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  1. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in The Mourinho Thread   
    CNN italian correspondent. Gazzetta dello Sport contributor.@SportsTonightTV european correspondent
    Tancredi Palmeri ‏@tancredipalmeriChelsea and Mourinho agent had a very fruitful meeting in the very last days
  2. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Rmpr in The Mourinho Thread   
    LOOOL, I picture yourself exactly like this guy!
  3. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Leif in The Mourinho Thread   
    Another point as to why he'd come back - If he wins the CL with Real Madrid this season, we'll be the only major club he's managed (Benfica doesn't count) that he's not won the Champions League with. It'll probably have him feeling incomplete if he never wins the CL with us, and he knows that, so he's gotta come back and make us 2X Champions League winners.
    His longest time spent at one club as manager is with US. He chose to leave Porto after the CL win. Chose to leave Inter after the CL win. And would likely choose to leave Madrid after a potential CL win this season. Him leaving us when he did wasn't as simple as him just 'choosing' to leave due to thinking his work here was done - because it certainly wasn't. It looks like if the board & Roman had just been perfect and not interfered as much as they did that Jose could've been with us for 5 seasons or however long it would have taken before winning the CL IMO.
    It's not a case of "He just jumps from club to club" at all. It's just that he's so successful that there comes a point where the challenge is all gone. It was no longer a challenge managing Inter. He'd proven himself as a top Serie A manager. He'd proven himself as a top Portuguese league manager. He's even proven himself as a top La Liga manager, which'll be even more firmly set in stone if he guides Real Madrid to their long-awaited Champions League triumph this season. (And if he does so, he'll likely want to abandon ship at that point. He seems miserable in Spain.)
    But with us? Yeah, he's won the league with us - but he hasn't proven he can keep doing it. He hasn't proven that he can be a Sir Alex Ferguson who keeps winning the title, or an Arsene Wenger who through thick and thin stays around for over a decade and is also heavily involved with the academy. He hasn't proven that he can guide an English team to even a Champions League final, nevermind win it!
    Then a whole new challenge is the 'youth' set up, which, although we're monsters in the football world when that 'youth' word is used - is yet another challenge (nurturing them and creating first team players from the academy) which he's openly said to be enticed by in the past.
    Now, I want questions answered by those who believe Mourinho won't return.
    1: If he wins the Champions League with Madrid, why wouldn't he leave like he did Inter?
    2: If he were to leave Madrid at the end of this season, which other club would he join ahead of us? He's certainly not going back to Serie A with Inter confirming they'll be keeping their coach; his loyalty to Inter preventing him from managing AC Milan & Juventus looking set how they are for the future. Manchester United don't want/need him next season; PSG will likely still have Ancelotti filling their post; Bayern's seat is already taken, and although a semi-logical idea would be "He'll now want to prove himself in the Bundesliga", do you really see that happening with Klopp still in charge at Dortmund? Mourinho isn't their type of manager anyway! Where else would he manage in Germany? I can't think of a team personally! So that leaves Chelsea, who actually need a new manager next season - And then Manchester City who could entice him with their great youth set up and bags of money, plus that's also a new challenge - but who's to say Mancini won't still be there? And as mentioned above, their board contains the very guy who rejected Mourinho's approach to work at Barcelona!
    Now that is applying logic.
    We are his only option (IF he leaves Madrid and still wants to manage in the top 4/5 leagues) barring some sort of miracle at another club.
  4. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Heisenberg in The Mourinho Thread   
    For me its deal done.
    The way he talks, the way he smiles just like a little boy who knows something we dont know, the way he is thinking about London more than Madrid, for me, because no coach is available in the summer for CFC, he'll be the manager next year for us, its obvious.
  5. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in The Mourinho Thread   
    Mourinho close to Blues return

  6. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by The Skipper in The Mourinho Thread   
    So people are twats because they're excited about Mourinho possibly returning? Brilliant thing to say mate, brilliant.
  7. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in The Mourinho Thread   
    " I'm Committed to Madrid till the end of the season. The transfers window is in the summer (Smiling). "
  8. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by manpe in The Mourinho Thread   
    I can't believe anyone can seriously ask that. Wouldn't you have got excited as a wee child if you were told you were going to Disneyland maybe?
  9. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Alabama in The Mourinho Thread   
    why all the excitement....#fingers crossed till the second coming of Mou#....but still feels incredulous....
  10. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in The Mourinho Thread   
    Jose Mourinho reaches provisional agreement with Roman Abramovich to return to Chelsea

