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Status Updates posted by BomTrett

  1. Finished my feature on Ron Harris and the 1961 FA Youth Cup Final for uni today haah

    1. BomTrett


      thanks mate

  2. Finished my feature on Ron Harris and the 1961 FA Youth Cup Final for uni today haah

  3. just got off the phone with Ron Harris, complete and utter legend

    1. epicsarah-ous


      Woah. you lucky ***** lol

    2. BomTrett


      Haha got very lucky indeed

  4. Congrats to Joshy Mc. Well, WELL deserved

  5. Congrats to Joshy Mc. Well, WELL deserved

  6. Just voted Cech our player of the year. Only a few players that properly deserve it, he's definately my choice.

  7. Decent win from the Chels :)

  8. If Carlo gets the sack, bring Hiddink back!

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    2. crazy1


      n if he will leave den bring villas boas.........

    3. TomCFC


      I'd only take Guus or Jose over Carlo.

    4. BomTrett


      I dont want him to leave either, just saying!

  9. Zhirkov bottled his chance of being in the first team, and Bosingwa further proved why he should not be a defender

  10. Yids in the pub last night playing Spurs songs on the jukebox, after their 4-0 loss. Had to go and put Blue is the Colour on, woulda been rude not to :)

  11. Luizzzzz. What a player, won me money on first score the other day too haha. Heroics from him

  12. Put a cheeky lil 25/1 bet on Ivanovic first scorer pahah

    1. B.Jen <3

      B.Jen <3

      hehe! u nearli got it lol

  13. Big game tomoz :) Should be a good day out at the bridge!

  14. Poor from Chelsea. Cech saved us BIG time

  15. 4-0 and they fucked it up! Could the day have got any better? Oh wait Wolves won 2-1 haha ;)

  16. Torres and Drogba up front.. Not a bad lil partnership by any stretch pahah ;)

  17. nice to see Ramires grabbing a goal ;) great win, Drogba you don.

  18. So outraged at the Wilkins thing.. Absolutely gutted

  19. Wont have internet tomoz till October 7th! Back in two weeks my forum friends haha :)

  20. Nice to see Chelsea finally paying real tribute; Osgood statue revealed on the 2nd of October :)

  21. We went down swinging, as they say! At least Man City and Liverpool also went out haha :)