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  1. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    Mendy James zouma Silva chilwell Kovacic kante Kai Ziyech Werner pulisic
  2. Super Frank Thread

    Lol. The same Newcastle who have already taken points off Spurs and wolves and beaten Everton? The same one? Oh definitely, that was a foregone conclusion. The sheer arrogance and entitlememt in that post in mind numbing. If it was THAT easy a season then the top of the table team won't be having 21 points in 10 games. Understand, what is happening all over the world. Be it with city, barca, RM, Liverpool etc. Every win matters, and there is literally no place for this kind of entitlement in the game at the moment. Are you comparing NBA which is a totally different format where all you have to do in regular season is be top 8 in 15, and then get a clean slate, to EPL where every win matters? Problem with doc Rivers was not that he could not get his team to the play offs, it IS the fact that in 100 years of nba, there have been only 13 times that a team has lost from 3-1 up in a series and rivers has lost it 4 times. 4 in 13 all time. Do you understand the issue here? Stop comparing apples to oranges and understand the difference in the 2 games. We cried that FL can't set up defensively, we have conceded 2 goals in 9 games. 2 freaking goals in 9 games!!!! That's a better average than even the 15 in 38 under Jose. That's not JUST commendable for a team which was conceding 3 against wba and soton, but commendable for any team, any where. Also, this is a very young and a very "new" team. Attack will take time to gel, it will take time to get that chemistry. But atleast we have our best formation in 4-3-3 which looks stable in defence and threatening in attack. The mid is working great with getting the best out of mount and kante. There are a 100 +ves to probably 1 -ve.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    No, the FACT that you went off the face of the earth when we were winning and then have the gall of critisizing FL and the team for playing out a well played draw against a team that has beaten both United and city while scoring 8 goals and conceding just 1 is the definition of "hating". Understand what the manager is trying to do here. He knows it's going to be close, it's as important to not lose as it is to win a 6 pointer against Spurs/United. We have a decent squad and if we simply don't lose to any of the big teams and keep winning against the sp called "small teams", it should be more than enough. But don't let these "facts" get in the way of whatever agenda you try to live everything upto. Frankly, it's pathetic.
  4. 19. Mason Mount

    ANOTHER good performance.
  5. 19. Mason Mount

    Love it that FL himself is coming out to support Mount and show the belief that he has in him.
  6. 19. Mason Mount

    Clearly clearly not good enough. 😂😂
  7. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Lol. Jorginho.
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I agree with some of your points mate. But, Firstly, SAF was a god among men. He was a once in a lifetime manager. FL is not yet and may never be anywhere as good as him, and that is with all due respect. I love the man and the manager, but dont think he is THAT good. Also, RVN, beckham, Keane had become divas and a nuisance for the team. Kante is anything but that. Also, for every United based system, there is a messi with Barca, CR with RM, etc etc. There is no one blue-print for success. If FL was a BR type "systems manager", I would have understood, but that is not so. Hence, he needs his system to be adapted to the few world class players/potential players that we have who can help with his "Attacking" philosophy while keeping a balance. And Kante was always going to help with that. I can probably understand people if they genuinely had a concern regarding a dip in his quality. But, even then, just a year into that "dip" asking our only one true world class player to be sold was OTT in my opinion. Lastly, Iva was 33 when he left us and at 32 he won the league and was one of the best RBs. Ashley cole was 32 when he lifted the CL and was one of our best players in the campaign (napoli, barca) Torres had become shit with Liverpool before we bought him, essien is to this date one of the saddest stories of a decline. We can keep measuring every player with Torres and Essien. Makelele was a boss at 34/35.
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    We have romanticized the Mount-Jorginho-Kovacic trio so much. I dont think they were anywhere near as potent as people make it out to be. Kante is a world class player. just because he had a single injury riddled season, you cant be looking to cut your losses with him. If the club had ACTUALLY done that, i would have seriously questioned their business acumen. He was played out of position, we all know Kante's best position is deep, preferably in a pivot. Just because he had a good spell under Sarri as the more advanced, we tried to play him there AGAIN. The issue still was not Kante, it was Jorginho and Alonso and Kepa. Again, reiterating this, you can NOT be looking to sell a world class player after just one season of injuries and being played out of position. Anyone wanting that was WAY off. It should not be a surprise that Kante is bossing the mid right now. It would not be a surprise if he kept bossing it for the next 2-3 years Atleast. "Fans" can keep shouting that, "we could have got 60m for him", but thats just stupid. Chemistry is not built in a day. The point is not about rewriting history. I did not claim he was world class LAST season, just that he is still a world class player (period). You build a team around these world class players like Kante or world class talents like Kai, you dont sell them after one season of average showings or injuries.
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I have to disagree. Dont know how much its impacted by FIFA, but suddenly people think that after/nearing 30 a player becomes useless. Kante is still one of the best B2B CMs in the world and will be in top 10-15 no. 6s in the world. Just watch the newcastle game again, and how quickly he sniffs out the attack. its just beautiful. Replace him with Jorginho and we would get our asses screwed.
  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Rudiger, alonso, Emerson should be sold. Buy a back up left back. Loan out kepa. If Giroud wants to leave, so be it. That should be our window, hopefully
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Should have been sold 🤭🤭🤭
  13. 19. Mason Mount

    Shocking how quiet this thread goes when mount has a good day. But well, what can one expect from arm chair critics. Another good showing. That control and run deserved a goal, just could not get the shot. Overall, A1. Showing his quality as a CM/no. 8. Absolute gem.
  14. 9. Tammy Abraham

    9 goals/assists in 7 starts. Almost criminal how under the radar he has gone. Werner has 8 goals and 4 assists in 1134 minutes. 94.5 minutes per assist/goal Tammy has 5 goals and 5 assists in just 626 minutes. 62.6 minutes per assist/goal. Where the haters at?