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  1. The English Football Thread

    A great game to start Saturday. It will be beautiful to see Everton this season. I missed seeing James, pure class, what a pleasure to see him. Carlo Ancelotti, the best that has happened to Everton in a long time. And then there's Leeds. Another team from which I will not lose a game.
  2. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    No doubt, Telles and Tagliafico were the best options, in terms of value for money. It should have been Man Utd doing the same thing they did with Maguire, buying an overvalued player, but in this case Lampard wanted to play that role.
  3. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Alex Telles is a great player. There are good left-backs on the market. Tagliafico, Gosens, Grimaldo. We went for the most expensive of all and not necessarily the best. Jota's situation was strange. Surprising that Liverpool buys him, who supposedly had no money for anything, they must have won the lottery because they are so poor according to Klopp. Mendes promised that a Premier club would buy Semedo from Barcelona. It will be Wolves, won't it? Money from Jota to Semedo. Wolves lost Doherty, does any other club need a right back and have money for him, besides being in Mendes' hand? Semedo at Wolves in the next few hours.
  4. Chelsea v Liverpool

    The same idea that I put here yesterday. It seems to me the best team we can line up But we'll have to see Mount anyway, won't we? And having to swallow Havertz again dead in a wing. I hope not, because that would be starting the game already depressed, we already had enough with the painful performance in Brighton.
  5. Chelsea v Liverpool

    Will we see something like this? It is difficult that Mount is not chosen, I know, but I try to think that it may be possible. Without Pulisic, Ziyech, Chilwell is complicated. I doubt that Thiago Silva will be presented in a game like this, with few training sessions and no chemistry with the team yet, but Frank can surprise anyway. We can see the return of the Italian system, different players, I hope that at least RLC is not one of them.
  6. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Last night it was said in Spain that Jorge Mendes promised to send a proposal for Semedo from a Premier League club to Barcelona. And I honestly don't see what a club it can be. Wolves? In a normal world it would not make sense, in Mendes' world, anything is possible.
  7. Chelsea v Liverpool

    Lineups in last season's 4 games Uefa Super cup - pool (P) 2-2 Chelsea Kepa; Emerson, Zouma, Christensen, Azpi; Jorginho, Kanté, Kovacic; Pulisic, Giroud, Pedro Premier League GW 6 - Chelsea 1-2 pool Kepa; Emerson, Tomori, Christensen, Azpi; Jorginho, Kanté, Kovacic; Mount, Abraham, Willian FA Cup - Chelsea 2-0 pool Kepa; Alonso, Zouma, Rudiger, Azpi; Gilmour, Kovacic, Barkley; Pedro, Giroud, Willian Premier League GW 37 - pool 5-3 Chelsea Kepa; Alonso, Rudiger, Zouma, Azpi, James; Jorginho, Kovacic; Mount, Giroud, Willian
  8. Chelsea v Liverpool

    Odoi is a total flop.
  9. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I really don't like spurs at all, but I even feel a little sorry for them as they will be when Mourinho collects his farewell check. I thought Levy was smarter than this. Humiliating the Reguilon business. And Bale, more madness.
  10. Chelsea v Liverpool

    After the tactical chaos, the bad decisions and the total apathy on the bench that we saw in the first game, I fear the worst. And I just wanted to see the team play fluidly, in a well-trained scheme, with the best players in their positions.
  11. Brighton - Chelsea

    Everyone noticed that, it's not a good sign, that's for sure. But the causes can be several, some easier to overcome than others, something that has to be in the hand of the coach. There are some pictures with some players looking strangely at others, for example there are 2 pictures recently with Odoi looking strangely at Havertz, the way the Academy clan received these players may not have been the best. But it can also be the result of everyone's frustration because they are feeling uncomfortable in yesterday's game, the tactical disorder, the dominance of a theoretically inferior Brighton ... something to review over the next few games
  12. Brighton - Chelsea

    Fans, or part of them, may think that Mount is the new Lampard, that Rice is the new Terry and Abraham the new Drogba. Something frustrating to watch but irrelevant. Very serious is that the coach has an obsession with Mason Mount and show us a father-son relationship inside the club, be crazy about hiring Rice for exorbitant prices with the idea of making him Terry, besides what happened with Chilwell too. Just as fans rate Lampard for the legend he was as a player and not for what he does each week as a coach. Lampard is never rated as a coach. How does he put a player who can't run, win a duel, make a pass or receive a ball in the place of the team's playmaker when he just hired a playmaker for 80 million and killed him in a side band? How does the team enter the field without knowing what to do? Why are there collective mistakes that have never been corrected since the first day of last season? Questions that would be asked if another coach was in charge.
  13. Brighton - Chelsea

    I got really angry during the game. I was very excited before this one, I was looking forward to the first game, obviously it’s not about results. I expected an evolution and a step ahead of Frank Lampard. It was horrible to relive the worst feelings of last season. We really have a problem in the bench, not a source of solutions, it is a big problem. I have to say that Brighton is an interesting project, they have a good coach, a good coach maximizes the resources he has. I don't know if anyone asked, but the question that Lampard had to ask is what is the explanation for starting a player who is not capable of running, winning a duel, making a pass or receiving a ball. The line-up didn't have any logic, it didn't seem to have been trained, the players didn't know what to do on the field. It was a pain to watch this game. More than an hour of RLC in the field. From Russia, South Africa, Brazil, United States, Indonesia. Everyone asked for this substitution from the first 10 minutes of the game. James' individual genius, in that courageous action, saved the day. He gave us the 3 points. I couldn't even taste that masterpiece well. But this is not about 3 points. We are not going anywhere without a capable commander.
  14. Brighton - Chelsea

    does anyone believe Frank's obsession with Mount ends?
  15. Brighton - Chelsea

    We have a big problem on the bench Millions on new players didn´t solve anything.