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  1. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    I don´t understand the amount of negativity and cowardice here. The recent poor results are mainly due to tiredness and lack of alternatives in the squad. This team and this coach, despite their youth and inexperience, have played against Liverpool, Man Utd, Ajax, Valencia, Man City, ... And had very good performances! Tottenham have a good squad, but they are in the end of the cycle, they are breathing the oxygen bottle of a new coach but we will see how long it lasts ... These days of rest and training will put us better and we will have another afternoon of pride. I am sure of it! KEPA; AZPI; TOMORI; RUDIGER; JAMES; KANTE; JORGINHO; KOVACIC; PULISIC; TAMMY; WILLIAN 1-3
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    And continues the masochistic novel for Zaha. Is there no one in the club to stop this? 80 million. haha. Doesn't the fact that Arsenal and Everton, the stupidest clubs on the planet, were interested in him say enough? I want players like Werner. Not failures to take us to Everton level.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Timo Werner has a 60 million clause on NEXT SUMMER !!! But he's the killer I want and we need. A player of present and future. If we have to wait for summer, let's wait.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It makes me afraid to come to this topic. I still see horrible names like Zaha or Saul. I trust Frankie! He can't go crazy.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Kepa on goal. Emerson and Alonso. If Alonso leaves we can buy another player. With different profile to Emerson and good business opportunity. Buy Ake! Ake and Rudiger. Tomori and Zouma. sell Christensen or if not possible, on loanto another club. James and Azpi Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic. We can play all three or just two and have another more offensive option. Mount is not that player. Here is the doubt, but I think it will be something to do in the summer. Pulisic, Tammy and Willian. Our trident. And here is the big problem of the squad. There is no valid option for any of the three. CHO can go out on loan and Pedro, Giroud and Bats just go out anyway. We need a 9, a different profile of Tammy and more experienced and one or two wings that offer guarantees. So now in January it is mandatory to buy Ake. It is an impossible opportunity to refuse. 40 million. Attack Options. It depends on the prices, the opportunities, the plans. It is imperial that people come. But do not burn money. Buy what we want if at reasonable prices. And if necessary we can try to bring one or two players on loan. It takes calm, a plan and intelligence. Let's take steps forward and not back. Please!
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Ake would be a logical and smart move. For the rest, my god .. Saul ??? 85M ?????? What a bad joke. Even the fans of Atletico Madrid can't support him. What an overrated player. Havertz? A good player project, but I have many doubts of what he could be, especially outside the Bundesliga. Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic are the best we have. We have to work from this base. Do not destroy it. Kante is our most important player. World class. And there are those who want to sell him ... ... to buy SAUL! No more internet for today. If the club goes that way, we'll be closer to Everton level.
  7. If the game were this week we would be eliminated. But it is not. First premise and perhaps most important of all, the pressure is all on their side. And no one has any idea what these two clubs will be like at the end of February. Bayern have a lot of quality, especially in midfield and attack, but they are far from their best years. Lots of instability and 5th place in the bundesliga .. It is not known whether they will hire a coach or not, they are like Arsenal in that regard. Here we also do not know what will happen. If we recover and get better, which is what I hope, or if we continue like this and if so, Frankie won't be either. If we get there with the team physically and psychologically strong , more solid defensively and maybe with one or two important players added in January, we might surprise Europe. Not only in this stage but in the following ones
  8. Super Frank Thread

    I trust James, Tammy and Tomori. I have no hope in Mount or CHO. With both market windows we have to do a smart job of bringing what we need and getting rid of what doesn't fit here. Pedro Giroud Bats ... We need to have better quality and a balance between youth and adults. Spend the money very well.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    True, we have offensive football, possession but lack of maturity in the decision. Pulisic, Tammy, Willian. The 3 are good when they are well. But we have no alternatives to any of them. CHO, Mount, Bats, Giroud, Pedro ... none of these have quality for Chelsea. It's a problem. It only values more what has been done. With these conditions we should be much worse than we are.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    It is necessary to support Frankie and the players. They need this support now! If we can recover physically and psychologically, possibly even with a good signing in January, we can still enjoy a good second part of the season. We have Champions League where we can play without pressure and enjoy. These players can surprise any giant if they are fresh and confident. Let's get over it!
  11. Super Frank Thread

    I'd rather we build the foundation so that we can be stronger in the future and be in one or two years fighting for the top than making decisions and spending all our money for short-term goals. So that maybe next year we will be in an even worse situation.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    It is complex. I like Frankie, he took on the trickier option, an offensive football he doesn't give up on, with the youngsters. We don't see him parking the bus or making easy decisions. This, rather than securing something in the short term, is a vision of the future, and what we can best learn from it will not be this year. Nothing was expected this year. Frankie has failed like many players for his inexperience, and this is absolutely normal. What you have to know is whether he knows what he failed or what he is failing. The physical and tactical management of the team. It's time to stop this bad cycle, physical, tactical and psychological work being done. We cannot let players drop their arms. It was not all good until now and it is not all bad now.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    As I often say and as we all know, it is very rare to get a good buy in January, very rare. And with this crisis, surely we will act on impulse and despair, we will not have the necessary calm and planning. Now nobody knows what Frankie can give or how far he can go. What a bad day .
  14. Super Frank Thread

    Lampard started well, even when he didn't win I was proud, presented an attacking game idea and bet without hesitation on the kids. But when you see the team going down, when you see that your idea is not working, when you see the signs of crisis and bad results you cannot look the other way. What you can't solve with other players, you have to solve tactically, we couldn't continue to play the same way with exhausted players. Frankie has failed, seen all this over the last few weeks and insisted on it, today it ended very badly. And the next game is terrible.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    We will burn all the money and solve nothing.