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  • Bio 6.3ft, love the game and wanting to learn from others on where i can improve my CV and thanks.
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  • Location naija
  • Favourite Chelsea Player Eden Hazard
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  • Memory wanting the bridge to be a fortress
  • Interests in what will Chelsea become under the boss Jose


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  1. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    How fast can this man get to China
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Some Arsenal fan have something to talk about like how PSG bottled it and want to give themselves some encouragement. Both team sucks
  3. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    The only thing exciting about this match is 3 points and hazard and kante
  4. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    One directional player in Willian is something he can not change
  5. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Trolling all over the pitch hmm good sign
  6. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Another important block from moses
  7. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    That was a save?
  8. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Is Costa playing no but he score when the time comes good
  9. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    That last minute block from moses save the day
  10. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Alonso is shit how do you mix that
  11. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Tap in for Costa
  12. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Hazardous form by hazard
  13. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Kante is gold
  14. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Costa mix his kick bad day for him
  15. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Costa is not playing football and his messing play up the field