is another issue entirely. The fact is, until we sign a world-class centre back, I see scarce reasons why Terry shouldn't be there. He's still, positionally, one of the best around. It's amazing that he's still in the team, but that speaks volumes about our poor recruitment and the fitness levels of Terry in spite of this.
  8. Gary Cahill

    Still waiting for one to criticise Rooney tbh..
  9. Eden Hazard

    What a difference two games make. Before it was all about "Hazard's back!" "New chapter" "Genius" Christ this boy is wasted on us sometimes
  10. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Again, I just don't want to get excited . This model is predictable, he'll go on loan again and might not reach the heights he does and it's another one gone. Meanwhile Rashford & Kelechi..
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Mass over reaction re Mourinho, imo. These players will inevitably come good, but it's hilarious to see
  12. Lucas Piazón

    Yeah, can't blame him but won't really help him speaking out - The bit about returning to the club I mean. I suspect he could have got a move anytime he wanted tbh..
  13. David Luiz

    Hell yeah man, he gives a shit. When things were bad here no-one did, no-one turned up and told the fans to go fuck themselves. At least Luiz has always carried out his role, especially in big games, going for it all the time.
  14. The Board

    Couldn't you argue the same about Roman's money laundering affairs, Litvinenko ring a bell?
  15. The Board

    Disagree, a lot. Aside from Kante I don't really see these excellent buys, considering without Champions League football Man Utd recruited Pogba, Zlatan, Bailly and Mkhitaryan. Think we left it far too late to address our LB & CB crisis, though they could turn to be excellent signings let's not be under any illusion they were plan z. Left it to the final 3 weeks of an already busy transfer window chasing the likes of Koulibaly, Romagnoli only to go back to PSG for Luiz. Not knocking Luiz, but it's more than evident he was a last resort lmao. They salvaged deadline day by going for targets that weren't going to be a massive loss for the club in Alonso and Luiz, though I'll give them credit for capturing both at a fee below £40m which seems to be the average. IMO, they should've had this wrapped up weeks ago rather than 2 games into the season with little-to-no time to adapt.
  16. David Luiz

    High risk, high reward, lack of options. Good luck, again, David Luiz.
  17. The Conte Thread

    Haven't we? In the title winning season it was more than apparent. We stumbled over the line! Last season was just a write off from the beginning anyway. I really do worry about our lack of depth in defence and their ability to cope . Sure no European football will help but its still a long season regardless!
  18. The Conte Thread

    No I'm saying it's too premature to assume we won't cave in again mate. Yeah confidence is up now and things seem to be going well, but when that winter slump comes and we're exposed with Cahill, Terry & Ivanovic then we'll see what 'improvements' are there. If we keep a great defensive record then I'll be happy to say I was wrong, but that initial statistic makes no shred of difference to me because it's too early lol.
  19. Eden Hazard

    Still think that in the absence of any other world-class talent, Eden's going to burnout sooner than we expect. That's a scary proposition within itself, the tone of the match with Burnley was pretty much set as soon as Hazard scored. As Barbara described in the Conte thread, Burnley were then stuck on whether to counter attack or sit back and messed up on both approaches LOL. In games where defences sit a lot tighter and don't concede early I don't know how we're going to expect Hazard to bail us out. Hope it doesn't happen, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  20. The Conte Thread

    Yeah but it's new manager syndrome and we've yet to be properly challenged. The strongest we've played is West Ham and they were without key players anyway
  21. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Lord Di Marzio said it, must be true(!)
  22. The Conte Thread

    LOL, we're 4 games in & just kept our first clean sheet in a long time on Saturday. Useless comparison.
  23. Cesc Fàbregas

    The sun lol.. Why wouldn't Fabregas remain? Much like Schweinsteiger in our Northern counterparts' situation we're the ones who put him on a long-term contract and made him one of our more important members in the past. With 3 days to go in the window where's he realistically going that's going to offer him better terms than we are? I genuinely don't mind keeping him because he showed against Watford what he can do off the bench when opposing teams are more tired and it's easier for him to win the ball and play that sort of defence splitting pass. My problem is that the man starting ahead of him, who offers no credible attacking threat in himself. Thank fuck Hazard doesn't let him take penalties when he asks - There's always that one guy to point to statistics
  24. The Conte Thread

    I agree with you to be honest. The issue about Kante-Matic-Oscar is not one of whether it 'works', since we have to analyse and infer what Conte's aim even is. So yeah if it's an approach that's designed to shut out the opposing teams so we keep a rigid shape in front of the back 4 then you can say it 'works'. But as you've pointed out quite clearly, it's not going to help break down stubborn teams who keep 10 men behind the ball. An example of this is Hull City yesterday, they kept a good defensive shape and simply didn't allow United to get into the 6-yard box but allowed them all the possession. Sure United struck late through a massive bite of luck but how on earth are we going to break down these defences when we only keep Costa, Willian and Hazard as our only attacking outlets? Sure we can bring on Pedro, Cesc and Batshuayi. But what if we could replace Oscar and get someone who brings in his work rate but is simply more able in the attacking sense of the game?!
  25. The only reason I find this doesn't work is because such rants usually come via another story or post in a thread that's usually player/match related