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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    Is the gold star gonna be on all the Chelsea home kits, or is it just on the special ones on the CFC website? Just wondering because I was going to wait and see before i bought it. Sorry if someone has already asked this haha
  2. Drogba or Torres

    Whoever is playing the best should be the team, and thats probably the end of it. The only problem with that is if Drogba would accept it, but i can see by the story a couple of posts above that this also seems to be his mentality. I think people are deluded if they think Torres is not going to have a good season with Chelsea, he's had his bad spell and naturally and gradually will start to score goals. Hopefully more than the pitifiul 11 Drogba came up with last season. Thats not particularly a criticism, its just that we had a rotation of Anelka, Drogba and Kalou who all had fairly poor seasons. Anelka and Kalou will probably be deployed on the wings from time to time if AVB plays a 4-3-3 and Drogba and Torres will battle to be the main striker. I'd personally like to see us start the season with Sturridge Torres and Malouda up top.
  3. Ryan Bertrand

    I would also prefer that option tbh, especially as you stated, PVA just got a new contract. Dont see why Ryan cant play all our league cup games tbh
  4. Ryan Bertrand

    I'd rather he went out on loan but i could see him going to Swansea if they offered the right money. Its a horrible situation because he's a great up and coming player, and he has to compete with Ashley Cole who doesnt warrant to be dropped. Bertrand should be getting more football for Chelsea however. PVA should be here with Bertrand, and perhaps PVA could be used in a more attacking role. The boy does love to bomb forward haha
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    We're all thinking it :s
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    Good effort mate :goodpost:
  7. Finished my feature on Ron Harris and the 1961 FA Youth Cup Final for uni today haah

    1. BomTrett


      thanks mate

  8. Finished my feature on Ron Harris and the 1961 FA Youth Cup Final for uni today haah

  9. just got off the phone with Ron Harris, complete and utter legend

    1. epicsarah-ous


      Woah. you lucky ***** lol

    2. BomTrett


      Haha got very lucky indeed

  10. Congrats to Joshy Mc. Well, WELL deserved

  11. Congrats to Joshy Mc. Well, WELL deserved

  12. Fabio Borini

    Such a disappoint we let our good talent slip away.. Stoch showed real promise, we soldhim. Borini bangs in numerous goals for reserves, goes to swansea, does the same. Fair enough we did offer him a new contract but he rejected because he was never given any signs of breaking into our team. Its alright though, we have players like Anelka who's slowly seeming to be less bothered with football day by day.. If Sturridge gets sold then that will be the peak of all anger, and things really need to start changing. and his agent being a dick then hahah
  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    Anyone got any dates for away kit release or anything? Bit bored of waiting haha. I'm sure adidas's attempt to make an 'exciting' kit will be worth the wait. Oh wait, its apparently blue.. Makes sense. Who honestly creates our kits. Just wish they'd actually look into what Chelsea fans want from there kits. They claim to be looking at 'historical' kits when designing our home kits and yet come out with crap year after year with our away and occasionally 3rd. Blue Yellow White/Black. Simples
  14. Fabio Borini

    He's been look great tonight. He's very very lively, and looks comfortable on the ball. That free kick was pretty tasty as well, learnt from the best haha
  15. David Luiz

    Maybe, but he didnt help himself by arguing with Carlo. Making Alex warm up seemed a bit dramatic, but it was presumably used as a 'kick up the backside' for Luiz, and he didnt respond. Maybe the language barrier is causing a few problems, he's playing his own game, or at least what he's told at the start of the game. Terry cant really control him or tell him what to do because he doesnt understand. Note, i'm not criticising his lack of english, you cant expect fluent english after a couple of months, I just mean when he does learn english he'll benefit and hopefully make less mistakes. He's still been a stand out player in a pretty dire season (at times) and i think he'll be much better next year
  16. David Luiz

    I dont think Carlo was harsh at all. We gotta face the reality that David Luiz aint perfect and he left me very frustrated during the game today. he's very attacking which is fair enough obviously, but against man u, he leaves JT on his own. He makes clumsy tackles which he really needs to work on. and he cant be blamed solely on the goal, no, but for him to dispute he had no blame was a bit silly. He went on to make terrible passes that ended up off the field. Alex came on and was solid, David luiz could learn a few things before he becomes our new messiah
  17. Chelsea Kits thread

    Any news on the away kit anyone? Apologies for the impromtu question haha, just curious haha
  18. Just voted Cech our player of the year. Only a few players that properly deserve it, he's definately my choice.

  19. Decent win from the Chels :)

  20. If Carlo gets the sack, bring Hiddink back!

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    2. crazy1


      n if he will leave den bring villas boas.........

    3. TomCFC


      I'd only take Guus or Jose over Carlo.

    4. BomTrett


      I dont want him to leave either, just saying!

  21. Chelsea Kits thread

    Adidas are a bit, i suppose quirky, so its expected they'll do something with the kit that raises a few eyebrows at first, i.e. the white shoulder bits. But i do really like this kit, and think it looks good on the players! And the goalkeeper kit, a fucking relief its not flouro, or 'slime' coloured, its normal! White and ....er, maroon? Oh well!
  22. Zhirkov bottled his chance of being in the first team, and Bosingwa further proved why he should not be a defender

  23. Yids in the pub last night playing Spurs songs on the jukebox, after their 4-0 loss. Had to go and put Blue is the Colour on, woulda been rude not to :)

  24. Chelsea Kits thread

    Would be a great kit, wasnt completely convinced by the horizontal stripe rumour that was floating around but that makes it look decent. That definately looks fake though haha, just the way the bottom stripes look, one even looks like its going off the shirt slightly, like someones drawn the box on a shirt haha
  25. Luizzzzz. What a player, won me money on first score the other day too haha. Heroics from him