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  1. Gaël Kakuta

    Yes, he has. http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2849259,00.html
  2. Marko Marin

    Alas, your arguments against others' judgments of 'assuming things' lead you to make the same for mine. I have followed him over the years and trust me, 3 years back I would be the person most excited at his signing. My verdict isn't based on he is not a big name, neither having Kalou's 21 and nor because we didn't spend a lot of money I have seen him, much like I've followed the Bundesliga, he was reduced to a bit part role at Werder Bremen last season THAT forms the major reason of my assessment apart from the fact that we have Hazard, Mata, Sturridge(Adapted to the league and more physical), Ramires and the impending arrival of Hulk as his main competitors for the 3 positions he can play viz. RW, LW AM(hole).
  3. Marko Marin

    I can only see him being a Super Sub kind of role
  4. Oriol Romeu

    Thanks for posting mate.
  5. Edinson Cavani

    It would be difficult to judge how well an established striker from the Italian league past his formative years would adapt to the Premier League.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    It is just to increase his price when we do sell him.
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    Earl's Court, Imperial Wharf and Battersea
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    I can understand how fans who've been going to bridge for all their life feel about the move and I would want us to stay at the bridge too part selfishly because I have not been able to save up enough for a month long trip yet. But I wouldn't even bother comparing what I feel to people who go there week in week out. I'm sure many of them share their disgruntledness towards constantly increasing ticket prices, though the new stadium wouldn't guarantee that prices will not increase it will ensure that they won't increase as radically if we were to stay put and compete at the top level and also satisfy the UEFA Financial Fair play. Put it this way, your family has for all the generations you can remember, through thick and thin, stayed in a house of 3 bedrooms. Quite a palce when it used to be the talk of town 100 years back. Now you have your parents, a brother, both the missus, and 4 kids in 3 bedrooms. You'd ideally want to expand the house and fit everyone in or buy 3 houses to fit everyone. The family is broke and can't afford to expand it. Option is stay where you are how you are or sell it off to buy 3 houses which will fit your needs. Actually I'm not too convinced by my example but what I mean to say is I trust that all other options have been checked which would have provided for us to stay at the Bridge and only when none of them seemed viable are we going in for the move.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    And that's why we love Salomon Kalou
  10. Daniel Sturridge

    AVB: 'With Sturridge somebody fell on his legs and he felt a strong pain in the knee but the ligaments are okay so there shouldn't be any problem. He will only miss the next game at the most.'
  11. Oriol Romeu

    Romeu was instrumental in keeping the clean sheet after playing 120 minutes and being down to 10 men for almost 75 minutes. He is over enthusiastic in his pressing and got rounded off one time too many by a simple side step and almost gave a goal away with a careless backpass but to his credit he ran back and won the ball back himself. Keeping in mind the 3 year age difference with Sergio, he is nowhere near the quality of Sergio 3 years back. But there is huge potential which is quite easily evident and he knows how to stay on his feet unlike Mr. Busquets something highly appreciated in the Premier League.
  12. Hip Hop discussion

    You're the first one to say that. To each his own I guess.
  13. Thibaut Courtois

    Thibaut Courtois now has 3 clean sheets in 4 starts. With just the Soldado winner for Valencia against him. He surely has made the GK position his own for the rest of the season. Major fuck ups apart. As much as everyone talks about getting a better GK for second choice. I don't want us to call him back next season and have a Shay Given - Joe Hart situation at our club and then lose out on one of them a season later.
  14. Islam Feruz

    Every club has certain fans they aren't too proud of, would be wrong to generalise a few opinions as that of the entire club.
  15. Daniel Sturridge

    I must admit, I have the same doubts about Kakuta. Hope he turns things around just as well.
  16. Daniel Sturridge

    Seeing that Young with just a year's contract went for 16m, 30m at least. 50 if Liverpool were interested.
  17. Juan Mata

    Who hasn't?
  18. Slobodan Rajkovic

    How is the saga over? It just says we'll be applying for a work permit, which was already an open secret.
  19. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Pastore is slow in general and in the PL it would be an Epic Fail to play him on the wing.
  20. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    You're making the same mistake the Neymar dissers made when the Real Madrid angle appeared. Jump on the chance to make a point. For all we know these news pop-ups might be the usual media fuelled bollocks before a transfer and Lukaku would be in the Chelsea blue before Stoke. Hell, we might even see Neymar in the blue at Stoke with the Neymar dissers raving about him post match.
  21. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    15m Euros seems a fair bit of business, if true. 13m pounds for an 18 year old, who'll qualify as home grown when older. Seems like a better deal than the 13m(including add ons) Sunderland paid for Wickham.
  22. Drogba or Torres

    I'd leave it for AVB to decide, he's the only one who knows how his team is going to play and who will suit the team more. It's a decision I'm willing to back him on.
  23. The Pre-Season thread

    For those interested in pictures from yesterday's game Getty Images
  24. Michael Essien

    Fear not G, I'm back for good this time. Got promoted at work and it basically ensures I have more free time.
  25. Michael Essien

    With that news all the quality midfielders around the world just became dearer by 5-10mill. Levy must be laughing in his chair and will now probably hold out for 35mill atleast.