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  1. Fernando Torres

    We are so tired waiting of him to start banging, but the truth is we just dont give him time in the last 2 months. Now with Drogba at the ACN, it's time for Torres to start and play full time. If he doesn't raise his form now, then he's finished..
  2. John Terry

  3. Tomáš Kalas

    He went on one season loan to Vitesse http://www.vitesse.n...tomas-kalas/409 chelseayouth : So...Rajkovic off, Kalas out on loan, Alex angling for Juventus move, Pappoe injured, Magnay needs PL registering. Step in Chalobah. From Twitter. I really like this, although if Alex is sold to Juventus, i think AVB will try to buy a cb.
  4. Slobodan Rajkovic

    http://thechels.net/2011/08/rajkovic-set-for-german-move/ "The 22 year-old Serbian international is believed to have agreed terms on a four-year deal with the Bundesliga side having failed to secure a work permit to continue his career with Chelsea." I cant believe, feel so sorry for Rajkovic, we could use him as a sub at least..
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Since there is no new post for 3 days, i will try to make this thread liver. What do you expect? How many games do you think Lukaku will play? Is it fair to expect many goals from him?? Personally, i think that we shouldnt be expecting many goals, he is 18, it's his first transfer in other country. We have Drogba who will help him which is a big plus. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. Mikel John Obi

    Just read about that - really shocking news,but he played really good under that pressure. I hope everything will be okay,
  7. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    http://eplayer.perfo...ex1ulpigfqhzirp Don't know if it was posted before, just read the last 2-3 pages, and it wasnt there. Cheers.
  8. David Luiz

    As i said in some other threads, it would be a very big mistake if we sell him. But as many thinks, i think this is just bulls*it. There is no freaking reason why AVB should sell Luiz. IMO he could be our next captain when Terry retires. So back off Barsa or Real or the other clubs
  9. Preparing for the new season (H)

  10. Welcome to the forums ChelseaFanMKD :)