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  1. David Luiz

    I know he's made plenty mistakes for us but the guy always gave everything for the shirt and never said a sour word about us after he left. On top of that we've made significant profit. Maybe some of us need to tone it down with the disrespect.
  2. Ramires

    You must' have been watching a different game. He was brilliant and did his job perfect while Matic was marauding forward. Misplaced a couple of passes but harassed Evertons midfield and had a few key interceptions which started our counters. Great game by ramires. Nice to have him back. Fought like a bulldog just a shame that he got a needless yellow.
  3. Eden Hazard

    What a shower of shit these last few pages. Hopefully, he'll start a scoring spree in the games coming up. The way he's been playing lately deserves praise all around the world. An immense player we've got on our hands.
  4. Cesc Fàbregas

    .Disgusting comment, really. That has to be devistating to the kid. Hope he can come out of this mentally and physically.
  5. Filipe Luís

    Player seems fired up ready to go. That's exactly what we need. Great squad number also. Hope he'll feature in tomorrow's game, although I highly doubt it.
  6. Eden Hazard

    I can't wait to see him back playing for us again. I don't rate Wilmots at all. The Belgian team HAS to at least play a bit better than that with all that talent. Hazard tried but it just didn't happen. I felt bad for him but I'm not judging him on this World Cup. He's had 2 amazing seasons for us. Hopefully the third will be even better.
  7. Eden Hazard

    it shows an error, does anyone have a stream of the video? thanks in advance
  8. Ramires

    If I'm not mistake, ramires got clipped or pushed prior to the punch, that's why mike dean played advantage. I've always praised him for being a big game player and I appreciate the work he puts in for the team but this season he has been below par to say the least.
  9. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    Incredibly lucky not to be down a goal or two. Really bad performance by everyone out there. Schurli the only decent one
  10. Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Oh Chris foy... One of the worst referees in any league I've seen and is still getting premier league games. Like someone already said, he was dying to send a Chelsea player off. That's never a yellow card. Even the first Yellow was soft. But we couldn't score with all the chances we had. Too many horrible decisions in the final third to worry their keeper.
  11. Galatasaray v Chelsea

    Why the fuck are we time wasting when were in complete control? Fuckin horrible tactics always in the second half.
  12. Man City 0-1 Chelsea

    This seasons has had its lows but goddamnit were looking like one helluva team at the moment. after the west ham game I had a feeling we were gonna get a result here. The only difference is we got a result and whiped the floor with them. Games vs city were getting embarrassing where we would just roll over for them, a few seasons ago. Now, we spanked them twice and I have a feeling that were gonna knock them out of the FA cup also. The only time we've been outplayed so far this season was probably the second half against Newcastle and Basel. Besides those, we've held our own against every team we've faced.
  13. Man City v Chelsea

    The west ham result really fucked it all up. If we had 4 points from these 2 games it would have been amazing. I think this becomes a must win if we want to stay in touch for the upcoming couple months. That is of course, if Jose believes in the title. However, if it's really about top 3, like he's claiming, then this result doesn't really matter and a draw would be a great result. In my honest opinion, we can go out there and beat them. No need for over complicating formations and players but a nice 433 would do the job. We do need some luck, though. They've had 3 nonsense calls that went their way these last 2 PL games. 2 bullshit offside calls where the linesman decide to be too smart about a situation and completely end up fucking things up and then the red card and penalty. With Aguero out that's a good boost. However, with Negredo and Dzeko they have more then enough firepower. A huge away win this season has to be won. Hopefully this is the one. Let's get them, Jose!
  14. Juan Mata

    Been a great servant to the club. Great personality too. I was proud to have him at Chelsea. He didn't deserve to be benched like this but I appreciate the club and Mou for letting him go to play. No matter which team he's at, it'll be a joy to watch him in the Premier League. Good luck Juanny Cash. We'll be more then fine with or without him.
  15. Juan Mata

    What a bastard Hahahahaha classic