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  1. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Is this guy reliable? Think Haaland or Sancho really is the last missing puzzle in our attack, would be incredible to pull off either of them.
  2. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Amazing performance, should start each week.
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Think so as well, we need another top class winger like Sancho or a world class ST and play Werner on the wings.
  4. Declan Rice

    Last reply on this because it's clearly not worth it. I will say this for everyone here who doesn't understand, these guys 99% asked Messi his opinion about Mount and him being as polite and PR possible said good positive stuff about him, that's nothing new in all media in general. Most likely doesn't even know his strengths and weaknesses if they didn't ask him to give his opinion about him. Now if you look at those retarded articles from Mirror and thesun it says Messi mentions Mount as one of the top 15 which is clearly taken out of context and farfetched beyond belief so this is nothing more than another clickbait article from these notorious trash websites, don't even know why people even bother posting mirror, thesun, dailymail since they are 95% miss. As for Declan you are right Frank clearly wants him and is probably his main target which is fine, that however doesn't mean we should start thinking he is top quality when he clearly isn't. As for the club probably main target thats only because of Lampard otherwise I doubt he would even be on their sight. Feel free to use the block button if there is such thing on here if you don't like me otherwise learn to stop being such a snowflake and get triggered by everything.
  5. Declan Rice

    The only thing you proved is you are incredibly gullible and think Topps is some kind of reliable source let alone being quoted only by some poor articles from mirror and thesun. Imagine thinking Messi would mention that guy if someone didn't specifically ask about him, probably doesn't even know who Mount is or what qualities he possesses. The Mount defenders spouting nonsense and getting triggered for everything under the moon, I didn't even mention Mount this thread, commented because all English players at our club seem to push for the Declan agenda someone I simply don't rate as high as you, who is shoving him everywhere. Does that clear your paranoia with Mount? I saw in the Mount thread people arguing with each others so I don't even bother responding anymore because some are beyond sensitive with every negative word for him.
  6. Declan Rice

    How many times do people need to tell you that article is fake and he never said that.
  7. Declan Rice

    Fucking disturbing watching everyone from our club dick sucking this guy like he is the next Makelele.
  8. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Amazing stuff, finally can enjoy the matches again!
  9. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    They picked up 1 point in 7 matches, now come to Santa Frank to gift the relegation fodder some hope and get them back on track.
  10. 10. Christian Pulisic

    We gotta sign a top class winger next summer if this keep up, were already a winger short and the judges are still out on Odoi, if Pulisic is so injury prone, we can almost never count on him for the majority of the season and reaching our objectives.
  11. The English Football Thread

    The penalty we should've got as well..
  12. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    We look so shit in attack it's incredible how this is possible with the options we have.
  13. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Pathetic stuff, so many attacking options yet play like Newcastle up front.
  14. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    What a shit team united lined, if we don't win Frank really needs to give some explications.
  15. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Great to see no Mount, lets get the win boys!