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  1. James Rodríguez

    Yeah but the difference here is you have a player who's not playing this much at his own club actively seeking a move away. The stars you mention are content where they are.even if they're stuck at the likes of Arsenal lmao. James is more attainable than those you've mentioned imo.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Yawn. If we were in it, we'd probably have drawn PSG lol. Very predictable.
  3. John Terry

    Not sure personally. Not sure Sam is all that tactically either, but over a 7 game tournament there are certainly worse options out there lol. The insistence to stay with a British coach is what's hampering England tbh. Hope there's some truth in this Wenger approach, sooner than later would be nice.
  4. John Terry

    England fucked it with Capello. If they had just let him pick who he wants and make his team they could actually have achieved something.. Now look lol.
  5. John Terry

    At least with Conte's "head coach" job title that clearly put that to bed
  6. John Terry

    I'll bite. Explain?
  7. John Terry

    So incredibly fake, how do people fall for this
  8. Victor Moses

    Best news I've heard all day!
  9. Victor Moses

    Forgot about AFCoN, always likes to mess with us. In the past with important players like DD and Ess, now it's Moses (& Mikel....)
  10. The English Football Thread

    I'll smoke one to that!
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    It's interesting at United though. When you watch United, particularly over their last say 5 games, they actually play pretty well. It's fast paced, direct, but they seem to be very goal shy. It's more of a distribution problem rather than their strikers not functioning well. But that's a consequence of them spending ridiculous money on 4 players without filling in the gaps lmao. Jose is right they've played good football, but if he wants to see how you get results from good football then he should seriously look at Conte. Our accuracy in front of goal is the best it has ever been, we only had 4 shots on target against City and were clinical enough to take all but one of those chances. Thoroughly enjoying this spell though, United fans being forced to be humbled after thinking they'll win everything during the summer
  12. Nathan Aké

    HA! Love that emblem!
  13. The Conte Thread

    clearly most important of all, huh Barbara? -- Watching this weekend's last PL game, it's clear why Chelsea are so efficient this season. Everton & City played us, changing their formation to match ours, and thus payed us a huge compliment in the sense we dictated how they play. I thought prior to this season it would Guardiola who would change English football but it seems to be Conte who's really influencing the approach of other teams in the league. Klopp has introduced high pressing and energy while Conte's got the formation and fitness levels up. Those double training over the summer really have put Hazard and Costa back into shape!
  14. David Luiz

    Think it's a foul, but never a red. Clearly Azpilicueta was in enough range to continue after so there's no last man back argument. Other way round we're probably saying foul to the mountains, play to whistle though!
  15. The Conte Thread

    Yeah but at the same time they only have 38 games to play lol. Whatever is also of the FA Cup games plus international break also but that's about it. Injuries would be a problem, yes, but I wouldn't expect fatigue to be an issue.
  16. The Conte Thread

    Lol I don't suggest that at all. He's more than a competent player and has allowed us to play this formation because he's a capable defender and I give him credit for that. However the two things he lacks is a) finishing (which is irrelevant because he's not really there to finish) and b] he's not very quick. I find that a problem because when he's a wingback it's expected he can get back as quick as he can go forward lol. Moses does it very well. But also Moses has Azpilicueta on his wing, they're both quick. It's not much of a problem because again, we're outscoring teams. But it's an area we're weak, on the right we're more than okay (it's quite refreshing to longer have to worry about Ivanovic)
  17. The Conte Thread

    But it wasn't anything to do with Matic's absence. My point was to highlight the lack of pace between both Cahill and Alonso will be an issue once more teams begin to figure out that we are more exposed than anywhere else. It's nothing to do with City's quality because even Tottenham did well to exploit that but they couldn't exploit it effectively. The point again being, they shouldn't have to. My suggestion is one of simply, if Zouma is blooded into this team in place of Cahill then he can get to those wide players quicker and further away from our own goal than Alonso/Cahill inviting pressure,
  18. Nathaniel Chalobah

    Yeah it was reported he and Cesc were both booked for the alteration, as well as the 2 sending off City recieved.
  19. Nathaniel Chalobah

    Glad for him, been with Chelsea as long as anyone. Has pushed Loftus-Cheek out the picture for that midfield role and he's showing his passion to play for Chelsea! Don't think he's going to face any further, ref saw the push and booked as such. Unless he's done anything further, which I haven't seen, to aggravate that he should be okay. Cesc however will because I doubt that the slap to Fernandinho was seen.
  20. The Conte Thread

    Not good is how I remeber lol. Often looked uncomfortable with ball at feet and under pressure too, so yes there's a need for him to now show maturity on the ball - Working with Luiz, Azpi and Conte would help. But yeah, he'll need a run of games for sure before he can be considered to be a starter.
  21. Eden Hazard

    Pep yet to beat a Chelsea team in 90minutes
  22. The Conte Thread

    Yeah of course, for the short term that will hold. But once teams start to focus on that weakness of our team, Conte's hand will be forced.
  23. The Conte Thread

    Yeah and Alonso isn't blessed with much either. This is an apt time to start blooding Zouma on that side, he's quick enough to be able to get out to those wide areas before the problem develops. Cahill and Alonso painfully exposed today.
  24. The Conte Thread

    He does need to address these wide areas, we seem to be exposed in. Alonso properly caught out today, teams are going to have watched this and Tottenham and seen we can be scored against. We're lucky because we have enough attacking power to outscore the likes of Spurs and Citeh, but areas need to be reinforced.
  25. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Have we? Sounds like a change in management at Betis has hampered him, that's beyond our control.