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  1. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Yeah, Mou once said he can't say, what he wants to say as he'll get in trouble and it still holds today. All Lamps will get from having a go at ridiculous officiating will be a suspension and/or fine. It's for people who run this business and pumping money to speak up. Unless they will do something about it, nothing will change…
  2. Arsenal - Chelsea

    I'm fuming, but emotions aside, what could he say in this situation, really? We lost, because we were tragic, that's it. We weren't robbed or anything because of this disgraceful refereeing, even if I'd like it to be otherwise, so if he said "yeah, we were crap, but ref was scandal" it would change nothing and he'd come up as a crybaby…
  3. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Disgrace, it is
  4. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Zouma moved to the wing apparently…
  5. Arsenal - Chelsea

    What a strange camera angle it is, looks like fifa game, lol
  6. Arsenal - Chelsea

    I have some suspicions about a reason why… I mean, I have nothing against Hilario, but c'mon, I'd expect we have nasa-tier coach staff and psychologist, at least send someone to help him, for f's sake. I can't imagine rather terrible keeper to suddenly become mad gk scientist mentor, who can coach and develop young keepers to become THE best on his own. Plus every third of our players mentally collapses because of media pressure and London's weather. Breakups are bad, but it's just part of life and a lot of PL been through real tragedies and managed to get theirs stuff together. We should have re-hired Jose as mental coach years ago
  7. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Puli is totally, and understandably, burnt
  8. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Yeah, it pretty much came from the fact, that Courtois screwed us over a little bit as people were expecting him to show more loyalty and faith to the club, although it's partly board's fault as they could see it coming but apparently didn't believe he won't renew or didn't think they need a GK, lol, hence panic sell and panic buy. Not renewing, some bad words in press and the whole 'snake' thing started + he wasn't a cool guy really. In contrast, Kepa seems like a likeable, modest lad and was happy to sign 7 year contract, so he quickly got most of fans on his side. Well, I still wish him the very best, but clearly he can't handle what he has to handle right now.
  9. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    Ok, Kepa collapsed & done. Playing Willy vs Wolves is Va banque play. Not the greatest situation to be in.
  10. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    On days like this I close my eyes and dream that Diego Costa magically enters the pitch in ray of light and smoke and goes like '48 - goal, '50 - goal, '54 - straight red, lol
  11. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    It's minute 20 and Willian is dead, this will end bad
  12. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Of Course. I posted when we were linked to 3/4 of GKs in existence. Cakir is random for me, that's true, he seems still in development, with meh stats in meh league – may be a huge talent but I don't see him as an immediate first choice for top-flight PL club and we are talking 80-milion-sunk-+-salary-Kepa replacement here & now, not buying prospects. I didn't mean Rajkovic with my post, but he is an interesting example. Kinda reminds me of Telles situation. Being hyped on this board (and many others) for YEARS, looking very good but still, for some reason we don't and probably won't know no interest from big clubs at all. I was 100% sure some very big club will pull him from Tel Aviv (even if looking to loan him further), but it didn't happen, I'm afraid not without a reason (but damn, I'd like to see him here).
  13. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    CHO is horrid, but at least Rudiger seems very engaged
  14. Jan Oblak

    Don't know if it was mentioned already, but I noticed that most of those yt compilations show some extreme saves, when He punches the ball straight and it's retained by defenders. Well, it works in Madrid, but I can already feel the heart attack the ball falling back to six yard line would cause with our CBs…
  15. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    No Drinkwater either But on serious note – Cech came when Cudicini was no 1 and he had time to fight for place. Courtois spent 3 years on loan. I think it's slightly different, than buying someone from way outside top tier as immediate first choice in top team. Especially given the fact, that lately we suck in GK coaching and development; Kepa regressed massively, U23 guys are not good enough, Bulka impressed in Sarri's preseason but then went down and didn't rebuild even in PSG. So if we got some "prospect" gk, would he really develop here now? And it's not like the club can let itself experiment in this department at the moment. Marina can impress sometimes, so if club can magically pull Oblak due to covid and lucky stars, than yeah, sure, but links with anyone, who had ever stood between posts and seeing that as a salvation and improvement? Meh. Kepa is not someone, whom club found on Craigslist – he did well, even here, and I guess he didn't suddenly forgot how to catch a ball. If it's a matter of wasting another season to sort the keeper and coaching out I think it makes more sense to waste this time working with him, given the money invested and talent shown, than doing the same, with panic-but unknown. I don't want to defend him too much, as he objectively is not good enough right now, but this situation is super tricky. Especially, when one recalls, that Salah was once not good enough for Chelsea too, even if it was totally different situation <;