  11. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Leif in The Mourinho Thread   
    I must say I really dislike the whole "Stop getting excited, these are just rumours, I can't see him coming back" posts
    Really? You can't see him coming back? How is someone who works at Porto, someone who works at Chelsea, one of the top journalists in France and many more non-newspaper sources who are incredibly respected & only comment on deals and happenings when there's a sprinkling of truth not even the slightest bit convincing? Do you want Mourinho to tattoo "It looks like i'm coming back to Chelsea" on his cock and slap you all in the face with it while shouting "YOU SILLY BASTARD!! READ IT!!!!" to convince you more?
    Of course stories get made up every season - that's football. No one here (I believe) is 12 years old or younger. Everyone knows the possibility of him not coming is probably just as big as him actually coming. We're excited though because there's rarely this much solid info regarding a move. It's usually just some crap written in the Daily Mail, something written in The Sun, then the rumour is forgotten about. Lighten up.
    If you don't enjoy anticipation, "Maybe's" and "What if's", is this the sport for you? Maybe basketball or something along the lines where transfers & moves are more straightforward would be more suiting.
    Why not contemplate changes he could make if he signs? It'll be a let down if he doesn't arrive, but so what? We won't be sobbing into our hands 3-quarters of the way into the season wishing we never got our hopes up - because unlike the people refusing to enjoy these few days of excitement & anticipation - we'll have actually got some enjoyment out of all this; not just a "I refuse to believe any of this" followed by a potential "Told you so".
    When Henry was about to re-join Arsenal for a small while, at first, it was just paper talk. Do you think the "Henry" thread on Arsenal forums were empty? Or full, but full of "Guyz stop gettin excited, Henry would never return :/", or the C.Ronaldo thread on Man Utd forums since the idea of a potential Nike swoop for him was announced, etc etc etc?
    You have to at least try taking in these exciting times. Football is far more than just watching the game and reacting accordingly whether we lose/win.
  12. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Alabama in The Mourinho Thread   
    the euphoria of media reports and all the likes gets one elated about prospect of Mourinho's return.however i will kip my fingers crossed till his actual second coming....cos nothing is so sure and constant at the moment...he might decide not to liv Mardrid or ply his trade elsewhere.....#fingers crossed#
  13. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by nachikethas in The Mourinho Thread   
    hey jose can you make torres score again like old days?
    fu*k i'm not that special

  14. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Santiago. in The Mourinho Thread   
    Think if there is anyone he could get the best out of and become a world beater, i'd be Oscar.
  15. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by The Skipper in The Mourinho Thread   
    The player I'd be most excited about under Mourinho is Hazard. He could seriously turn this guy into a Ronaldo/Messi, his potential ceiling is that high.
  16. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by 5354 in The Mourinho Thread   
    I knew he will be back!!!
    Unless MU decides to offer him some sort of deal, if not Mourinho will sure to come here.
  17. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in The Mourinho Thread   
    Mourinho about to sign for Chelsea http://www.marca.com/2013/03/26/futbol/equipos/real_madrid/1364255746.html JOSE MOURINHO LOOKS SET FOR CHELSEA RETURN
  18. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Jusek in Eden Hazard   

    Pretty much everything he has done this season, just missing the West Ham goal.
  19. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by CHOULO19 in Demba Ba   
    You racist bastard!
  20. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by termninja in Demba Ba   
    I love that sig BLACK POWER BABY!
  21. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by DDA in Demba Ba   
    Why on Earth would Torres be considered as our number 1 striker before Ba? It's a fucking outrage, when the fans asked for the world to be patient with Torres form we didn't mean this. Verging on the ridiculous is an understatement.
  22. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Leif in Isco   
    Don't understand the people who think we don't need him. Whenever we rest either Hazard or Mata our team is simply not good enough in attack.
    We want to be a TOP club don't we? Well a TOP club has many TOP players fighting for EACH position. Who's threatening Hazard and Mata? Oscar and Piazon? lol no.
    Oscar has potential and is a good player. Piazon isn't even an AM, neither is Moses, Marin etc.
    We're one of the richest clubs in the world and the current European Champions. Why settle for anything other than the very best?
    McEachran doesn't play AM. De Bruyne is clearly a future pivot player. Marin is a winger - simple as that.
    He wouldn't be a 'back up' option. He would be a top rotation player which we need.
    Jeez. People talk about how we need more strikers when we've got Torres and Ba yet think we're 'ok' when it comes to our creative midfielders. No.
    We play around 2 games a week these days. Again - what happens when we rest Mata or Hazard?..... and why does that happen? Because our options aren't good enough when it comes to rotation.
    Do people not realise how incredible Isco's talent is? Anything near the reported price would be a steal.
  23. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by Z-25 in Isco   
    Totally agree! when we rested Mata and Hazard against the worst team in the league we lost and looked like we never spent a fortune on quality players last summer.
    getting Isco can be key in playing Oscar in his original deeper role and Moses could be moved up the field in case we don't get another striker.
  24. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by manpe in Demba Ba   
    A reasonably priced striker who can hopefully get the job done, I approve. He will add another option to our team, bringing aerial presence and strength with him. Now our crosses and long balls will actually be meaningful.
  25. 1chelsea liked a post in a topic by kellzfresh in Robert Lewandowski   
    Lewandoski is not such a terrible finisher. but he is nothing compared to falcao, falcao has more determination to score and strength, and has superb finishing.
    These are the top four finishers in 2012,
    messi has 91 goals in 69 games,
    ronaldo has 63 goals in 71 games,
    neymar has 54 goals in 65 games and
    falcao has 49 goals in 54 games
    People comparing lewandoski's finishing to falcao is naive thinking. Falcao rates almost a goal per game.