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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Where did I say anything about paying 90m for every transfer? I just want top quality players at my club. Can I be held responsible if the likes of RLC or Tammy potentially don't have what it takes to make it at Chelsea? No. That's on them. If Musonda hasn't developed enough in the time he's been at the club to the point where he should be challenging for a place in the first team, then maybe it just isn't meant to be. Same with all the others.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Its very sad that the club are slowly trying to condition a lot of you that signing the likes of Danny Drinkwater is a good thing. You're embracing mediocrity and just shrugging your shoulders and saying "oh well." and coming up with a bunch of reasons to justify it when you know deep down it isn't the type of signing we as a club should be making if we wanting to be fighting on all fronts and competing for trophies. This was an awful window in hindsight.
  3. Deadline Day!

    Lol @ Everton signing nine players this window while we’re struggling to sign Danny Fucking Drinkwater and some random from Torino no-one outside of Serie A had heard of. Laughing stock.
  4. Deadline Day!

    What if this deal Conte signed, got him the payrise, but an agreement that he's going to leave at the end of the season and won't be strengthening the team bar the players we have signed already... No point in buying players for the coach if the coach isn't going to be there is it..... #Conspiracy
  5. Deadline Day!

    Of course you can.
  6. Deadline Day!

    Same colour being Leicester then?
  7. Deadline Day!

    You could argue that we could use the extra backup in the attacking front so we have additional cover for Haz/Willian and Pedro. I'd welcome the signing. But I agree that the WB situation is a top priority. Of which nothing will happen.
  8. Deadline Day!

    It's going to be absolute carnage if we only end up signing someone with the caliber of Danny Drinkwater today.
  9. Danny Drinkwater

    Not if Hellas Verona have anything to do with it....
  10. The Board

    The boards incompetence in regards to signing players is nothing short of staggering. I’m actually fuming at how this has happened again. I honestly expected things to be different this summer after what Conte achieved last season. But no-he’s been sold down the river in regards to sufficient reinforcements and we will now pay the price with a worn out squad by January.
  11. Fernando Llorente

    Kante, Dave and Courtois are very good players, but they aren’t world class. Sorry to burst your bubble there.
  12. Renato Sanches

    Clement using his Carlo card to perfection here.
  13. Riyad Mahrez

    Well the goal is to score goals isn't it? And Mahrez is hardly slow is he?
  14. Alexis Sanchez

    It's a shame he's so set on wanting to go to City. But then I guess when they're offering 400k a week, why wouldn't you?
  15. Riyad Mahrez

    Oh please, does anyone actually think we are going to sign both Drinkwater and Mahrez from Leicester in the next 24 hours?