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  1. 11. Alexandre Pato

    You're certainly right. Football these days is an agent's paradise.. They're more sought out than the transfer targets themselves. Nike's deal will help too, rubbing shoulders with the sponsors is just as powerful.
  2. 26. John Terry

    Clearly there's an eye to move him into a coaching capacity, he said himself this contract offers him a different role to what he's expected. In one sense maybe he's graciously winding down on a high when he knows he could give top level performances for a year or two longer. It will only serve him well long-term. Frankly, he won't be welcomed as a TV pundit because of the general perception around him (yet Savage continues to run rampage). Who knows, our very own Zidane could be emerging from the shadows sooner or later.
  3. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Well we were obviously not going to get such a deal but at only £18m less.. That'll do.
  4. 22. Willian

    Yes but that wasn't the issue... It's not what he isn't doing for United it's what he was doing for us. There was absolutely no reason to cull him from the team when we did, he was our most creative outlet in the n10 position. Oscar hadn't done anything at the time to justify his selection for that role to the extent we had to sell Mata! Oscar was given the platform and did............nothing. Nothing meaningful.
  5. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Thank fuck for that. Second highest in Europe - pending Real's next deal. That'll do nicely in time for us building a new stadium and all.
  6. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Well that's out of context.. Terry's injuries played their part, as did Cahill's
  7. 26. John Terry

    Classic John Terry, an undoubted legend for what he's done on the pitch for us but scarcely does that come without controversy. Whether he's getting himself suspended for important finals, having extra-marital affairs etc there's always something. After going public about his contract situation he's got the year-extension he's wanted. Did he think the terms were going to be absolute of what they have been previously? Of course not. The club were clearly reluctant to offer anything which was wrong but now an offer's there and suddenly we're having an issue of how that itself may not be good enough? Idk, maybe it's because i'm fed up of all this politics the club plays internally from board to players. The way I see it now, if he signs then he'll prove all this mr chelsea shit, if he goes then we know it's clearly not about staying at chelsea, more so staying on terms that suit him. I don't blame him so much for going public to be honest. He clearly saw the Lampard situation first time around and saw the fans basically got him that final extension and the same has happened this season (so much for we don't have a voice huh? lol). But if he's then not going to sign on, well hey what the hell do you want JT? Let's hope we won't have to go through this whole speculation and he will sign.
  8. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    That's fair too and of course we shouldn't be taken for mugs either, which is why breaking our contract early with Adidas isn't an issue most fans will be cursing. After this disaster of a kit with a lack of any real PR is simply embarrassing when you're meant to be one of your brand's highest rated teams. Albeit we're only really behind United & Bayern in their standings, which is a byproduct of them being far more established than we've been.
  9. Chelsea v Leicester

    Don't think I'll bother tuning in for this one. Hiddink said no academy players will start, meaning Mike-Matic to rage us to death coupled with finals this week.. I have better things to do with 90 minutes. Hope club does something more special than a guard of honour for Ranieri.
  10. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Fair enough but we go on so much about 'big clubs' and what the benchmark ought to be, some fans do take interest in that. And yes the football side is clearly the most important thing, but there's more to a football club than that now. Associating with just giants in their own respective industries only does well to represent the Chelsea brand globally. The bigger we want to become, and thus keep achieving better by enticing world-class players, the more we want our reputation to enhance. And again, not saying just because we sign with Nike we'll sign Messi tomorrow (there's always one..) but its something to think about. You shake hands with the right people and they shake hands with better people..
  11. Stamford Bridge

    Wow, author did a great job of getting a lot more details of this than we know, fair play to him. Couple of eye jumping extracts:
  12. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    No but they certainly help sell the Chelsea brand. That's why sponsorship works both ways, we show off their brand while they incorporate ours into theirs. You can't ignore that Nike's catalogue of teams and player clearly shows there's a reason they're in the elite with Adidas. Both brands bring up the value of the other. We sign with any other smaller competitor we're essentially trying to carry their weight of branding. Nike's advertising and marketing side alone is enormous. Just step outside and have a look, you can't get away from it. It's beneficial for both parties.
  13. Stamford Bridge

    Absolute joke. This groundshare thing better be a sick joke, I'd hate sharing Wembley with Tottenham but at least Wembley is neutral. Olympic Stadium will be West Ham's HOME ground.
  14. The English Football Thread

    Lmao go on the kits page and see how people think Manchester United aren't a bigger global brand..
  15. Gonzalo Higuain

    This fraud is so lucky that Sky Sports don't care he's full of shit. The man know absolutely fuck all most the time but gets away with it because he gets an interview now and then /rant