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  1. Super Frank Thread

    Don't worry Life doesn't last forever 😂.
  2. Timo Werner

    Deal agreed in principle is a long way from signed & sealed. Chelsea have had good negotiations with Leipzig and have come to an agreement. There has been no contact with Werner or His reps and the player supposedly favours a move to Liverpool who have unsettled the player but are unsure about the financial outlay. Bayern also hold an interest but are not keen at the prices required. Chelsea have made an offer and done things properly but the ball remains firmly in Werner & Liverpool's court. I hope not but I see this going the way of Chamberlain. This one appears to have a long way to run. KTBFFH!!
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Points really well made. There will be some who'll still moan though and say the Club lack ambition. This whole Covid-19 situation is really going to shake things up quite dramatically for sometime to come. Ofcourse there are more important things to concern Ourselves with right now than Transfers In & Out. KTBFFH!!
  4. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    If the Club don't want Him for the length of contract He's after then I personally have no issue wherever He winds up. He's entitled to seek out whatever deal He believes He's worth. Obviously there is a special place in Hell for Spuds & The Dippers so it would be better if it was somewhere other than The Scum from the Lane but I won't lose any sleep over it. We need to aim much higher. Let Him take His 5 goals and 4 assists a season to North London 😂. KTBFFH!!
  5. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    On a side note, I don't understand all the hate Marina gets. She is appointed by Roman and if He's not happy with what She's doing then He can reshuffle or remove Her. I don't know whether folks are reluctant to criticise the Man who took Us to dine at the Top Table (understandable) or they really think Marina has performed Hoodoo and taken control of the Club but if they don't like the way the Club operates and the direction it's moving then the buck starts & stops with one Man. Our Russian benefactor Mr Abramovich. I am forever grateful to the Oligarch but I don't pretend that He's somehow not really in control. KTBFFH!!
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I was saying to a good friend earlier, I cannot for the life of Me understand the Club in offering Willian a 2 year deal. I don't wanna slag of any player who pulls on the Chelsea Shirt, especially one whose given 7 seasons but I can admit that He's been on a downward curve for a few seasons now and it's time for both He & Pedro to go. I understand why the Player wants to remain in the Capital, I hold no malice towards Him but the Club do not need to renew and imo shouldn't renew His contract. We're not going to improve with Him as a mainstay in the First Team & if He signs, I think He plays, which to Me is a worry moving forward. KTBFFH!!
  7. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I just see so much complaining about stuff beyond any Supporters Control & it's like Jeez, Chill the f**k out lol. Maybe I was a bit harsh but it's just Me. I don't set out to offend but I don't bite My tongue either. You're most welcome I can't tell You the number of times You've thrown up plenty of names that I've had to go away and look into. I love My Football but You take it to a whole other level Vesper. KTBFFH!!
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Why Thank You kindly I guess telling it like it is isn't the done thing in here lol. By the way I have no beef with anybody but sugar coating it isn't My gig. P.S. Your knowledge of players is genuinely remarkable and I enjoy reading Your write ups of players I've never even heard of.
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Do some of you folks do anything but blow smoke up rivals arses and whinge.. Serious Question, No Jokes. I mean I wonder what You will be doing next season instead of getting all worked up & suicidal about what all Our Incredible rivals, with their Incredible stadiums, Incredible budgets, Incredible managers & ofcourse Incredible and vastly superior players are up to.. because after all according to You there's no point in following Chelsea anymore. Oh I know, You'll be fawning over hypothetical lists of players at other clubs with made up transfer fees, that We can easily achieve by selling off all Our "DEADWOOD" 😂. Do some of You folks even like Football, it sounds masochistic to Me. * Samaritans - 116 123
  10. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I completely agree, which is why I was saying that He simply isn't available to most Clubs including Chelsea. I don't see Sancho going anywhere in the Summer unless United decide to throw a shed load of money at it and the player Himself changes His tune and fancies a stint in Manchester. If any club wants to take Sancho in a few months time though it's going to require monster money. The Boys preference is Chelsea but the finances have to be right for all parties so it simply isn't going to happen this Summer. I agree that apart from a freak injury or massive loss of confidence there is no need for Him to want to leave Dortmund anytime soon. KTBFFH!!
  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I agree that with installments it makes deals more manageable but however You dress it up You'll still be paying out an astronomical amount. Don't forget the Club need a lot more than a forward. Signing Sancho is a guarantee of nothing, absolutely nothing. So why spend upward of a quarter of a billion on a single player. Also all this talk of shifting deadwood is madness. If they're deadwood, who is going to want them? Remember players have to want to move if We're to shift them on. There is no way all these players get shifted in one window, however much some ppl would love it.. KTBFFH!!
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Dortmund will not be selling Sancho for less than £150Million. It doesn't matter what the Media spout, it's £150 Million or no deal (yes even if the Kid kicks up a stink), which He wont. Add to this an £18 Million signing on fee, £12 Million agents fee and £250k (rising over the course of the contract) a week wages over 6 years totalling in excess of £75 Million. This is not a simple (lol) £100 Million all in offer for a 19 yr old Kid. The players preference is a move back to London though, so that's something I suppose. KTBFFH!!
  13. Jadon Sancho

    As I mentioned previously Boga would only be re joining the Club if Lampard wanted the player. Napoli had a €20 million offer rejected in Jan for the player and will be returning in the Summer. Chelsea will renegotiate a sell on fee with Sassuolo rather than exercise the buy back option. Sancho is off the table for most Clubs because of the financials involved in the total package (transfer fee, agent fee, sign on fee & contract). We are talking closer to £300 Million here over 5 years. The likelihood is He remains a Dortmund player for the foreseeable. The player is definitely not joining Chelsea this Summer. KTBFFH!!
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    As much as We may want Him here Sancho is definitely not coming to Chelsea. He's too expensive for most Clubs in world football & whether We like it or not Chelsea are not in a position to put together a deal for the Kid. Chelsea are unlikely to take up any buy back on Boga unless Lampard specifically expresses a desire for the player but instead they will negotiate a sell on fee. Neither player are likely moving to Chelsea anytime soon. KTBFFH!!
  15. Hakim Ziyech

    Hey folks, first time poster. So go easy on Me From the little info I have, Ziyech has very much been driven by Frank Lampard. Which is interesting because according to many the Head Coach doesn't have any say in who comes & who goes. Sancho will definitely not be moving to Chelsea in the Summer and unlikely ever because the financials are astronomical and far greater than is being bandied about in the media. The costs are far too great for most Clubs including Chelsea who operate from revenue generated in house and not Roman's Deep Pockets. Which has actually been the case for well over a decade now. KTBFFH!!