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  1. 10. Willian

    Reminder this was one of Willian's assists this season. https://streamable.com/n43jvr Get rid please.
  2. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    The audacity those scums have, warned they won't buy their best player at what price they want, fucking human scums. Hopefully Dortmund show them the finger, they will get the same money for Sancho next year anyways.
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Get this Reguilon guy can't be worse than Chilwell.
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Simply trying to be diplomatic since his imminent move to a rival. It's a fact every kid in the world supported someone when he was little like Pulisic with United.
  5. 10. Willian

    Thank fuck, Boga, Benrahma anyone would do better than this guy.
  6. Kai Havertz

    Anyone genuinely surprised Sancho will sign for United before Havertz coming to Chelsea? We're talking here about the same woman who thinks he is better than a man and fucked up the deals for Allison or Sandro, this woman shouldn't be underestimated she has butchered deals before with her dumb penny pinching, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if this collapses. The Europa League bullshit makes no difference had we completed it before, it's all down to this incredibly daft woman pretending to save a few millions. She gets praised for completing the Ziyech and Werner deals yet did fuck all expect paying the release clause, it was Lampard who convinced them but for some here genuinely think she is excellent, if it wasn't for her Allison would be here right now and we wouldn't even discuss the Kepa crap, but she wasted so much time on a few millions Liverpool came and got him.
  7. Super Frank Thread

    Havertz is captain material if he comes.
  8. Arsenal - Chelsea

    If we won't improve the defense this year Lampard might as well do a research on the youth development and promote 2-3 can't be worse than the ones we have right now maybe even Ampadu who knows.
  9. Arsenal - Chelsea

    The central midfield isn't mediocre but Kante has been injured lately and Lampard acted like a clown today instead of playing him. Kovacic had a rare mare today.
  10. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Would've been nice if Lampard wasn't a complete fool to sideline Lamptey after that match with Arsenal and kept giving him some chances to sign an extension. Now were stuck with James and hope he turns good.
  11. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Bullshit I don't trust Lampard one bit with the Willian injury he has pulled this crap before. Kante didn't even play today when he was needed. He has the habit of sidelining players because he doesn't like their actions.
  12. Arsenal - Chelsea

    What a shit season, last 2 season have been an absolute disgrace, absolutely dire and tiresome.
  13. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Hopefully at least Lampard spits that ref in the face but I doubt.
  14. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Whats the point of stitching the defense if we can't attack properly. I'd rather we fix on side very good then work on the other.
  15. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Is Tomori still a Chelsea player or Lampard completely sidelined him like Alonso, Giroud, Jorginho, etc.