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  1. The English Football Thread

    With us having to go to Everton now it's really worrying. We haven't been playing well for some time and we always seem to drop points vs them.
  2. Everton - Chelsea

    Well Spurs dropping points tomorrow would be a lift off. Because we are likely to drop points at Everton. We always do.
  3. Everton - Chelsea

    Need Tottenham to lose points tomorrow.
  4. Andrea Belotti

    Of course it's not true. This is not even a question since it's metro...
  5. The Conte Thread

    I think now when we won to bench Hazard was a tactical move from Conte. Spurs probably had a player who would have chased Eden all the game like Herrera did. It would have been hard for him. We managed to stay in the game and when the game is open it was the best time to bring in Hazard. Also, Conte was worried that this game can go to extra time so 120mins would have been hard. Well done Antonio, was well prepared for this game!
  6. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    The question is. If we are resting players even if we don't play in CL how are we gonna cope next season? There's no need to rest Hazard. Happy to see Costa benched tho.
  7. 26. John Terry

    Please please win the title! So John will lift it for the last time! It would be a brilliant way to leave
  8. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    The worrying this is that we have been blown away 3 times already this season. Arsenal, Tott, Man Utd away.
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    It's not funny anymore, WTF Diego, just WTF!
  10. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    Tottenham gained top form when it matters, we've lost it. 2-1 to Spurs.
  11. 30. David Luiz

    In games like this you just realise Luiz is still a clown he used to be.
  12. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Costa is gonna play no matter what. Same when Jose played Ivanovic every game.
  13. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    The next 2 games we play before Tottenham. But of of them is Everton away. We just know we are gonna lose points there.
  14. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

  15. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Shocking half from us. We are gonna bottle this title. Serious questions now about Conte.